Cloud 7 Mall New Capital

Prices start from 20,000 EGP
9 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 29 sqm
Last updated 2022-07-05
Cloud 7 Mall New CapitalCloud 7 Mall New CapitalCloud 7 Mall New CapitalCloud 7 Mall New Capital
Cloud 7 Mall New CapitalCloud 7 Mall New CapitalCloud 7 Mall New CapitalCloud 7 Mall New Capital
Details Cloud 7 Mall New Capital
project nameCloud 7 Mall New Capital
project LocationDown Town Plot MU5-07
project unitsCommercial units - Administrative units - Medical units - Hotel Units.
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems10% Down payment and installments up to 9 years.
Finishing typeFull Finishing.
Spaces starting from29 sqm
Prices starting from20,000
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plan of Cloud 7 Mall New Capital
Cloud 7 Mall New Capital
map of Cloud 7 Mall New Capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Cloud 7 Mall New Capital , or as it is known as  Project

Cloud 7 New Capital or Cloud 7 New Capital  , is one of  I Capital Developments Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Masharf is A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

Cloud 7 Mall New Capital:

also Cloud 7 Mall New Capital is the most beautiful malls that you can see in Egypt,

it was designed to simulate beautifully designed Lafayette Gallery Mall in France,

the Cloud 7 Mall is an emotional

and attractive décor, not only that except that it was built in a unique

and vital location in the heart of Downtown,

Cloud 7 units are available in many spaces to choose between freely,

a particle complex, all details made

with care and precision for the convenience of customers.

Cloud 7 Mall New Capital

units Cloud 7 Mall New Capital

  • Commercial units
  • Administrative units
  • Medical units

Location of the Cloud 7 Mall New Capital:

A location with distinct characteristics that the Cloud 7 Mall in the heart of Downtown enjoys,

a space that does not stop moving and activity,

and all services are available, and the site distinguishes the following:

  • A privileged location in the first plot of Downtown.
  • A location near the important administrative neighborhoods, especially the government neighborhood, which integrates ministries and official bodies, and the presidential neighborhood, one minute away from it.
  • Cloud 7 Mall is located close to the Administrative Capital’s helipad.
  • It is separated from the wealth and business district by only three minutes.
  • The location is very close to the Green River, the most important and largest central park in the new capital, and it is only three minutes away from that picturesque magnificence.
  • Its location has distinct characteristics facing the famous Al Masa Hotel.
  • There are luxurious residential compounds and gatherings near it, which support the popularity of the mall’s initiatives.
  • It is only one minute between it and the immediate Monorail station.
  • Cloud 7 is also located on 3 main streets, which are very spacious and active.
  • It is located just three minutes from the ring road, which makes it easy and quick to reach.
  • It is also located only three minutes away from the important landmarks in the Administrative Capital, the most important of which are the Opera House, the Chinese towers and the exhibition grounds.
  • The area of ​​the Cloud 7 project is the first commercial mall with all services available in the modern capital, built on a very large area.

Cloud 7 Mall services and features:

All that customers are looking

for a safe and distinguished investment

they find inside the Cloud 7 Mall,

and all that visitors want to

acquire an amazing driving attempt is available

in that upscale headquarters

on every floor of its floors,

its services remain competing

with some of the few in dazzling,

and they are as follows:

  • Large green spaces, gardens
  • and formations of flowers
  • and plants give the units a unique look.
  • An artificial lake with an attractive sandy beach
  • and lodge to enjoy relaxation
  • and tranquility.
  • A place dedicated to recreational water games
  • for adults and children.
  • The mall remains the first mega hyper.
  • A boat trip can be enjoyed
  • on the first watercourse
  • in the Administrative Capital.
  • An excellent dancing fountain
  • that can be used in the most beautiful
  • memorial photo sessions.
  • The largest floor consists of
  • an entertainment space dedicated
  • to children, with a wide range
  • of fun games that are completely reassuring.
  • Special places for young people
  • with VAR games
  • as well as Magic Planet games.
  • You enjoy the most beautiful view
  • of the Al Massa Hotel,
  • and it includes a bouquet
  • of the most famous cafes
  • and restaurants that
  • offer the most delicious meals.
  • Cloud 7 Mall houses the world’s
  • largest bowling center.
  • There is a huge ice skating center
  • that the family can spend time taking
  • the unique photo with the penguins.
  • Plenty of entertainment services are available
  • inside the mall, including “IMAX” cinema.
  • The mall enjoys the highest degree
  • of reassurance,
  • as the electronic outlets facilitate entry
  • and exit.
  • Defense and security services
  • are available in the mall
  • for twenty-four hours.
  • The latest 24-hour uninterrupted
  • digital surveillance cameras were used today.

Cloud 7 New Capital Project

The New Capital:

The new administrative capital is the city  over which the large number of

personalities are wondering, and this is due to its well-known planned importance,

as it represents one of the most distinct projects

with distinguished specifications that have been paid attention to

above in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as it is one of the cities working

to save a brilliant future for Egypt and business The economy

that remains in it, as the necessary destination

behind the business that continues to do in the new administrative capital

is to write off the rise of urban business

in order to reduce the population congestion in most parts of Cairo,

because the last stage occurred  the large number of population problems,

so the authority worked To take an interest in that project.

This is in order to fulfill and fulfill all

the demands of the Egyptian people.

The location of the new administrative capital:

The new administrative capital is located in Ajdar and

the most important residential areas

with distinguished specifications, as it connects many famous tourist countries

in which Ain Sokhna is concentrated, and it is one of the most

glittering tourist areas in Cairo, as the capital includes

many residential areas and luxurious villages,

an example of this. The Hyde Park Cairo project,

which is close to the Covenant, and the village of Sarai, the 5th settlement,

is one of the major projects that remain in the Administrative Capital,

near that there are a large number of other commercial businesses

that have been exerted over them to become a unique tourist destination in Cairo.

Cloud 7 New Capital Project

New Capital Area:

It is inevitable to know the location of the new administrative capital

in order to facilitate the house in it, as it is the largest place in Cairo,

which takes the size of the Republic of Singapore,

and it is the present village in the village of Asia,

as it was built on a place of 168 acres, which includes the largest central gardens,

which amount to Its area reaches 8 km,

just as that park is the first in the world

and it has doubled the location of the central park in New York in America,

and one of the practices that the agreement completes

over this moment is to cancel the creation of

the administrative capital at intervals

as the first round is estimated at about 10,000 acres,

and that The place is modest to inhabited by more than 7 million people.

manner and method:

Providing a smart city. The saving of a huge central garden

doubles the size of a New York park. also The presence of

the northern Mohammed bin Zayed Street,

as well as the abundant quantity

of meeting rooms and exhibition area.

Provide a dedicated area for sports.



About Masharef Company :

Masharef is a one-stop shop that gives you the option

of choosing your new home by providing all

the necessary information from trusted agents.


1 – For sale an administrative office in the new capital.

2 – For sale a commercial shop in the new capital.

3 – For sale a medical clinic in the new capital.

5 – For sale pharmacy in the new capital.

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Features of Cloud 7 Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Cloud 7 Mall New Capital Located?
Down Town Plot MU5-07
Who is the Developer of the Cloud 7 Mall New Capital?
I-Capital Development.
What is the finishing type of Cloud 7 Mall New Capital?
Full finishing.
What is the Type of Units in Cloud 7 Mall New Capital?
Commercial units - Administrative units - Medical units - Hotel Units.
What are the Payment Systems in Cloud 7 Mall New Capital?
10% Down payment and installments up to 9 years.
What is the sales number?