Iris Mall the administrative capital

Iris Mall the administrative capital
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Iris Mall the Administrative Capital, was established in the New Administrative Capital as a project that

attracts investment to participate in establishing modern urban communities or commercial projects

and administrative buildings.

in addition to The area of ​​the new administrative capital will be about 170 thousand acres, and the area of ​​the

projects allocated in the first phase is about ten thousand acres.

in addition to It is expected that the population density in this period will reach about 7 million people.

The new administrative capital is located next to the Cairo-Suez road and the Cairo-Ain Sokhna road on

in addition to the borders of Badr City.

And it is near the east of the regional ring road, and sixty kilometers from the Cairo governorate.

in addition to Among the projects that have the most investment opportunity are malls with various services. It is one

of the most services for any compound;

Iris Mall the administrative capital

in addition to :-

it is the main source of all medical, administrative or sports supplies and services, the first thing

that the investor cares about is the availability of services near or inside the residential area.

in addition to Among the most prominent landmarks of the New Administrative Capital are the Green River, Al-Fattah

Al-Alim Mosque, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the Medical City and the Governmental District

in addition to There is also an exhibition city, the Mohammed bin Zayed North Community and the Entertainment City.

Just as the new administrative capital has the global branch of the Canadian University, the University of

His Highness Prince Edward Island, designed on the newest European shape, with an area of ​​30 acres.

In addition to the presence of the English University, the American University, and nearly two thousand

educational institutions within the new administrative capital.

in addition to The New Capital is distinguished by its high-distinction infrastructure that was established with the

latest technologies to make it eligible to receive the largest projects in the Middle East.

The new capital has a road network that works with self-monitoring that prevents overcrowding and

in addition to road accidents.

In that regard, we will learn about one of the most prominent malls with various services in the New

Administrative Capital. It is Ares Mall.

Simple information about the mall, Ares, the New Administrative Capital:

Iris Mall new capital is one of the most recent economic projects established in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

It is a commercial, administrative and medical complex that takes place in the MU23 area of ​​Al-Amal axis

in the New Capital.

The project area is about 6844 square meters, with buildings reaching about thirty% of the total area of

​​in addition to the project, with a total of three hundred units.

Represented by a huge garage, a ground floor for services, a first commercial floor, and the second floor

in addition to the seventh floor, medical and administrative,

It will be with spaces starting from sixty square meters, and its delivery will start in 2022.

Ares Mall provides commercial units for sale in the New Capital. Especially international brands; Units

in addition to establish with spaces suitable for international companies, not local companies.

This is to be commensurate with the advancement of the location in which it was established in the heart of

in addition to the New Capital near the most prominent compounds in the New Capital.

The real estate developer of iris, the administrative capital:

It is the Inmaa Real Estate Development Company, an Egyptian-Kuwaiti company that hopes to launch

in addition to the Egyptian real estate market through many service and residential projects.

And iris Mall in the New Administrative Capital is the first project of Inmaa Real Estate Development in

in addition to the Egyptian market,

The company plans to expand in the New Administrative Capital to establish a modern commercial

in addition to administrative project in the coming period, and the company has previous works in the State of Kuwait.

Among the most prominent:

  • in addition to The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kuwait,
  • And the Kuwaiti Amiri Hospital,
  • And Kuwait University,
  • in addition,  Al Jahra Kuwaiti Hospital,
  • And the Kuwaiti Cultural Center,
  • And the Kuwaiti Al Salam Hospital.

Location of iris New Capital Mall:

What distinguishes iris Mall is its luxurious location, making it one of the most economic opportunities in

in addition to the new capital; It will be located in the MU23 area of ​​the Hope Corridor in the New Capital.

Close to the Olympic Village, and surrounded on the north by the Suez Road, the City of the Future, my

in addition to cities, and the city of Badr, and to the south of it, the Green River is the most prominent

landmark of the new capital.

Iris Mall the administrative capital

Services of iris Administrative Capital Mall:

The Mall in the Administrative Capital enjoys a set of services that are commensurate with the size of

in addition to the project and the population density that it is expected to serve,

The developer has taken into account all the details that make it the best mall for buying and renting

in addition to commercial units in the New Capital.

The company developing the Ares Mall in the New Administrative Capital was keen to make the mall a

in addition to beacon for commercial and investment projects in the capital.

As it provided various ways to achieve this goal of logistical and security services, with excellent layouts

and a diversity of units to suit all services.

The mall has security systems at the highest rate, electronic gates, surveillance cameras covering every

in addition to corner of the mall, and fire warning devices,

Modern firefighting equipments, panoramic escalators, elevators for all units, all-day service for

in addition to investors with specialized staff, and reception service.

The mall is connected to a central air-conditioning network and has a meeting room, just as the

in addition to developer of the mall contracted with a company specialized in mall management.

iris Mall also has a children’s playground with the highest facilities, as well as parking with a capacity of

about four hundred vehicles.

Iris Mall the administrative capital

Available units in IRIS Mall New Capital:

From the very first moment of planning to establish Ares Mall, the team of Al-Inma Real Estate

in addition to Development Company paid attention to the smallest details of each step.

It is the company’s first project in Egypt, and it must express the company’s identity, accuracy,

in addition to sophistication and commitment.

The project contains about 280 fully finished units, distributed over 9 floors, and the place of duplex

in addition to commercial units starts from 62 meters to three hundred square meters,

The area of ​​the medical administrative units starts from sixty meters. It is planned to deliver the project

in 2022, to reserve its place among the best commercial malls in the New Administrative Capital.

in addition to The mall has a variety of units suitable for commercial stores available in all spaces that the investor lacks,

which are commensurate with all commercial activities,

Trade units  equip with display stands at the highest rate to suit international companies.

in addition to commercial space starts from 62 square meters.

Just as there are medical clinics in the mall, designed to suit all areas of medical specialization, and their

medical equipment including reception and electronic devices,

in addition to elevators to suit patients and hotel rooms to stay, and the area of ​​medical clinics starts from sixty

square meters,

in addition to All medical units will be delivered fully finished and air-conditioned.

As for administrative offices and company headquarters, their area starts from sixty square meters, and

in addition to reach 150 square meters, and their delivery occurs 1/2 finished or without finishing;

The company is keen to provide and allow the choice of interior decoration for offices and companies to

their owners according to the identity of the company and the taste and activity of the administrative office.

Prices of units of iris New Capital Mall:

The developer of the Ares Mall introduced initial prices for the mixed-service units; Commercial, medical

and administrative,

in addition to be commensurate with the size of the project and its investment future, the company did not

overlook the development of many facilities for the purchase of units.

in addition to The price of the commercial meter ranges between fifty and 70 thousand pounds, while the

administrative and medical price ranges between 24 and 30 thousand pounds.

in addition to The commercial units  deliver 1/2 finished, while the administrative and medical units are

delivered in full.

As for the payment systems in iris Mall, the Administrative Capital, the company has

developed four systems:

There is a 5% downpayment and the rest over 3 years

in addition to Ten% down payment and the rest over four years is available.

There is a 15% downpayment and the rest over five years.

in addition to Twenty% in advance and the rest over six years is available.

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