Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo
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Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo It is one of Emaar Misr’s projects, and it is an integrated complex consisting of 11 administrative buildings.

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo :

Mall Fifth Settlement,

is one of Emaar Misr’s projects,

and it is an integrated complex consisting of 11 administrative buildings that include all the ways of luxury and

all services and also facilities that meet all the needs of customers from recreational activities,

medical services,

and also green spaces for recreation in an atmosphere Nature.

You can choose the space that suits you at the best prices and

also the best locations,

and pay the amount in installments over several years.

Information about Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo :

The Mivida Business Park project enjoys a luxurious architectural design,

as well as a modern style,

and it is an integrated complex of main and recreational services,

in addition to vast green spaces,

as well as gardens decorated with flowers,

as well as eye-catching landscapes, fresh air,

and also the shining sun in order to achieve greater A measure of luxury,

comfort, and also recreation.

The project offers many integrated services at the highest level,

and luxury that you can only find inside Mivida Business Park,

Fifth Settlement,

and in the middle there is a business complex that allows residents to access a full range of facilities and

also world-class commercial units,

including the shopping street,

the lake area, and also the center Medical health,

as well as a gym.

Mivida Mall Features.

The Business Park Mall project enjoys a strategic location because it is among the upscale urban areas,

as well as being away from pollution and noise.

Large green spaces were created for luxury,

as well as recreation by seeing the charming landscape.

Mivida Business Park relies heavily on technology,

as smart buildings are available inside the mall.

There are sports clubs to practice different sports for everyone who loves sports inside Business Park Mall.

Hospitals and medical centers at the highest level,

equipped with the latest equipment,

as well as the most skilled doctors in order to achieve a high medical level.

There are also international schools of a high level of education equipped with the best teachers.

Mivida Business Park provides restaurants that contain the most delicious foods,

and also provide the best services.

Allocating a commercial mall that includes all kinds of international brands within the Business Park project.

There is also a 5-star hotel at the highest level of service characterized by luxurious architectural designs.

The presence of surveillance cameras at the highest level deployed throughout the day.

Park Mall Fifth Settlement space

Business Park Mall is located on a large area of ​​100,000 square meters,

divided into commercial and administrative units,

including 11 administrative buildings,

and the spaces start from 120 square meters to 390 square meters.

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo location :

Business Park Mall Fifth Settlement is located inside the Mivida compound in New Cairo,

very close to the American University,

as well as the 90th Street and the road leading to Suez,

only 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo services:

The complex offers a main garden with lots of trees as well as plants for nature lovers.

Within the complex, there is a smart, environmentally friendly and energy-saving building service.

The complex is closely related to advanced technology.

There is a club that contains a lot of games for all sports lovers.

Medical services are available 24 hours a day.

There are international schools to also teach your children the best education.

Restaurants and cafés offer delicious and delicious food.

There is also a commercial mall that contains all international brands for all marketing enthusiasts.

There is a 5-star hotel in the complex that provides the best hotel services.

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo units :

  • Mivida Business Park has been implemented on an area of ​​100 thousand square meters,
  • and it consists of 11 administrative buildings, some of which have been handed over.
  • The units vary between commercial units and offices, as well as various facilities.
  • Units space ranges from 120 m² up to 390 m².

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo prices:

The prices of Mivida Business Park New Cairo Mall are among the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many services and

also the facilities within the compound,

which provide a huge amount of entertainment and

also amenities for the residents of the compound so that customers can enjoy the greatest healthy life and

also Comfort and luxury.

Units prices start from 3,000,000 EGP.

Payment methods in Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo:

  • Without a down payment, you can pay the amount in installments within 8 years.
  • Or by paying a 5% down payment after six months of contracting, and the rest in installments.

The company that owns Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo:

Emaar real estate company

Emaar Real Estate Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt and

its headquarters is in the United Arab Emirates.

Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world.

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo

Brief introduction about the company

Emaar Real Estate Company has a long history in the real estate market.

It was established in 1997 AD and

implemented during those years many successful projects,

including residential projects,

as well as real estate projects,

and commercial projects.

Its projects have expanded to reach the Middle East,

North Africa, Asia, as well as Europe and

America North, where it has established a lot of successful as well as advanced projects.

Until it became its headquarters in Dubai and

established the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall,

the largest shopping center in the Emirates,

the company became a distinctive echo in Dubai and

other countries and

also established many residential units as well as hotels as well as resorts in the Middle East,

Africa, Asia and North America.

Until the real estate investment value of the company reached 11.4 billion dollars,

and it expanded in establishing the largest real estate projects

with the finest architectural designs.

Emaar Misr projects

It is one of the most important projects of Emaar in Egypt


  • The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in Dubai.
  • Dubai Fountain fountains.
  • Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.
  • Dubai Opera.
  • Dubai Hills Estate.
  • Mulberry Park Heights in Dubai.
  • Dubai Creek Residence.
  • Contemporary boutique hotel
  •  Beit Misk in Lebanon.
  • Jeddah Gate in Saudi Arabia.
  • Samara Dead Sea Resort in Jordan.
  • Redevelopment of the Library of Alexandria.
  • Uptown Cairo, Cairo.
  • Marassi tourist resort in Sidi Abdel Rahman.
  • Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India.
  • It developed the King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Eighth Gate Project in Syria.
  • Tuscan Valley in Turkey.
  • Residence Emaar Square in Istanbul.

And other successful projects that have become the focus of everyone’s attention with their magnificent architectural designs, services and facilities, as well as advanced recreational activities by Emaar Misr.

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo

What are the finest neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement?

Ninety Street:

It includes many services such as banks,

as well as schools, as well as shopping centers and

many international companies,

and important services and facilities.

Narges District:

The best neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement are located in the American University,

shopping centers, as well as entertainment centers,

Medical Park, Seven Stars Mall, and Silver Star.

Lotus Neighborhood:

It is close to the new cities,

namely Al-Shorouk City and Madinaty.

It also includes many services such as administrative buildings,

as well as hotels, the Future University,

the American University, gardens,

and Americana Plaza.

Al-Kornofil neighborhood:

It is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods,

as it includes: villas,

as well as schools and hospitals.

Mivida Business Park Mall New Cairo

Choueifat neighborhood:

the best neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement,

as it is located at the entrance to the assembly,

and it includes many services and also schools.

Al-Andalus District:

It is also located at the entrance to the Fifth Settlement,

and includes many services such as private institutes,

as well as sports clubs, as well as gardens,

well as recreational areas,

as well as private universities, and a water station.

West Arabella:

It is located near the 90th Street,

and includes many services such as: the German University,

the American Schools, the Future Mall,

and the Egyptian Language Schools.

American University District:

It includes many compounds such as Heights Compound,

Mina Gardens Compound, Kingdom Compound, and Riviera Compound,

as well as New Cairo Club and Cairo Bank Club.

Beit Al Watan:

It includes the Degla Ney and the Platinum Club.

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