De Joya New Capital city

De Joya New Capital city
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De Joya New Capital city is one of the businesses of the “TAG Misr” Real Estate

Development Corporation,

The lowest price per meter and the longest payment period in the New Administrative

Capital amounts to 9 years, and it has used the best engineering consultancy companies

such as:

Space and the well-known contractor “Eicc”.

De Joya New Capital

De Joya New Capital is the latest project of the Taj Masr Foundation in the distinguished

administrative capital.

The compound is away from the noise and crowds in a safe location that has

the necessary services and entertainment.

The TAG MISR Foundation has provided a large number of housing units – duplex villas,

The space of the residential units varies from 120 meters, and the area of ​​duplex villas

from 277 meters to 350 meters.

De Joya New Capital city

Tag Misr Real Estate Construction Corporation, Tag Misr:

The Taj Misr Corporation for Real Estate Development has many achievements in

the real estate market.

Whether within the Arab Republic of Egypt or abroad, it is one of the largest

construction and construction institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Among the achievements of the Egypt Taj Foundation within the Arab Republic of Egypt:

Established 2 Lebanon Street Tower, El Mohandessin, for a commercial and administrative office.

Established 1 residential commercial and administrative tower, Al Falah Street, Mohandessin.

Location of De Joya New Capital Compound:

De Joya New Capital will be in the best places in the New Administrative Capital,

with an immediate view of the Diplomatic Quarter,

It is located next to the tourist walkway in the area of ​​R8, and the compound is

characterized by being located next to many services within the capital and important places,

The most prominent features of the compound location include:

The compound is in the 8 R8 residential neighborhood, specifically in plot No.

B2, which is one of the vital headquarters in the New Capital.

The compound enjoys an immediate view of the tourist walkway and the Al Sefarat neighborhood.

The street has a unique view on four main streets that are seventy meters wide.

It is next to the largest garden in the eighth residential area.

It is located next to the central park and the flower club.

De Joya New Capital project services:

  • There are 2 club gyms including this (gymnasium, spa, and ladies pool).
  • Fish tanks are available.
  • No commercial place.
  • Children’s play area is available.
  • There is 24 hour security.
  • Solar system is available.
  • There are swimming pools and artificial lakes.
  • Jogging and cycling tracks are available.
  • There is a garage under the ground.
  • Waste area available.
  • There is a system for monitoring cameras.

De Joya New Capital city

De Joya New Capital project pricing:

The cost per meter in the compound is one of the lowest prices in the Administrative Capital.

The price per meter starts from 9000 EGP to 11,500 EGP, and the delivery of

all units will be 1/2 finished.

Payment phase of ten years without interest.

There are residential units spaces starting from 120 square meters, two rooms.

Duplexes are available from 277 meters to 350 meters in 4 rooms.

Payment systems in the De joia Administrative Capital project:

Taj Misr Foundation has provided three payment systems for De Joya New Capital,

one of the most advanced payment systems for the capital’s residential projects.

Which allows the investor to choose between: –

0% downpayment and installments up to 7 years.

5% downpayment and installments of up to 8 years.

7% downpayment and installments of up to ten years.

1/4 yearly equal installments are paid.

The maintenance payment was only 8%.

What are the payment systems for the De joya project, the administrative capital?

It starts with a 0% downpayment and 7 years equal installments without interest in De Joya New Capital.

5% downpayment and installments over 8 years equal installments without interest.

7% downpayment and installments over 9 years, equal installments without interest.

Ten% downpayment and installments over ten years equal installments without interest.

What is the value per square meter in De joia compound?

The price per meter in the project starts from 9,250,000 EGP

What are the spaces available in Cambodia de joia?

The De joia compound is on an area of ​​23 acres, and the apartments within the project

vary between studios, residential units, and villas.

The studios area starts from seventy meters and reaches eighty meters.

The residential area area starts from 85 meters and reaches to two hundred meters.

The location of the villas starts from 310 meters to 410 meters.

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