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Casablance village north coast


Casablance village north coast, or as it is known as  Project

Casablanc north coast , is one of  El Amar Group Real Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

About Casablance village north coast:

The village of Casablanca has the most beautiful seas on

the northern coast and is characterized by the cleanliness

and beauty of the beach

It is characterized by the purity of the sand,

which helps to play many beach games

There are clear turquoise waters that sooth the eyes

with the wonderful sunshine

Common green spaces available

Green spaces are abundant in the village of Casablanca North Coast

The green spaces come in a coordinated

and harmonious manner with the exterior and

interior engineering and architectural designs of buildings

Casablanca Coast project is one of

oldest tourist villages built on the North Coast Road

The buildings are characterized by modernity and new urban forms

It is also distinguished by the wonderful design of

the swimming pools and the use of roses and trees

The wide streets are organized, which increases the luxury in the village

Most of the services are located within the village

without the need to leave it when needed

Casablance village north coast location:

Casablance village north coast location is considered a prime location

on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh desert road, the northern coast, at km 46

The company has implemented the Casablanca

North Coast project in Ras Al Hikma Bay

Ras Al Hikma Bay is one of the most important places

on the northern coast to attract investors

Ras Al Hikma Bay became known as Marina El Alamein and others

It has many advantages that contribute to its march towards widespread fame

Casablance north coast project contains a lot of picturesque areas with a charming view

The northern coast is divided into two parts,

old northern coast and the new northern coast

The oldest extends on the Alexandria Matrouh Road from km 21 to km 105

The new starts from the 120 km, all the way to Marsa Matrouh

units Casablance village north coast

  • chalet
  • villa
  • palaces

Casablance village north coast design:

The village was established on an area of ​​1 km long by 100 square meters width

It has a direct view of the Mediterranean Sea,

to show it the most beautiful and wonderful view of the sea

Where the Casablanca Sea on the northern coast is distinguished

by the cleanliness and beauty of the beach

It enjoys the clear sand that helps with many beach games

There is also the clear turquoise water with the wonderful sunshine that fills the village

The ubiquitous common and abundant greenery is available all over the place

Distributed in a coordinated and harmonious manner

with the exterior and interior engineering

and architectural designs of buildings

Casablanca Al Sahel village is one of the oldest tourist

villages built on the North Coast Road

The buildings are distinguished by their modern urban

shapes and the wonderful design of the swimming pools

The use of roses and trees in decorating buildings

It is characterized by wide organized streets

Most of the services are available within the village

without the need to leave it when needed

Advantages of Casablanca village North Coast:

Swimming pools suitable for different ages

Beach water games available in the village

Swimming pools distributed and spread in

the village in a coordinated way to avoid crowding on it

It provides rest areas for the residents to feel comfortable and relax

A mosque, service building, and various playgrounds are available

There is a football field next to the beach soccer game

There is a commercial market that meets all the needs

and requirements of the population

Where there are many different shops, restaurants and cafes

Children’s park and amusement park

Security and guarding services 24 hours a year

Casablance village north coast

Services provided by Casablance village north coast:

It includes a large number of malls and shops in the center of the project

There is also a distinctive walkway on the sea with a height of 7 meters

Inside Casablance village north coast, there is a new

integrated security camera system and guarding services

It includes the largest conference hall for holding private meetings and parties

Casablanca North Coast overlooks a pleasant view directly on the beach

The compound units overlook the sea

It includes the largest area of ​​artificial crystal lakes

Establishing a marina for fishing and yachts and a boat for cruises

For those who love taking a stroll in the middle of the picturesque nature

There is a long walkway that runs on the beachfront

The company established an international hotel

inside the village that provides hotel services to guests

The residential units surrounded by

large areas of landscapes and beautiful gardens

Allocation of wide tracks for cycling and exercise

She provided a special area for them with safety and comfort

It contains a group of different games and entertainment

It characterized by the presence of a number of

high-end cafes and restaurants to provide the best

drinks and delicious food to guests

Its weather is moderate most days of the year

The beaches in Casablance village north coast characterized by white sand

and soft and turquoise waters

Ras El Hikma Bay and Sidi Abdel Rahman area at

the beginning are far away from Alexandria, Cairo and Alexandria.

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Features of Casablance village north coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains