La verde the administrative capital

La verde the administrative capital
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La verde the administrative capital, is located in the new administrative capital,

which is characterized by many important major projects,

In this section, we will deal with the One project, which is the project of the La Verde Compound,

located in the new administrative capital, LA VERDY NEW CAPITAL,

Which has a lot of new news that we will talk about in detail from all directions

, and we will also talk in our dialogue about the company that takes care of

the rights to establish the compound.

Just as we will cover a few of the services and features dedicated to LA VERDY NEW CAPITAL,

We will talk about the location dedicated to La Verde New Capital, La Verde,

the administrative capital, in that section of our dialogue.

La Verde compound  consider one of the good locations, as it is in the R8 place,

just as the compound is in the heart of the cultural city dedicated to the new administrative capital,

It is also located next to the neighborhood that will be allocated to foreign embassies,

and the location designated for La Verde Compound  also characterize by its wide green spaces.

As well as industrial water lakes and swimming pools and their distinct views of the Green River.

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and all the modern things about the services and features of the compound

La verde the administrative capital

La Verde New Capital, La Verde Administrative Capital:

La Verde Compound i characterize by a number of services and distinct features of its model that are

not available in many places that have been established recently.

We will deal with it in detail in our talk in that section about these wonderful services

dedicated to La Verde New Capital, La Verde, the administrative capital.

Which we will show you as follows:

La Verde Compound  distinguish first by complete safety, as the compound is safe

within 24 hours, as the compound management is contracting with a security company on a high level,

It is also characterized by the presence of large green spaces, which are more than

60 sixty% of the total area of ​​the compound

LA VERDY NEW CAPITAL is also one of the mega projects that feature unique luxury services such as:

The availability of running tracks, restaurants and cafes of very high distinction to give calm, luxury and

safety to you, your family and your friends.

There are private garages, swimming pools as well, and other excellent things

The sponsoring company assigned to La Verde New Capital,

La Verde, the administrative capital:

The company, Verde Egypt, which sponsors and has the rights

to supervise the construction of La Verde New Capital, La Verde

, the administrative capital, is one of the construction and real estate investment companies.

Which recently acquired fame in order to compete with the biggest companies in the field despite the

short period that they entered the real estate market,

And it has many experts in the field as it has undertaken many major works such as:

La Verde New Capital, La Verde, the administrative capital,

Of course, we will mention some of them to you, such as:

Few independent houses and villas in La Verde New Capital, La Verde, the administrative capital

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(phase three)

Few other businesses and projects in the new administrative capital

La verde the administrative capital

All new about La Verde New Capital, La Verde, the administrative capital:

As before in our other articles, we will start an explanation of a few features and services,

And also a few of the newest developments,

And what is happening in the designated location in the New Administrative Capital, which is taking

place in a large number of wonderful new developments, in which the effort is working in full swing,

And in a complete way to become the New Capital City ready from all directions,

To become the new capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the outskirts of the next 2019.

Just as there are many important reasons and points that made the Egyptian state administration head

that strong trend of investment and the establishment of an administrative capital close to the country,

And transferring a few of the most important official headquarters from the current capital (Cairo, the

capital of Greater Egypt), which we will give you a few of them next,

Rather, in this dedicated section of our interesting dialogue, we will talk about a specific thing,

However, there is also an abundance of other huge businesses, such as:

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The privileges and strategic objectives assigned to

form the New Capital City

La Verde New Capital Compound, La Verde, is located in the New Administrative Capital.

There are a few elusive points and goals that the government is working on and is

taking few bold and firm steps,

To change the Arab Republic of Egypt into a country with a cohesive economy,

And among these bold steps taken by the Egyptian authority is the establishment of the new

administrative capital,

To become the modern capital of the country, and this step was not one of the steps

that were not planned by the Egyptian government,

Rather, the Egyptian government should have taken a few bold steps to return the Arab Republic of

Egypt to the right path,

And the recovery of progress once again for Egypt among its brothers from the Arab region and African

countries as well, and within the Middle East region.

With regard to the politics of the Republic,

In fact, it is also possible for the Egyptian investment to return to the previous era again,

And that the huge pollution occurring in the current capital of the country be reduced,

Reducing the number of people in it, and saving many decent jobs for Egyptian youth.

Other projects are also of interest (vye Compound Zayed iris Mall new Capital)


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