Ozone Medical Center New Cairo

Ozone Medical Center New Cairo
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Ozone Medical Center New Cairo It is a full-service complex in the Fifth Settlement for all those looking for a suitable place for a medical clinic.

Ozone Medical Center Mall New Cairo :

If you are looking for an integrated medical project, you will find Ozone Mall,

the Fifth Settlement, which offers all types of medical units,

and around it a number of vital services.

Huge space. Ozone Medical Mall New Cairo has a privileged location close to all places,

as well as the vital roads in New Cairo.

Medical Mall Fifth Settlement is a full-service complex in

the Fifth Settlement for all those looking for a suitable place for a medical clinic,

or the establishment of a future project where the mall provides you with all

the services and also the facilities that you may need in order to implement your project in

the most vital places in the Fifth Settlement near From all services and also institutions

with the best prices and also payment systems that reach several years.

Information about Ozone Medical Center Mall New Cairo :

Ozone Medical Mall, Fifth Settlement, is one of the largest health projects that benefit residents of New Cairo,

as well as neighboring cities,

and even residents of the regions who prefer to travel to Cairo for treatment.

It is considered one of the unique medical projects in Egypt,

especially that the owner company was keen to choose

the location of the project very carefully and

to seek the assistance of foreign experts in its implementation in order to ensure the provision of distinguished services.

The experts who participated in the implementation of this project made sure

that there were large green spaces around it, while providing all services,

even non-medical, for the visitors of Ozone Medical Mall.

Where there is inside it, specifically in the area in the middle of the four buildings,

a group of restaurants and also cafes that offer various foods and drinks.

Ozone Medical Center New Cairo

Ozone Medical Center New Cairo Location:

  • Ozone Mall is located in the Fifth Settlement within the Narges neighborhood near the 90th Street and
  • also the Fatima Al Sharbatly Mosque.
  • The Ozone location is also close to the German University and the American University,
  • and you can reach Al Rehab City, Nasr City, and the New Heliopolis City in a few minutes,
  • as it is close From educational institutions as well as government institutions in
  • the city of New Cairo and all the roads and
  • also transportation through which you can move to all parts of Cairo and its suburbs.

The importance of Ozone Medical Location

  • Ozone Medical Mall New Cairo is only ten minutes away from the German University in Cairo, and only 15 minutes away from the American University, and also the city of Rehab.
  • The Ozone Medical Complex in the Fifth Settlement is only 25 minutes away from Nasr City, Heliopolis, and New Heliopolis.
  • As for the residential compounds, Ozone Medical Mall New Cairo is located very close to a large group of high-end residential compounds, such as Dyar Compound and also Al Masrawiya.
  • Especially as the distance between Lake View Compound and Ozone Medical Mall is only 7 minutes.
  • Ozone Medical Mall New Cairo is only 10 minutes away from Arabella Compound.
  • And the distance between the Ozone Medical Project and the Valley Compound is only 10 minutes.
  • All of these high-end residential projects help the success of Ozone Medical Mall, which is located in a prestigious location, and you can reach the project in a few minutes because it is very close to the axes and also the main roads.
  • You will find all the services you need in the vicinity of Ozone Medical Mall in the Fifth Settlement.

Ozone Medical Center Mall New Cairo Services :

Services and features of Ozone Medical Mall New Cairo Ozone Mall Catalyst

Large green spaces surrounding the mall for recreation in the charming natural atmosphere.

Restaurants and cafés of the highest quality that serve the most delicious and delicious food.

Entertainment places for children full of games to play and also have fun as well as spend the most beautiful times.

Wi-Fi service throughout and also in the units of the Ozone Medical Center.

Public parking spaces.

Central air conditioning for customer comfort.

Automatic fire alarm system.

Maintenance service for electricity and periodic maintenance for elevators, as well as generators, as well as a cleaning service for facades.

Electric elevators and escalators.

Surveillance cameras equipped with the latest modern technology.

Electric generators operate in the event of a power outage in the mall.

24-hour security and guarding.

Ozone Medical Center New Cairo

Area of ​​Ozone Medical Mall Fifth Settlement:

The large area of ​​the Ozone Medical Mall in the Fifth Settlement, which reaches 18,000 square meters, allows for the presence of many centers, as well as medical clinics and other buildings that provide various medical services, whether analysis, radiology or medicines.

However, the existing medical units (whether clinics, radiology centers, or others) vary in size, and this is a good thing because it provides multiple options for those wishing to own and purchase a medical unit there.

Ozone Medical Project allows you to choose from many centers and also medical clinics, as it includes four buildings divided as follows:-

Three buildings that provide a variety of medical services at the highest level, where there are centers, as well as medical clinics, as well as pharmacies, radiology centers and also laboratories.

The fourth building inside the complex houses the hospital, which is equipped with all the equipment, as well as the necessary and important services.

Ozone Medical Center Mall New Cairo Units:

  • Ozone Mall Fifth Settlement was established on an area of ​​about 17,829 square meters, which consists of 3 buildings for medical clinics, as well as specialized centers, laboratories, radiology centers and a pharmacy.
  • There is also a special building for a care hospital that is equipped with all medical and surgical specialties.
  • The units also vary between shops and also medical clinics as well as facilities and also services
  • The units space ranges from 38 square meters.

Ozone Medical Center New Cairo

Ozone Medical Center Mall New Cairo prices:

The prices of The Views New Cairo compound are among

the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in New Cairo,

compared to many of the services and facilities available within the compound,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and

also amenities for the residents of the compound so that customers can enjoy

the greatest healthy life as well as comfort As well as luxury.

The price per square meter ranges from 42,000 EGP.

Payment methods in Ozone Medical Center Mall New Cairo :

  • The company that owns the Ozen Medical Project, the largest medical complex in the assembly, has provided convenient payment systems, including, for example:
  • 25% down payment and pay the rest of the unit price in 42 monthly installments starting from the first month.
  • 15% contract, 5% paid in the sixth month, 5% after one year, and 54 monthly installments starting from the first month.
  • Knowing that the units of Ozone Medical Mall, Fifth Settlement, will be delivered in December 2021.

 The company that owns Ozone Mall New Cairo :

The Ozone Medical Mall project, Fifth Settlement,

is the latest project of Catalyst Real Estate Development Company and Smart Group,

which has a great reputation for its commitment to deadlines and unique projects.

Where the company specializes in providing commercial, administrative,

or medical projects, with the best recognized standards,

whether at the level of development, management or construction.

What is unique about Catalyst is that it, headed by Eng. Osama Shalaby,

takes care of the details of the projects in full, as it strives to provide the greatest level of luxury for customers.

The most prominent works of Catalyst Development Company

  • North Plus New Cairo Project.
  • Business Plus Mall, New Cairo.
  • Cairo Capital Center New Cairo
  • Allegantry Mall New Cairo

Ozone Medical Mall in New Cairo is the company’s most prestigious project, in which the company has been keen to provide a huge range of services worthy of customers while providing medical units with international finishes..

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