Laverde the administrative capital

Laverde the administrative capital
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Laverde the administrative capital, is one of the most completed investment projects on

the administrative capital,

This is a result of the features of La Verde compound that won the admiration and tastes of all investors,

And the company that owns that project has worked to save all means of luxury, comfort and

tranquility, just as the project fulfills all desires

And the needs that all investors are attracted to, as the executing company of the project has a great

history in the field of construction and reconstruction.

Features and disadvantages of La Verde, the administrative capital:

La Verde New Capital is one of the projects that you can acquire in your residential unit while you are

completely comfortable.

As it is in the heart of the Administrative Capital, which is one of the most beautiful residential sites,

which realizes the dream of a quiet home free from noise and congestion.

The compound also has an excellent view of green spaces and industrial lakes.

In La Verde Compound, you find the services through which it can achieve all the luxury it wants.

Among the features of La Verde Compound are the presence of schools and nurseries for children,

medical hospitals, a distinct shopping mall and private garages for cars.

You will also find stadiums, social clubs, cinemas, restaurants and cafes, and find the lowest prices and

easy payment systems for investors.

Just as in La Verde, it can choose the spaces allocated for your residential unit.

As it differs in areas that are large and small, so that it can choose the right one for

you and your family members.

Location of la verde, the administrative capital:

The most prominent features of La Verde Compound is that it is in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital, as it is specifically within the R8 area.

It is also located next to the Anakaji New Administrative Capital project.

And that La Verde Compound is distinguished by its presence near all important vital services that

investors cannot do without.

What adds to the beauty and sophistication of the compound is that it overlooks the Green River

, which makes it distinct from its style.

One of the features of La Verde Compound is also its vital location,

as the location of La Verde, the Administrative Capital, is one of the most locations

surrounded by services from all sides.

Laverde the administrative capital

in addition :-

Therefore, the distinguished location made all residents of the compound enjoy a lot of peace,

comfort and harmony, away from the noise, crowding and pollution.

The compound is characterized by the presence of many water bodies, as well as the presence

of huge green spaces that provide investors with a reason to exercise and walk.

And also the bright colors of the real estate and modern heritage, which made the compound

a view befitting the New Administrative Capital.

There is no doubt that up to now the development that has taken place in the New Administrative

Capital and after its promotion in all acclaimed satellite channels, websites and newspapers,

Make all successful companies go to that capital, which is an artifact on the land of the Arab

Republic of Egypt, and are looking for investment on its land,

And that all investors, from their point of view, see that this new administrative

capital has a brilliant future all over the world and not just on the scale of the Arab

Republic of Egypt.

This is a result of the increased interest by the Egyptian government in that spot on

the land of the Arab Republic of Egypt, so all investors aspire to find a possibility,

In order to take part of that land in order to make investments through it to establish

the largest and most successful projects on its land.

La Verde was one of the most popular projects that were built on that land,

and the motivation in this was due to the features of La Verde compound that

amazed all the compound residents.

Features of la verde administrative capital:

Just as the Administrative Capital is distinguished by many important features, including:

Its proximity to vital neighborhoods such as Al Sefarat neighborhood.

It also has the republican presidential center.

Ministries district.

And conference center.

Opera house.

It is also distinguished by the presence of the Green River, which adds to the region

the most beautiful natural scenery in the world.

Laverde the administrative capital

Prices and payment systems in LaVerde the administrative capital:

One of the advantages of la verde the administrative capital is that it fulfills the vision

of all investors regarding the payment system,

Because it meets all needs and facilities that are within reach of every investor.

La Verde compound prices start from 11,500 EGP per meter, and these prices provide easy payment

methods for everyone,

The rest is paid in installments of up to 8 years.

Payment systems for La Verde, the administrative capital:

There is an 8% downpayment and installments of the rest of the unit cost over 6 years.

Available in la verde, the administrative capital, by paying ten% downpayment

and in installments for the rest of the unit price over 7 years.

15% downpayment, 5% payment after six months, and the remaining unit cost in installments

over 8 years.

Services and spaces in LaVerde the administrative capital:

One of the important reasons to look at when looking for housing is that you have all

the vital services near you.

And also the presence of the area you want and meet your needs, all of that and

more are available in la verde, the administrative capital.

There is no defect and defect clause, the administrative capital, it is distinguished by

its design at the highest rates of luxury and sophistication,

And according to international specifications and designs that satisfy all tastes.

Laverde the administrative capital

Services laverde Administrative Capital

The presence of a commercial mall with all the services that the owners of La Verde compound,

the administrative capital, need.

Commercial and administrative shops.

Nurseries for children with monitoring cameras to check on children while they are in the nursery.

A club dedicated to all sports.

Security and guarding at the entrances of the compound to feel at ease.

Hospital and clinics in the compound dedicated and equipped with the latest equipment to

take care of the residents of La Verde, the administrative capital.

Indoor swimming pools for women, men and children with careful supervision.

Gym equipped with the best and latest sports equipment.

Large green areas for walking and cycling.

Just as La Verde Compound is distinguished by the presence of a different group of

spaces and types within La Verde Compound, the New Administrative Capital.

There are all options and every investor has to choose what he wants, as there are

residential units, duplexes,

There are villas, shops, and penthouses among the sparkling features of La Verde Compound.

As for the spaces located and available inside the Compound La Verde,

the administrative capital, they are divided as follows:

Spaces laverde the administrative capital:

The ground floor areas start from one and a half meters up to 203 square meters.

The spaces of identical floors start from one and a half meters to 255 square meters.

The areas of La Verde compound, the administrative capital, start from 270 square

meters to 320 square meters.

The owning company and previous business

The owner and executing company of the La Verde project is La Verde Egypt Real

Estate Development Company.

The company was able to design La Verde, the administrative capital, on the highest civilized

style, and the company always strives to achieve the ideal,

So that it becomes one of the first companies in the field of modern construction and

building and it can attract many investors.

She was keen on living that most excellent project within the Administrative Capital region,

which is distinguished by a brilliant location surrounded by all vital services.

As the La Verde compound has excellent features, huge finishes and designs at the highest rate,

and a sophisticated and modern urban appearance.

Laverde Company has a huge reputation in the field of real estate development,

which appears to us by launching many major projects.

And the distinct designs of its style with the highest rate of European mastery and originality,

such as the International La Verde project.

This company caused a sensation in the real estate investment market,

which made it one of the largest companies that have a name and weight in the commercial investment market.

And the success of Laverde New Capital; The impetus for establishing the company was its second

project in the capital, which is La Verde Cast, the new administrative capital.

Features of Laverde’s projects

And the company based on that project was keen to be unique with all the wonderful scientific names

and designs,

This makes it the number one company in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the field of

establishment and reconstruction.

In addition to the many services that the company provides to the owners of the compound,

and that big project has been established by the executing company,

So the project is on a huge area in the New Administrative Capital, within that land,

many wonderful natural views.

And all those picturesque natural view around it huge green spaces and water bodies that

make it in the best view and be a piece of art on Egyptian land.

The compound is characterized by complete tranquility, so it is a very great opportunity

for investment owners to invest their money in a safe manner.

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