Polaris Mall New Cairo

Polaris Mall New Cairo
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Polaris Mall New Cairo

Polaris. There, you can find a place to work,

a newer place to hang out,

next to the opportunity to try new foods with a touch of entertainment.

Polaris Mall New Cairo:

Polaris. There, you can find a place to work,

a newer place to hang out,

next to the opportunity to try new foods with a touch of entertainment.

Polaris is the first trend in Egypt to introduce MITA

(Magic in the Air);

Technology that transforms the weather

for every visit by means of art

and  stimulates all senses of the invitee.

Information about Polaris Mall New Cairo:

Polaris is the latest modification of KVRD

that was established to non-negatively influence

people’s lives by offering a distinct mix

of good locality where work,

joy and

relaxation are seamlessly integrated.

KVRD is committed to crafting a trend

of its own with a sponsorship that serves

as a rallying point for millions

of people who want to work there

Advanced layouts,

having fun by saving premium sleep modes and

comprehensive companion give a

premium try every day.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Features of The Yar Mall project in the Fifth Settlement:

The company executing the Polaris Mall

commercial project announced a limited

number of details about it,

the most important of which is the architectural

planning that has been documented

, in addition to the most important aesthetic and

recreational reasons that have ended

up being added to the Polaris Mall Mall,

the 5th settlement.

As for the most prominent benefits that the project enjoys,

they are as follows:

  • The project contains a large hypermarket,

which meets the needs of customers as well as those living in the areas around the mall.

  • Distributions set of banks to facilitate physical procedures.
  • Restaurants and outdoor cafes with spaces to suit all customers.
  • Administrative offices of different areas.
  • A practice headquarters that mixes meeting rooms.
  • There is also inside the Polaris Mall,

the 5th settlement, a mini seminar room.

  • High speed central internet.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

  • Arrange my services in the Business Lounge
  • Underground garages.
  • The Polaris Mall Mall 5th Settlement also includes central air conditioning.
  • Gym and Spa equipped with the latest international equipment.

Polaris Mall New Cairo location :

North of Ninety,

one of the main roads in New Cairo and

close to the American University in Cairo and


This strategic location allows Polaris to resid

e in the center of Cairo,

the capital of modern Egypt,

and provides the city with new light for Cairo’s entertainment.

The location of Polaris is surrounded

by many high-end residential projects and is also

It is located next to the main roads in New Cairo,

which will lead to the direction of the new capital.

Which makes it a central point for job areas.

The project takes place in a strategic location next to

The American University in Cairo and

close to FUE and CIC.


Polaris Mall New Cairo services:

At Polaris,

there are 12 different food and

beverage portals that will serve all your needs,

with some appearing in the Egyptian market for the first time.

From the first Chocolate Republic branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

to fresh sushi rolls,

delicious white sea food,

melted delicacies,

exotic recipes,

and burgers.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Polaris Mall New Cairo units:

The mall consists of offices – distribution.

Polaris Mall New Cairo prices:

The real estate renovator has put prices that suit all customers.

Payment methods in Polaris Mall New Cairo:

  • 50 % years
  • fully finished

The company that owns Polaris Mall New Cairo:

KVRD is proud of its track record

of supporting a wide range of organizations;

Going on celebrity developers to cash


which offer amazing results in meeting different

real estate requirements across disparate sectors.

The Foundation is currently working on the development

of its projects with distinguished specifications,

which allow both residential and

commercial real estate

The company is currently working on creating

Notable projects,

providing both residential and

Highly distinguished commercial hubs.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

New Cairo..

New Cairo is one of the largest and

most important 3rd generation cities,

with an area of ​​70,000 acres.

What distinguishes New Cairo

from the rest of the new cities is its location

in the east of Cairo and

its connection to the heart of Cairo,

especially from the unique design of the city,

the breadth of its streets and

the spread of green spaces in it,

and the preservation of the virtue of its residents,

and its distance from the congestion of the capital.

The modern Egyptian capital,


is divided into a large number

of residential conglomerates,

the most famous of which is the Fifth Settlement.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

The 90th Street is one of the most prominent

landmarks of the 5th Settlement;

It is the axis of New Cairo – that is,

it links the rest of the neighborhoods together – close

to containing commercial and

administrative headquarters and

apartments different in shape between the Roman,

Islamic and new.

The amount of purchase

in the 5th settlement is higher than the rest of the modern cities,

as it includes sophistication, luxury,

and integrated services such as:

the most prestigious universities,

international and private schools,

and recreational areas of clubs,

restaurants and residential compounds,

the most famous among them are Katameya Heights,

Landmark and Downtown.


establishing or buying a business or

a shop in the town is a successful

investment due to the presence

of different followers and

customers and

the ability to pay and buy.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Near the 5th settlement between Cairo

The authority was keen to connect

the 5th settlement with the heart of Cairo

to urge investors and citizens to buy there by several basic roads,

such as the path of the Moshir Tantawi axis,

the Cairo-Suez road,

the ring road and

Cairo Ain Sukhna.

As for the transportation network,

the 5th assembly is connected to the Abbasiya area and

Sayeda Aisha Square via public transport buses,

and the 5th assembly is connected to the metro (Saray El-Kobba – Nasr City) by cars belonging to Al-Rehab.

The most important new cities near the Fifth Settlement

  • Nasr City
  • Heliopolis
  • Rehab
  • future city

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Fifth Settlement.. a variety of choices for many budgets…

We find that the Fifth Settlement neighborhood

combines apartments of residential units,

villas, studios,

and duplexes at varying costs that suit all segments of customers,

the sons of Egypt,

where the prices per square meter are available for all

of the investment,

average, above-average and

wonderful rates.

The 5th settlement combines all the elements

of high-end life from the advantage,

calmness, super lux services, unique facilities,

and a middle atmosphere

in summer to increase the area above sea level.

Diversity of rates of residents motivates

the purchase process

and its diversity,

especially as it makes fertile environmental

conditions for investors,

who accept to buy their commercial and

administrative units in the 5th settlement.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Projects and trade opportunities in the Fifth Settlement

Before deciding to establish your business or shop,

you should study the area and

with regard to commercial projects,

one of the reasons for the superiority

of any project is the presence

of segments of followers and

customers who are able to pay and buy,

in addition to the diversity

of the rates of the people in the 5th settlement between the average,

above the middle and high,

and the increasing population there The large number

of institutions and

commercial areas with its employees and


The community is also characterized

by the presence of many specialized and

international schools and universities,

and the students of these companies constitute a huge crowd for restaurants,

cafes, libraries of study tools,

and so on.

Some schools in the Fifth Settlement:

  • Concorde French School.
  • American International School.
  • German school.
  • Canadian School.
  • Egyptian School of Languages.
  • The International School of Choueifat.
  • Manorhouse International School.

Universities in the Fifth Settlement:

  • German University.
  • American University.
  • Future university.
  • New Cairo Academy.
  • Canadian University.
  • police Academy.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Among the most famous malls in the 5th settlement:

A good idea if you intend to buy a modern shop or

restaurant is to buy or

rent the store in a mall or

a huge market,

as you will have good services for your project

in addition to the fact that your project

will be a shop that meets the huge number of mall guests.

Due to the increasing degree and

standard of living of the residents of the 5th settlement

, major malls with different products have appeared

to meet the needs of the residents and

prevent them from shopping outside the city.

Most of these malls are:

Cairo Festival Mall:

It is one of the most popular malls in the 5th Settlement,

for its location at the ring intersection with the Teseen Street

in the south of the Security Forces Academy;

Which makes it the direction of the residents

of the 5th settlement from different neighborhoods.

The mall offers services with distinct specifications, the most important of which are:

  • Various shops between international brand clothing stores such as H&M and ZARA,

and home and electronics stores.

  • Restaurants serving international delicacies,

you will find oriental and western food.

  • cinemas
  • Dedicated areas for children.
  • Putting vehicles in front of the mall to prevent overcrowding.
  • National Bank branch.
  • Quiet location with dancing fountain and relaxing music for relaxation.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Downtown Mall:

Near Cairo Festival Mall, the first 90th Street.

The Downtown Mall is characterized by the diversity of its goods and

the availability of international brands,

among its most services:

  • The most famous restaurants and cafes such as Starbucks and Bowl,

in addition to a large number of famous restaurants.

  • Exchange offices.
  • Clothes and supplies stores.
  • Shops for selling international brands.
  • An entertaining place for children and adults called ESCAPE
  • The value of shops for sale in the Downtown Mall starts at 30 thousand pounds per square meter.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

Centro Mall:

The mall enjoys a distinguished location at the northern and

southern 90th intersection,

in front of the American University;

Which explains the increase in purchasing power

by targeting a large segment

of the residents of the Fifth Settlement.

The mall consists of a ground floor for shops,

and the upper floors for institutions and

administrative offices.

Services with distinct specifications

that you will only find in Centro Mall:

  • There is a swimming pool and

garden above the mall, next to cafes and restaurants.

  • Infrastructure on the highest rate of instant elevators and


  • A garage to deter the accumulation of vehicles in the face of the mall.
  • Gym.
  • The value of a square meter of shops for sale reaches 58 thousand pounds,

while the cost of a square meter of administrative offices is 37 thousand pounds.

Polaris Mall New Cairo

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