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La Verde Capital, La Verde is the first villa compound in the R8 district in

the Italian style in the new administrative capital, with an architectural character and interior

distributions inspired by Roman architecture.

As it is the latest and most prominent launch of the distinguished company La Verde Egypt,

Which represents one of the pioneers and rich in definition in the field of

real estate investment in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

And the Administrative Capital project continues to have the largest share of the concentration of

Egyptian, Arab and foreign investors working in the real estate sector.

Every company and investor entity wants to contribute.

The New Administrative Capital has become one of the most attractive destinations for investors of

various nationalities, whether Arab or foreign,

And there are many projects that have been established by many pioneering

companies in the field of construction and building,

La Verde, the Administrative Capital, is considered one of the very large projects

and is an important and distinctive start within the New Capital.

Information on La Verde New Capital:

La Verde Administrative Capital is one of the best residential complexes that are

distinguished by the distinctive architectural design and the wonderful view of the landscape.

And artificial lakes and picturesque natural Vio.

The compound is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital,

which has become the focus of everyone’s eyes, and its proximity to the various important government

companies in the capital.

The compound offers various high-end living routes of services, facilities, and fun entertainment


Now you can reserve your residential unit in the best compounds in the

Administrative Capital at the best prices and payment systems that reach many years

, so do not be confused and make the reservation before it is too late.

If you are looking for luxury, sophistication, and luxury, you should choose La Verde,

the New Administrative Capital,It is one of the most upscale projects

as it provides you with a calm atmosphere and pure environmental

conditions as it is in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

The project is one of the most vital areas in the city, the reason why

its location is distinguished as it enjoys a distinct view,

The location is suitable for real estate investment, and it is possible for investors to

learn about all the features by contact numbers.

La verde capital

The company developing La Verde New Capital Compound La Verde:

The company that owns the project is La Verde Company in the Arab Republic

of Egypt, which is one of the largest real estate companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The company was able to establish many successful real estate projects to

compete with the largest real estate companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Just as it has consistently been characterized by honesty and credibility in

dealing with its various customers, and the provision of different payment systems

that reach many years,

It is a company that is well known for its solid history and honorable projects.

It is considered the largest architectural company in the Arab Republic of

Egypt and the Middle East, which has inhabited many giant architectural projects.

And it will be a testament to the proficiency and originality of the company and

its long experience, the most recent of which was La Verde Compound,

the Administrative Capital.

The location of La Verde New Capital, La Verde, the capital:

The La Verde New Capital project – La Verde is the new administrative capital in place R8,

which has the advantage of being in the heart of the new administrative capital,

It is also distinguished by its proximity to the Al Sefarat neighborhood,

which will include all embassies, which is one of the best places in the New Administrative Capital.

The location of La Verde, the Administrative Capital, is characterized by being

in the heart of the cultural city, which is located in an excellent location immediately

on the Green River.

The Green River will  establish thanks to two water lines from the Nile River

and a line of desalination plants through the Red Sea.

The area surrounding the river will be cultivated, and for that reason it was called

the Green River, and it is located on the other side of the river, the headquarters of

the presidency and the ministries district,

Which will include all ministries within the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as

arranging seminars, and also takes place next to the international airstrip,

which operates at this moment, except for domestic flights.

And international outings will be opened until the completion of the new administrative capital,

Thus, La Verde New Capital is La Verde, the capital, in the most prestigious locations in the New

Administrative Capital.

La verde capital

Compound La Verde New Capital services:

  • Shopping mall.
  • Various swimming pools for children and adults, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools,

to enjoy the most beautiful periods with friends and family.

  • Children’s swimming pool.
  • Administartive building.
  • medical Center.
  • A health club equipped with the latest equipment and natural treatments.
  • International Nursery.
  • A social club that contains many sports fields for all sports fans.
  • Industrial lakes.
  • Track Bikes.
  • Track for jogging.
  • Hiking areas.
  • Vast green spaces and landscapes for recreation in the charming nature atmosphere.
  • Internal garages.
  • Security, guard and surveillance cameras throughout the 24 hours.

Types of units and spaces at La Verde New Capital:

The project  established on an area of ​​sixty acres, with 22% allocated to buildings

and constructions, and the rest of the total area for green spaces,

And water bodies to save an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for residents and

to enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

Prices and payment systems at La Verde New Capital:

Town: 3,950,000 EGP.

Twin: 5,950,000 EGP.

Separate villa: 7,950,000 EGP.

Where is La Verde New Capital, La Verde, the capital?

It will be in the New Administrative Capital in the R8 district, next to Anakaji Compound.

What is the real estate developer of La Verde New Capital?

Laverde Developments Company

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