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Midtown Condo BetterHome
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Midtown Condo BetterHome is considered one of the first commercial projects established in

the New Administrative Capital and one of the most successful commercial projects

established by Better Home Foundation.

The compound is characterized by the diversity of designs and spaces of residential units.

Midtown Condo Compound is divided into residential buildings of 7 floors + a ground floor

distributed over consistent areas.

All buildings in the compound overlook a wonderful view of green spaces and industrial lakes.

Midtown Condo Betterhome Compound:

Midtown Condo New Capital is located within the boundaries of the R7 district, next to the fairgrounds.

It is located on an area of ​​five hundred acres to receive international national exhibitions,

Better Home launched the price per square meter to start from ten thousand Egyptian pounds,

and it has also proposed a payment method that starts at 5%.

And installments of up to 7 years are available.

The Midtown Condo Betterhome Compound was built on a place of sixty acres, 19% of the total

area was allocated for buildings and constructions.

The rest of the area will be 81% for services, features, green spaces, and everything that the people

of the compound need.

Midtown Condo BetterHome

Data about the establishment that established the compound:

Better Home Real Estate Development is the commercial developer of Midtown Condo Betterhome.

It is one of the largest and largest institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the commercial

facility was established in 1998, and is owned by Eng. Sherif Adly.

It is calculated from the giant investment institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab

world, and it proposes every modern for the modern and new urban development.

Better Home Real Estate Development has many projects that have been implemented by

the organization, with an increase of about 15 projects, including the following:

Founded Midtown Sky, the administrative capital of Midtown Sky.

Created Midtown Condo Betterhome Compound.

Founded Midtown Solo New Capital.

I established Midtown Compound located in front of the American University near the 5th

settlement Midtown The Fifth Settlement.

Cairo Business Park The Fifth Settlement is the founder of Cairo Business Park.

It has established High Land Park Compound, present in the 5th High Land Park Compound,

The Fifth Settlement.

The High Land Park Compound established in the 6th of October City

Cairo Medical Center has established in 6th of October City

I established CityScape Mall 6th Of October City

Cityscape Mall Minia built from within the governorate of Minia

Founded Mega Mall in the town of Mega Mall 6th Of October City

Midtown Condo Betterhome location:

The compound is located in the New Administrative Capital, within the R7 residential district, plot K1.

The area is one of the highest and most strategic areas in the Administrative Capital,

and it is located next to the most important construction and regions,

It overlooks the highest artificial lakes and green spaces to give excellent view and psychological

comfort to the residents.

Midtown Condo BetterHome

Midtown Condo Betterhome is located next to: –

It is next to the exhibition grounds, and it is located on a place of five hundred acres

to receive national and international exhibitions throughout the year, to legislate seminars.

It locate near the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is in the south, and one of

the most important roads in the New Administrative Capital.

It is next to the ring road, which is the main road to the Administrative Capital.

in addition, It is located near the embassy district, which mixes the headquarters of embassies and consulates.

It is next to Buka compounds, Il Bosco, Attica.

Midtown Condo New Capital services:

  • There are stadiums and a healthy and athletic sports team within the scope of the project and

on a large area to suit all personalities.

  • There are vast green spaces and landscapes for recreation in the charming nature atmosphere.

Midtown Condo Mall is available.

  • Midtown Condo Betterhome has swimming pools in all headquarters.
  • 2 secured and covered garages are available.
  • There are 24 hour surveillance cameras.
  • Central air conditioning is available.
  • There is a gymnasium.
  • Security and guard available.
midtown condo for sale

midtown condo for sale


Available units spaces in Midtown Condo:

The Midtown Condo Betterhome Compound is on a place of sixty acres, and therefore it is

equivalent to about 253 square meters.

The area is not completely allocated to buildings, except that 19% of it is for buildings.

The rest of the area, 81%, is for service places, green spaces and artificial lakes.

The areas of the apartments vary between one and a half square meters and up to 260 square meters.

To provide all the needs, financial capabilities and tastes as well, there are people who want

small spaces and others with large spaces.

There are 3 main entrances to the project, as the buildings are 12 meters away from each

other and a front distance of thirty meters.

Prices and payment systems for Midtown Condo Betterhome:

The unit prices in Midtown Condo New Capital start with the difference in the unit space and type.

The price per square meter in that project is the finest in all, and it is one of

the most important reasons for bringing in this project just as there are still facilities in payment.

The value per meter in Midtown Condo New Capital starts from ten thousand Egyptian pounds

to 13,500 Egyptian pounds.

Payment mode is available, so you can spend 5% downpayment and the rest in installments over years.

If you interest in buying a commercial or residential unit in one of the commercial real

estate projects in the Administrative Capital,

On our location you will find more than one project. Take a look above and choose what suits you best.

If you have any inquiries about Midtown Condo Betterhome, please write to us in the comments and we

will respond as soon as possible.

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Sheikh Zayed zed)

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