Evora compound new cairo

Evora compound new cairo
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Evora compound new cairo the latest launch of the Egyptian Developers Real Estate Agency, and it has many distinctive projects on 6th of October,

And exactly within the boundaries

of the Sheikh Zayed area,

And she wanted to continue her

honorable economic career

with one of the most important projects

in New Cairo

It is the Evora compound, the 5th settlement,

whose location was chosen taking into account,

In the most prominent headquarters

in the 5th settlement,

known as “Golden Square”

It is considered one of

the most economical headquarters.

The largest projects in

the 5th assembly are located in it.Evora compound new cairo

the location of Evora compound new cairo:

Certainly, as soon as an investor searches

for the possibility of

a successful real estate investment,

The main thing that preoccupies

his mind is the site of the unit

and the project that it contains,

And how close they are

to the vital places and methods.

So, exactly what the unique location

of Evora compound new cairo will achieve

within the boundaries of

the Golden Square area.

This space is the heart of

the flickering 5th assembly space,

It remains in it the most prominent

and largest residential complexes

in New Cairo,

as it is an investment space

of a distinctive shape.

Evora Compound is located

in the 5th settlement,

next to the best and most prominent

residential complexes in New Cairo

Mivida Compound New Cairo.

Lake View Project.

Galleria Moon Valley Compound New Cairo

Fountain Park Project.

Thus, it will all the time be the closest

to the most upscale neighborhoods

in the 5th Settlement,

The most important of them is the 90th Street,

which is teeming with markets

and restaurants,

as it is the street that never sleeps.

The area of Evora compound new cairo:

Evora compound new cairo

will be on the area of ​​34 acres

In the heart of the high-end 5th settlement space.

The percentage of construction

within the scope of the Evora project in New Cairo

About twenty percent of

the total area of ​​the project,

The rest of the area is dedicated

to green spaces and services.

Evora compound new cairo was planned

to become a small city with all services.

Remains a luxury condominium place

of 126 square meters, a two-bedroom vehicle.

As it also remains within the scope

of Evora Compound New Cairo

Ground floor apartments available

in various sizes 114 m / 118 m / 126 m / 136 m / 146 m

Consists of 2 bedrooms + private garden.

There are three-bedroom apartments

with an area of ​​163 square meters

Moderate garden of one hundred square meters.

You will find apartments consisting

of three bedrooms with

an area of ​​about 190 square meters

Central garden 130 square meters.

There is also a great place penthouse

of 252 m + 102 m 2 with a roof formed

of four bedrooms.

Evora compound new cairo

Evora compound new cairo Services:

Keep security and guard services,

In Evora compound new cairo,

there are modern monitoring cameras,

Electronic gates are available.

There is also a place that contains a number

of restaurants and cafes equipped

at the highest rate.

Vast green spaces,

with plenty of recreational areas for children.

Just as a well-equipped health team

maintains the highest rate of sports equipment,

A gym and spa are also available.

The large number of wagon garages

remains fully secured.

Just as there are many swimming pools

of different sizes within the compound,

It is distributed in a balanced

and stable manner over

the various areas of the compound.

It also remains a large commercial mall,

combining a distinguished group of shops,

Which gives the most luxurious international brands.

It also remains a huge social team

to serve the residents of the compound.

It remains unique repair services

for all units within the compound.

Evora Compound New Cairo provides units

with new modern designs

with an excellent variety of spaces.

As the Evora Golden Square project

will provide you with high-end luxury units,

With different areas starting

from 114 m2 up to 252 m2.

Costs and payment systems

in Evora compound new cairo:

The prices of Evora compound new cairo

represent one of the best costs available now.

Compared to the rest of the projects available

within the 5th assembly area.

The prices of Evora housing units

in the 5th settlement start

from 1,977,000 pounds,

There are units that will be delivered 1/2 finish.

And the matter does not stop here,

but the foundation that owns

the Evora project presented the 5th settlement

Lots of easy payment systems,

the longest payment term.

10% down payment

and 10% up to now three months,

Then equal installments up to 7 years.

Or spend 10% and 5% so far three months,

And equal installments up to 6 years.

Therefore, it gives you the possibility

of a highly successful investment.

Receipt in Evora compound new cairo

will be for 3 years from the date of contracting.

Each property within the scope

of the Evora project in New Cairo consists

of a ground floor

in addition to 4 upper floors.

The delivery of Evora housing units

in the 5th settlement will be 1/2 finished;

Therefore, to allow you to finish

it to your own taste, completely freely.

Owning Corporation and Lost Works:

You will find the developing company

and the list on the application

of Evora compound new cairo

It is the Egyptian Developers Real Estate.

This institution is one of

the most honorable real estate institutions,

Especially in the city of 6 October,

which had the lion’s share of the institution.

In the previous time,

and that the Foundation settled

in the 6th of October City,

there were 3 housing projects,

And a medical building, specifically

within the borders of the Sheikh Zayed area,

all the way to the Evora project.

Egyptian Developers is owned by 3

of the most unique engineering minds

And the expert in the field of economics

and real estate development, they are:

Engineer Ahmed Abdel Latif.

And Eng. Marwan Mujaddid.

Engineer Salah Al-Hadi.

They are the owners of

several prominent projects, most notably:

Zayed Complex

and Zayed Dunes

Zayed Regency

and Zayed Complex Medical Center

The Foundation has a very promising

investment plan during 2019,

As you will start performing

4 distinctive projects

in the most prominent locations.

The first plot of land is

for the establishment of

the upscale Evora Compound in New Cairo.

Another plot of land will be

in the largest assembly

next to Park View Hassan Allam.

A plot of land in Ain Sokhna,

following the village of

La Vista 6 and before Telal.

To be a plot of land

in the northern coast of El Alamein.

Evora compound new cairo

Features of New Cairo City:

The city of New Cairo is one of

Also The largest and finest cities

In addition to in Cairo Governorate,

Its area is estimated at

About seventy thousand acres,

And it consists of many residential gatherings,

The largest of which is the 5th Settlement.

In addition to that, Al-Rehab,

Madinaty, the Greater Settlement,

In addition to the 3rd Settlement, and others.

Also the city is located in the eastern arc

Of Cairo, to the east of the Ring Road

Also In the limited distance

Between Cairo – Suez Desert

Also Kattameya – Ain Sokhna Road.

New Cairo is distinguished by

Also it’s amazing distribution and planning

Compared to the rest of Cairo’s neighborhoods,

Also its streets are wide and quiet

The decline in the population increase

In addition to Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods are

Considered high-end neighborhoods.

It is bordered by the main roads

Linking the neighborhoods

And areas of that city to the capital

In addition to other governorates,

There is Evora compound new cairo.

It provides them with access to

The large number of neighborhoods

In the center of the capital

As soon as possible,

Especially with the continuous development

That the road network is witnessing.

The 5th settlement is bordered

In addition to by the ring road

That surrounds the entire capital.

Through it, it is possible to reach

A lot of different parts,

And the NA road that connects

In addition to the people of New Cairo

Nasr City area by passing

Also through some of its vital

In addition to main streets

It connects it in the city of Mokattam

In addition to from it to the center of the Republic

And in view of the growing city of New Cairo,

You will enjoy a nicer atmosphere than Cairo

It is less than five degrees Celsius

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