La Nuova Vista New Cairo Compound

La Nuova Vista New Cairo Compound
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La Nuova Vista New Cairo Compound It is a cultural shift that exceeded the borders, it was designed in an innovative way that combines the Egyptian civilization as well as the Italian one, making it the focus of the attention of all

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo:

The Lanova Vista project, the New Cairo, is a civilizational leap that exceeded the borders.

It was designed in an innovative way that combines the Egyptian as well as the Italian civilization,

making it the focus of everyone’s attention,

as well as the services it contains as well as the strategic location that made it sit on top of the residential communities around it, specially designed by Aja All the ways of comfort,

as well as safety and also luxury for everyone who is looking for a unit that includes in its content everything that a modern house may need,

and also enjoys the dazzling views that provide its residents with relaxation as well as calm at the best prices within the scope of the capital.

Information about La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo:

Lanova Vista is a full-service, multi-unit residential project of villas, penthouses and townhouses,

in the best locations in New Cairo, on an area of ​​41 acres.

You can now own a property inside the La Nuova Vista compound in New Cairo, with the installment system that extends to years, and enjoy the finest services, and get comfort amidst the beautiful nature features of trees and water bodies, in a completely clean environment, filled with fresh air.

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo

The advantages of living in La Nuova Vista Compound

The project provides a lot of privacy and also tranquility for all residents, as a result of its presence in the finest neighborhoods of New Cairo.

Ease of transportation as well as travel, due to its location very close to the main roads as well as public transportation stops.

The attractive view of the manifestations of nature, which brings us back to life and also renews hope.

The compound has two main gates, one for pedestrians and the other for shops.

Full security within the area, with security and guard teams working as 24-hour patrols.

A very large variety of spaces, serving large families as well as small ones.

You can do a lot of sports as well as recreational activities, amidst the vast green spaces in the compound.

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo Location :

Misr Italia Real Estate Development was keen to choose a vital strategic location for the implementation of its new project,

based on its great interest in achieving the highest levels of luxury and

also happiness for lovers of sophistication as well as luxury,

and then it chose the most wonderful areas of the New Cairo in the heart of the capital,

which in turn includes It contains the most vital places in Heliopolis,

which makes La Nuova Vista Compound a crossroads of roads with easy access to and from it,

as it is surrounded by all of the following:

  • The 90th Street area, which is one of the most important commercial areas within the New Cairo.
  • La Nuova Vista Compound is located in the New Cairo in the heart of many residential compounds, which are more than twenty-five compounds.
  • It is located near Cairo International Airport, no more than 10 minutes away.
  • Near To Wadi Degla.
  • Close to the American University.
  • Lanova Vista Mall is located very close to the ring road, no more than 20 minutes away.
  • It is located near Al Rehab City.
  • Close to Suez Road, 20 minutes away.
  • It is located near the most prominent entertainment venues, as well as clubs.
  • It is located next to the largest specialized hospitals and many medical centers.

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo Services :

  • Very large green spaces occupy most of the compound’s space to feel calm and also relax in the charming nature atmosphere.
  • Restaurants and cafés offer delicious and delicious food, characterized by a wonderful romantic atmosphere.
  • Kids Area includes a lot of fun games to play and also to have fun and spend the most beautiful times.
  • A space designated for yoga as well as private places to sit in the middle of the gardens as well as parks.
  • Various swimming pools for children as well as adults, covered and open.
  • Special places for barbecue and also night parties.
  • A sports club that includes a lot of sports fields for sports lovers.
  • Telecommunication service as well as the internet at the highest speed throughout the compound.
  • Shops with many international brands for marketing enthusiasts.
  • Hypermarket to buy all the needs of your home and also your family.
  • Walking and cycling paths with a length of 1,500 square meters.
  • The compound has two main gates, one for pedestrians and the other for shops.
  • Lanova Vista provides a universal lighting system for all homes as well as tennis courts.
  • The compound has special places for pets.
  • Lanova Vista New Cairo provides a secure and covered garage for cars.
  • There is security and guarding, as well as 24-hour surveillance cameras.

The spaces of the La Nuova Vista compound from the Misr – Italy company

The project was built on a large area of ​​41 acres,

the largest area was used for green spaces and water bodies by 90%,

and the rest for buildings, which were designed in the Italian style,

in order to keep pace with progress as well as sophistication,

providing them with the best facilities,

and surrounding them with many service places To meet the daily needs of the population.

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo Units :

  • The Lanova Vista project was implemented on an area of ​​41 acres, with 90% of the total area allocated to green spaces and the rest to buildings and residential units.
  • The units vary between standalone villas, townhouses and penthouses.
  • The space of standalone villas ranges from 589 m² up to 659 m².
  • Townhouses space ranges from 353 m² up to 452 m².

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo

Prices for La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo :

  • The prices of standalone villas range from 20,317,500 EGP up to 28,444,500 EGP.
  • Townhouse prices range from 8,036,000 EGP up to 10,816,000 EGP.

Payment methods in La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo :

  • You can pay 20% down payment, after three months, 10%, after nine 10%, and the remaining installments within 5 years.
  • Or pay 10% in advance and pay the rest in installments over a period of up to 7 years.

The company that owns La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo :

Launched “Egypt Italy Co.” For real estate development the whistle for

the start of its distinguished projects “La Nova Vista Compound New Cairo”,

which is one of the largest companies in the real estate market as well as the Egyptian investment,

which was established in 1981 AD, and since it was established,

it is characterized by its credibility as well as its extensive experience that lasted for more than 38 years,

which has added to the Egyptian real estate market the largest and most wonderful projects,

making it leave its brilliant mark amid the momentum of competitive companies.

It contributed significantly to the development of

the real estate perspective within Egypt and took the lead in introducing Italian and

European models in general, in line with the requirements of its valued customers,

and always striving to meet their needs to the fullest,

appealing to achieve the highest levels of transparency that make it worthy of the trust of its customers .

La Nuova Vista Compound New Cairo

It was distinguished by fulfilling its contracts,

especially the delivery date,

as well as offering luxury units at competitive prices outside the scope of its counterparts.

It also relied in its designs as well as its architecture on a planet of

the most skilled architects in the world,

including the engineer / Shehab Mazhar. As for its previous works,

it was produced for the market Egyptian real estate has many hotels,

as well as tourist resorts,

well as administrative buildings,

as well as commercial malls,

as well as entertainment and sports centers,

including all of the following:

  • Mousa Coast Ras Sidr village.
  • Bosco project, the administrative capital.
  • Cairo Business Park New Cairo.
  • Sila New Cairo project.
  • Kaye North Coast Project.
  • Kai Sokhna Resort.
  • Vinci New Administrative Capital project.
  • Vinci Street Mall, New Capital.
  • IL Bosco City Mostakbal City project.

Until it implemented the La Nuova Vista Egypt Italia project,

which is one of the most beautiful residential complexes in New Cairo.

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