Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo
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Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo It is one of the largest projects of Marakez Real Estate Company. The company chose a strategic location in order to establish its best projects in New Katameya

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo:

Mall of Kattameya Fifth Settlement is one of the largest projects of Marakez Real Estate Company,

the company chose a strategic location in order to set up its best projects in New Kattameya to establish one of

its important projects so that

the mall would be a destination for all residents of the region and

also through it they can meet their collection needs,

and it was established in 2015 It is also worth noting that it is a subsidiary of

the Saudi Fawaz Hokair Group of Companies.

This company is working to establish a lot of construction and

investment projects in Egypt with an amount of 17 billion Egyptian pounds.

These projects will be in Cairo, as well as the Delta,

as well as other governorates.

Among the most important of these projects is the Tanta Mall,

which is designed on the world heritage,

with a total cost of 6 billion Egyptian pounds,

and an area of ​​83 acres, and about 1,000 young people were employed inside it,

as well as the Mansoura Mall,

which was built on 47 acres at a total cost of about 1.4 billion Egyptian pounds and

will open after three years. From now any year 2021.

Information about Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo:

100 acres will be allocated as a total area of ​​Kattameya Mall,

equivalent to 420,000 square meters,

its rental area is about 110 square meters,

and 4 billion Egyptian pounds have been spent on the mall,

knowing that less than 1 billion Egyptian pounds has been withdrawn as expenses needed to develop it so far.

(Bank of Egypt – Arab African Bank – Cairo Bank – Arab International Bank – Misr Iran Bank) to finance that mall in

the New Katameya area with an amount of one and

a half billion, knowing that this financing will be the reason for establishing the first phase of it,

specifically at a rate of 70 %.

The developer announced that it had completed establishing 25-30% of the mall’s total units.

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo Location :

Katameya Downtown Mall is located in the New Katameya area of ​​New Cairo and

can be accessed through the 90th Street through

the bridges that the company will establish in order to serve that purpose,

which is to facilitate the process of access to it,

and it is also close to the road leading directly to Suez.

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo services :

  • The developer of Kattameya Mall deliberately chose a different distinct location and at the same time serves more than one city, serving the residents of Kattameya, Maadi, Nasr City, New Cairo, and that is Heliopolis.
  • There will be many units in Kattameya Mall in addition to shopping centers and stores in order to sell all goods and also international products to the residents of the place as well as the neighboring places.
  • It is connected to all the main roads in New Cairo so that it is easily accessible to customers.
  • The largest area of ​​the land will be in favor of the facilities as well as the services, as well as the lesser area will be for the construction of the mall, as well as all the shopping centers in it, in addition to the commercial and administrative units.
  • Central air conditioning and also electric elevators in addition to building a restaurant and also enough with a green yard around the mall.
  • The guard will be at the gates of the mall and also in all its floors in order to ensure the safety of visitors and also unit owners.
  • A large parking lot for the mall guests, as well as the owners of its units.

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo units :

This multifunctional complex is established on 45,000 square meters of luxury commercial land in the heart of New Cairo.

In order for each building to consist of two spacious floors for retail stores as

well as cafes as well as restaurants and

also an outdoor entertainment area.

The project includes an underground garage covering the total land area in square feet.

The project is surrounded by greenery and also fountains. Moreover,

an extensive and high level of electromechanical work has been completed on this high-end retail project.

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo Prices :

The prices of Downtown Katameya Mall,

Fifth Settlement, are among the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in New Cairo,

compared to many services and facilities within the compound,

which provide a very large amount of entertainment and

also amenities for the residents of the compound in order for customers to have

the greatest amount of life Health and comfort and well-being.

Payment methods in Downtown Katameya, Fifth Settlement,

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

The developing company is now working on establishing the mall,

which will take many years to open,

and also announced in a press interview that the Kattameya Mall will be opened and

units delivered three years from now, in 2021.

The company that owns Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo :

Marakez Real Estate Investment Company

Marakez Real Estate Investment Company is one of the most important real estate companies in Egypt.

It is a subsidiary of the Saudi Fawaz Al Hokair Group of Companies.

It is a company specialized in the sale and investment of real estate,

as well as land and work to develop it inside the State of Kuwait as well as outside it.

The company’s main headquarters is in the State of Kuwait,

Al Salhia Complex.

Marakez Real Estate Investment Company is a responsible company and

also a developer of many projects.

The company also provides a lot of services for hotels,

maintenance works, health clubs, hospitals,

services for buildings and residential units,

as well as tourist facilities.

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

A brief overview of Marakez Real Estate Investment Company

Marakez Real Estate Investment Company was established in January 1991 AD and

during those years it has achieved many accomplishments as well as successful projects inside and

outside the State of Kuwait.

As for the founders of the company, the chairman of

the board of directors is businessman Talal Abdul Hamid Dashti,

and the vice-chairman of the board and also the CEO of

the company is Muhammad Abdul Hamid Dashni.

The company hires senior architects to implement projects that compete

with the largest real estate companies in Egypt and abroad.

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo

The most important projects of Marakez Real Estate Investment Company.

Marakez Resort, which is one of the largest projects that have been implemented in Kuwait.

It is a sports and recreational resort,

a health rehabilitation center, restaurants,

cafes, cinemas, an equestrian academy, swimming pools,

tennis and squash courts, as well as archery,

bowling halls, and other diverse entertainment venues that exist.

Inside Markaz Resort.

The World Trade Centers City project in Syria,

which is an integrated city that contains housing units,

hotels, hospitals, entertainment venues,

as well as venues for exhibitions and conferences,

as well as malls and other places that are located within the Centers City project.

Marakez Real Estate Development Company has partnered

with Intrados Company for the development of tourism in Syria.

Tanta Mall Gharbia Governorate.

And other real estate investments that the company has implemented over many years and

developed many real estate lands inside and

outside Egypt, laying the infrastructure for many real estate projects,

marketing many housing units,

services and also tourist facilities and

other services as well as projects implemented by Markaz Real Estate Development Company .


Note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019,

and therefore they are subject to change,

and we at Masharef are keen to update the spaces,

as well as the price list, as well as the types of residential and

commercial units constantly so that the customer is aware of changes in the real estate market.

Downtown Katameya Mall New Cairo


Fifth Settlement Location

The Fifth Settlement is one of the areas that fall within the scope of New Cairo,

and is characterized by a distinguished location in

the heart of the city near all the main roads linking

the Fifth Settlement area with

the neighboring neighborhoods as well as the various directions

within the capital as well as the governorates of the Republic in general,

where the Fifth Settlement surrounds the ring road that Through it,

you can move to all parts of Cairo,

as well as access to highways leading to the various governorates of the Republic.

The Fifth Settlement also borders the NA road that connects

it to Nasr City and the neighboring areas,

so people who want to live in the finest residential neighborhoods and

also closed communities without moving away from

the heart of Cairo and its important service,

government and educational landmarks find in

the Fifth Settlement the perfect location that meets all their requirements.

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