Mivida Compound New Cairo

Mivida Compound New Cairo
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Mivida Compound New Cairo One of the residential projects that are located in

the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo,

and it is one of the projects of Emaar Misr for Real Estate Development

Mivida Compound New Cairo:

Fifth Settlement is one of the residential projects in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo,

and it is one of the projects of Emaar Misr for Real Estate Development,

and this project extends over an area of ​​890 acres, and more than 5,000 housing units are built on it,

where these units vary between apartments,

twin houses and villas.

Mivida Emaar Misr Fifth Settlement provides many advantages, including the following:

  • All residential units are lit by solar energy.
  • Security and privacy within the compound.
  • Close to schools as well as international universities.
  • The large area and also the prices of Mivida Compound, Fifth Settlement,

New Cairo for the residential units, as well as the payment methods.

Information about Mivida Compound New Cairo :

Are you looking for a safe community with all the luxury services as well as luxury?

All this and more awaits you behind Mivida Gate in the Fifth Settlement.

In this environmentally friendly compound,

you will enjoy with your family and

also your neighbors a comfortable life as well as incomparable pleasure.

The project is the latest residential community

of “Emaar Misr” in the heart of New Cairo.

It has been designed with precision and mastery,

as it is a homogeneous mixture of residential communities,

commercial and administrative buildings,

as well as entertainment facilities as well as services.

Own now in “Mivida Fifth Settlement” in order to guarantee

your family an integrated community as well as a quiet life capable of meeting all your needs.

The Mivida Fifth Settlement project

is one of the most important projects of Emaar Misr,

and it is also one of the finest residential complexes in the region,

due to its distinctive design and

also contains green spaces as well as water bodies that reflect a

wonderful appearance in addition to giving a sense of comfort and

relaxation when looking at it.

Mivida Compound New Cairo

Mivida Compound New Cairo

The compound relied on integrating everything that is natural in

the environment and also the means of multiple uses,

with the aim of forming an environment-friendly community,

where customers can enjoy the wonderful views

of the green spaces as well as beautiful gardens,

in addition to a walkway dedicated to people that provides the greatest degree of privacy.

It is also characterized by the presence of residential units of different sizes to suit all customers of different tastes,

including independent apartments, penthouses and duplexes,

in addition to the presence of all facilities and also services,

whether basic or recreational in order to provide a collection of needs and

also the requirements of customers within the compound.

Mivida Compound New Cairo

Mivida Compound Project designs:

The Mivida Emaar Fifth Settlement Compound was designed in the beautiful Spanish architectural style,

in order to finally combine a group of international certificates that reflect the beauty and

splendor of the project,

as it includes many flowers and also trees that smell constantly beautiful,

in addition to the presence of distinctive hotel works And also brilliant.

The project is also characterized by its design in the style of houses in the area of ​​St.

Barbara, California, USA,

which includes five thousand housing units in addition to a large central garden of 30 acres,

in addition to the presence of landscape gardens on an area of ​​​​up to 222 acres.

Mivida Compound New Cairo Location :

The project is distinguished by its distinguished location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo,

specifically on the Southern 90th Street,

in addition to its proximity to vital areas as it is only 5 minutes away from the American University,

while it is 15 minutes away from Heliopolis and Nasr City,

as for Cairo Airport it is far away It takes only ten minutes.

Mivida Fifth Settlement is also characterized by its easy accessibility,

due to its proximity to the main roads,

as it is located in the best strategic areas on the Suez Road.

Mivida Compound New Cairo

Mivida Compound New Cairo services:

The project contains many services, whether basic or recreational,

in order to provide all customers’ needs,

and not to go outside the compound in order to purchase their requirements.

These services are as follows:

Green areas : The compound includes vast green spaces that give a sense of calm and

also comfort when looking at them,

in addition to the presence of swimming pools as well as artificial lakes.

Sports club : The project contains a gym for lovers of sports of all kinds,

in addition to the presence of a health club as well as another social,

as well as sports stadiums.

Commercial Mall : A commercial mall was established inside the project,

as it contains many shops for shopaholics.

Medical Center : The project includes a medical center equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide health care to all customers.

Security and guarding : Security services and guarding were provided within the compound 24 hours a day,

in order to maintain security and stability within the project,

in addition to the presence of a private garage for each housing unit within the project.

Restaurants and Cafes : The project includes a group of restaurants and

cafes that offer the best and

finest types of food and drinks.

Children’s entertainment area : A children’s entertainment area

has been allocated with many entertaining games for them.

International Schools : The compound also contains international schools,

so that residents do not have to take their children outside the compound to study.

Mivida Compound New Cairo units :

The compound includes many residential units of different types and sizes,

as it includes twin houses and townhouses in addition to standalone villas and regular apartments, as well as penthouses, administrative offices and clinics,

as well as areas allocated to create green spaces and water bodies.

The project was divided into twenty-five diverse clusters,

and between these clusters there are pedestrian paths,

in addition to open gardens and trees,

as well as artificial lakes.

It was divided as follows:

Twin House Compound : This community is surrounded by Central Park,

a club, a hotel, a medical unit, apartments,

administrative offices and schools.

Villas area : this area includes a lake in addition to Mivida Business Park,

as well as international schools as well as a health center,

in addition to the presence of administrative units and integrated club services.

Mivida Apartments for Sale : This area contains a commercial market and a lake,

in addition to integrated clubs, an international school,

a medical center, as well as business units.

Administrative Units Area : This area includes a security center and a commercial complex,

in addition to a car park, a lake and

a medical center.

Mivida Compound New Cairo

Mivida Compound New Cairo prices:

The project took 80% of the total area for the gardens,

as well as the green spaces and corridors designated for jogging as well as walking,

and the spaces of the residential units in the compound are different and

also vary in prices in order to suit many social classes. Here are the prices of Mivida Fifth Settlement per meter:

  • The price per square meter in Mivida ranges from 20,716 EGP up to 36.564 EGP.
  • The prices of apartments for sale in Mivida Fifth Settlement start from 3,956.756 EGP, and the prices of apartments in Mivida Fifth Settlement are 5,054,704 EGP.
  • Twinhouse prices range from 6,321,417 EGP up to 7,941,708 EGP.
  • Also, the prices of villas for sale in Mivida start from 12,102,684 EGP, and the prices of Mivida villas are 16,137,764 EGP.

Payment methods in Mivida Fifth Settlement Compound :

Pay 5% as a booking advance, then 10% as a second payment upon contracting, and the rest of the amount over 6 years.

The company that owns Mivida Compound New Cairo :

Emaar Misr for Development is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development,

which established in March 2005,

and this Emaar Mivida is the third project that Emaar Misr announces its launch,

and its most important works are:

  • Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed project.
  • Uptown Cairo Mokattam project.
  • Marassi North Coast Project.
  • Mivida Business Park project, Fifth Settlement.

Note that the prices and the spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2021,

and therefore they are subject to change,

and we at Masharef are keen to update the spaces,

as well as the price list, as well as the types of residential and

commercial units constantly so that the customer is aware of the changes in the real estate market.

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