Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo
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Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo The Eterna Health Care project is one of

the largest medical projects established by Al-Motahedon Group, with a very large budget.

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo :

The Eterna HealthCare project is one of the largest medical projects established by Al-Motahedon Group, with a very large budget, which helped establish 5 hospitals in it, in addition to medical clinics and also centers that are delivered in a fully finished system to collect clients.

Al Motahedon Group has taken care of selecting all the details of its medical project, starting from the location and ending with the equipment and services that were provided to the Eterna Healthcare City project, in order to ensure the success of its distinguished investment project.

Information about Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo:

Eterna Healthcare City is an ideal choice if you are looking for a structure to be your medical clinic. As it is one of the most prestigious medical projects established by

the United Group Company at a high cost.

The company was also keen to choose all the ideal details related to its medical project, starting from the site and ending with all the preparations and also the services.

Design of Eterna Medical City Fifth Settlement:

The buildings in the Eterna HealthCare City project were designed on an area of ​​about 8 thousand meters,

which is a third of the project area.

And the integrated service project emerged as a medical city in the Fifth Settlement, which consists of:

5 hospitals, fully finished.

490 medical clinics of different designs and spaces.

25 integrated medical centers.

The company did not neglect the design of many units that work as commercial units in order to serve the doctors and also patients within the medical city in general.

On the other hand,

five main gates were designed in the project

with underground garages in order to avoid congestion within the Medical City in general.

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo location :

Choosing the location of Eterna HealthCare in the Fifth Settlement is one of the most difficult tasks due to the city’s need,

as a medical project, for a vital location that is easily accessible on the one hand,

and on the other hand it needs the necessary calm and also the general atmosphere that the clinics need in it.

Therefore, the Eterna Healthcare City project is located in a strategic location in the Golden Square area of ​​the Fifth Settlement, directly on the South 90th Street.

Also, the project is located directly in front of Mivida Compound,

and it is only 5 minutes away from the American University and 10 minutes away from the German University.

Eterna HealthCare separates the Fifth Settlement from Al Rehab City,

as well as the New Administrative Capital,

a distance that can be traveled in 15 minutes at the latest.

Accordingly, the Eterna Fifth Settlement site is one of the most vital sites in the Fifth Settlement,

which makes it a great opportunity for investment.

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo Services:

Aerna Fifth Settlement has been provided with all the means that help maintain security within the Medical City,

such as surveillance cameras.

Within the framework of the goal of guarding the Eterna Health City project,

it was provided with 24-hour guard services.

The project also has online appointment services with doctors.

Eterna Fifth Avenue was provided with 24-hour cleaning services.

Finally, about 8 main entrance gates were added,

along with the design of many underground garages in order to avoid congestion within the city.

Advantages in Eterna Medical City Fifth Settlement

The United group – the company that owns the Aerna project in the Fifth Settlement – has been keen to enjoy all the advantages that help customers in it to perform their work efficiently, as follows:


A large area of ​​up to two thirds of

the project has been allocated for landscaping as well as green spaces,

which helps provide psychological comfort for doctors on the one hand and

patients on the other.


The company that designed

the project was keen to organize it to facilitate the movement of customers to and

from the city of Eterna Health Care.

Therefore, 5 main entrance gates were allocated,

in addition to providing 14 electric elevators.

Cleaning service: Cleaning services were provided at the highest level.

Security services:

The United Group has not neglected the importance of providing security services as well as guarding 24 hours a day,

and therefore it was concerned – also – with the presence of surveillance cameras in all areas.


the online reservation system

with doctors was implemented in order to facilitate services for clients.

The area of ​​​​the Eterna HealthCare City project

The Eterna HealthCare City project was established on an area of ​​about 24 thousand square meters.

The company has distributed the space between the landscaping on one side and

the buildings on the other side; The area of ​​the landscaping reached about 16 thousand square meters,

which is equivalent to two-thirds of the project area,

in order to ensure that the landscape,

which is comfortable for nerves,

surrounds patients as well as doctors from all sides.

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo Units:

The units in the Eterna Health City project vary from medical units to commercial units to serve the needs of all customers.

Medical units:

The areas of medical clinics vary,

as well as their designs. It starts from an area of ​​40 square meters.

Medical centers:

As for medical centers, their spaces start from a minimum of 70 square meters.

Commercial units:

As for the shops, their spaces start from 37 square meters.

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo

Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo prices :

The prices of The Views New Cairo compound considered one of

the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many of the services and

facilities available within the compound,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for the residents of

the compound so that customers enjoy the greatest amount of healthy life as well as comfort and luxury.

There is no doubt that most of us have the desire to take a unit to build our future in a project like this one.

Therefore the company has taken this notice in respect of it and

offers facility of order for prices and also method of payment.

Make all prices suitable for every customer.

Therefore, the installment system is the way in which

the United Group Company deals with HealthCare prices for Eterna.

You can pay 25% of the total price of

the unit in full as a down payment and the rest of the value in installments over 7 years.

Finally, it is you who knows exactly what you need and

what duty you have to offer towards your future. Just think about choosing the right place.

Payment methods in Eterna HealthCare City New Cairo:

The down payment: The down payment represents only 25% of the cost of the medical unit.

Installment period: While the installment payment period in the project is up to 7 full years in equal installments.

The company that owns Eterna Health Care City New Cairo:

El Motahedon Group

More than a decade of pioneering innovation in the field of health property development Since 2010,

we have realized all expectations for the healthcare sector and also the need to provide physicians as well as those in the medical field with professional workspaces based on the latest technologies and methods.

As a result of this, the HealthCare Healthcare Center came in 2011 in order to become the first medical complex to host a fully hospitalized Queen’s Hospital,

the largest radiology center in Egypt, the Misr Radiology Center,

and also multi-specialty clinics, as well as medical laboratories,

as well as pharmacies in a modern and centrally sealed building. , then Cairo Medical Center in 2017.

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