Ezdan – New capital

Ezdan – New capital
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Ezdan – New capital launched by Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation,

its largest commercial project inside the Down Town area in the New Administrative Capital.

This area is one of the most distinguished neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital,

which has many distinguished commercial malls.

It contains commercial, administrative, and medical units that are distinguished by

the Al Masa Hotel in the capital, which is considered one of the most prestigious

hotels in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

So, the Arab Crown Corporation for Real Estate Development was chosen to grant

its new commercial project Ezdan, the new capital

Soon, the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation launched its residential project in

the new administrative capital within the boundaries of the R8 region, the De Goya project,

the new administrative capital,

It was one of the strongest residential projects in the 8th district, and the De Goia compound

achieved a huge advantage for the Tajmisr Real Estate Development Corporation,

Consequently, the Arab Crown of Egypt is preparing to launch its first commercial project, Ezdan,

the administrative capital within the Downtown area.

Features of the Downtown area in the Administrative

Capital in which Ezdan is located in the New Capital:

The Downtown Place, which is the MU19 space, which is a distinct space in the capital,

and this is for several reasons that we will list to explain the importance of that distinct space.

The sub-town space is a distinct space with the presence of all the main centers in

the Administrative Capital and a large number of commercial malls,

The space of Duan Town is the first and most important place in the Administrative Capital,

which includes the New Capital Ezdan Mall and the huge commercial complexes in

the capital in one location.

It is distinguished by its central location in the administrative capital, which is in the east of

the second district of the new administrative capital and in the west of

the distinguished Al-Masa Hotel in the capital.

Also in the east is the Green River, the Talaat Mustafa project, the Bin Zayed Axis,

the land of investors

The space of Ezdan New Capital in Downtown was divided according to precise standards for

commercial buildings and administrative buildings within an isolated area, with a unique division.

As in the distribution between commercial and administrative buildings in Cairo Festival Mall,

City Stars, and Mall of Arabia, these areas are notable.

Ezdan - New capital

Distribution of the sub-town area in Ezdan New Capital:

The space has  distributed to commercial malls, including Ezdan Mall, the New Capital,

and will be divided into parts dedicated to:

  • Computer and electronic malls available,
  • There are malls dedicated to gold only,
  • There are malls for artistic products,
  • in additon, There are malls for insurance companies.
  • There are malls for banks and many other types
  • There is Ezdan Mall in the New Capital.

Each area shall  devote to a specific type of activity that will be divided from

ten acres to one hundred acres.

It will have an official statistics space called Data Center, in which all the country’s

statistics will be available.

Such as statistics of births and deaths, the country’s materiality, and the country’s investment data

Distribution across Downtown in the Administrative Capital:

  • Available 9 acres for petrol stations.
  • There are 16 acres for insurance companies.
  • There are 22 acres of computer malls and electronic equipment.
  • 24 acres are available for public services.
  • There are 28 acres of data center.
  • in addition, There is 35 acres available for commercial and shopping malls.
  • There are 37 for the medical district.
  • 57 acres of roads are available.
  • There are 52 acres of fuel companies.
  • Available 68 acres of the Arab Republic of Egypt mosque.
  • There are ninety acres around creativity.
  • 150 acres are available for various uses.

Ezdan - New capital

in addition:-

The Downtown area is one of the most distinct areas of the economy that makes you

take advantage of the possibility that it has your own commercial or administrative unit as

a successful investment.

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation provided the strongest economic

opportunities in the Administrative Capital of Ezdan Downtown Mall,

To distinguish the location of the Downtown and the experience of the Arab Crown of Egypt in

contracting and its real estate reputation as it has a great history and full of achievements

before Ezdan Downtown Mall.

Previous projects by Taj Misr Real Estate Development

Corporation, which owns Ezdan New Capital project:

Taj Misr Corporation has a great position in the real estate market since 2006,

It is a forerunner in real estate development and it is the Egyptian International

Establishment for Construction and its most important works are:

Establishing a court complex in South Cairo

Establishing 3 residential, administrative and commercial buildings in the R5

region of the New Administrative Capital.

Construction of 32 buildings belonging to the army in the R1 region of the Administrative Capital.

Establishing 15 residential towers affiliated with the Urban Communities Authority

in R3 in the New Administrative Capital

The establishment of the Diyar General Intelligence compound in Cairo

The establishment of the American School of Sheikh Zayed

Construction of Ezdan Mall, New Capital

Establishment of Compound Greens Foundation m / Hassan Dora Sheikh Zayed

Establishment of the Compound de Goia, the administrative capital.

Other projects are also of interest (vye Compound Zayed

 -Badya October)


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