Payment systems Midtown Condo the capital

Payment systems Midtown Condo the capital
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Payment systems Midtown Condo the capital, which is one of the first compounds to be built

in the New Administrative Capital and is a residential complex designated by Better Home

for residential units,

Founded after the superiority of Midtown Solo for villas.

The Midtown Condo Compound is divided into residential buildings of 7 floors + ground floor

distributed over harmonious areas.

The buildings overlook green spaces and industrial lakes to give you an attractive natural view.

The real estate founder of the project:

Better Home Real Estate is the owner of the Midtown Condo project, the New Administrative Capital.

The foundation provided the genius engineering designs and insisted on winning, and Better Home

was established with an increase of 1/4 century and succeeded in presenting many mega projects,

Among the projects of Better Home:

  • Founded Cairo Business Plaza Compound.
  • Established Cairo Medical Center Compound.
  • Founded Cairo Business Gate compound.
  • Created Midtown Solo Compound.
  • Founded Midtown Sky Compound.
  • Created Cairo Business Bay Compound.
  • Founded Midtown Compound, New Cairo.
  • Highland Park compound was established on October 6.
  • Established commercial malls in New Cairo.
  • Commercial malls have been established in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Established a commercial mall in New Minya.
  • I established a shopping mall on October 6.

Payment systems Midtown Condo the capital

Midtown condo location:

The compound is located on an area of ​​sixty acres, in the seventh residential area, R7,

in the New Administrative Capital.

For the compound to be in a unique and distinct location on the main roads, regions and landmarks,

as follows:

It is located next to the exhibition grounds on an area of ​​five hundred acres to receive national

and international exhibitions throughout the year, and also to legislate meetings.

It is adjacent to the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which is in the south, and is one of the most

prominent axes and main roads.

It is located next to the Ring Road, which is the main road to the New Administrative Capital.

Available in the best payment systems in Midtown Condo.

It is located next to the Embassies District, which comprises the headquarters of embassies

and consulates.

It is located next to the compounds of Buka, Bosco and Attica.

Payment systems Midtown Condo the capital

Highlights of Midtown Condo Services:

Midtown condo payment systems, infrastructure and services are available to provide a comfortable

life for residents in the Administrative Capital,

It is as follows:

  • Eighty% is available for green spaces and water bodies in swimming pools and industrial lakes.
  • There is non-classic entertainment
  • A concert park is available for international music buffs, in a relaxing atmosphere.
  • There are trails for jogging and cycling.
  • Special BBQ festivities available.
  • There is a huge shopping mall Midtown Condo Mall.
  • Clubs available
  • There are cafes
  • Restaurants available

Know more about spaces, prices and payment systems for the midtown condo:

Midtown Condo Compound has residential units, and the residential units in Midtown Condo

are available in these spaces:

  • Available 120 sq.m.
  • There is 130 square meters
  • 180 sq.m. available
  • There are 210 square meters
  • Available 250 square meters
  • There is 260 square meters.

The midtown condo condo prices and payment systems are average and above average

The price per square meter for the residential unit starts from 11700 pounds.

Payment systems Midtown Condo the capital

Here are the prices and payment systems for the midtown condo:

  • There is 1404000 EGP
  • Available 1599000 EGP
  • There is 1765500 pounds
  • Available 1926,000 EGP
  • There is 2444000 EGP
  • Available 2467000LE
  • There is 2289000 EGP.

Payment systems midtown condo capital:

Available in midtown condo payment systems, accessible to investors

You can spend a ten% downpayment and pay the rest of the price in installments over 7 years.

Midtown Compound is located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital in the seventh district

in the most prestigious residential areas.

Better Home provided reasonable prices for its residential units in Midtown Condo and provided

a payment facility to investors.

Living in a city with a good location and a privileged future would be located near the most

important neighborhoods and cities to give them an advantage.

Midtown Condo New Capital is located on sixty acres of Better Home Foundation

Midtown condo payment systems are available to give you residential units spaces starting from

120 square meters,

And at costs that you will not find in another area, as it is in Midtown Condo,

without a doubt, there is no doubt that the ideal life you are looking for.

Note that the prices mentioned in the topic are for the greater half of 2019, and therefore

they are subject to change

The Foundation is always keen to renew the price list of residential units so that the investor

becomes aware of everything new.

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