De Joya the New administrative capital

De Joya the New administrative capital
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De Joya _ the New administrative capital, the newest launches of the Taj Foundation of the Arab Republic

of Egypt for Real Estate Development in the heart of the new administrative capital.

It will be in the important locations of the New Administrative Capital, and it is considered

a historical leap in the real estate world, and it has achieved a very big future boom.

It is the largest residential complex that fits the spirit of the times in a climate

of superiority, sophistication, and a lot of grace and serenity.

The Misr Taj Real Estate Investment Corporation has established a group of mega projects

in the Arab Republic of Egypt and abroad,

Including the project de Goya, the administrative capital.

Simple information about Taj Misr Foundation for Real Estate Development:

Egypt Taj Real Estate Investment Corporation is the owner of the De Joya new capital project.

It is one of the group of Egyptian international real estate institutions that was established in 2006,

It is one of the largest investment institutions in the Arab and Egyptian market and

a pioneer in the field of real estate development and has established the largest distinguished projects.

There are developers for a group of projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt and

the State of Qatar in different regions, and the Egyptian Foundation owns many institutions,

And we will mention it

De Joya _ the New administrative capital

in the next:

  • Landmark Tourism Corporation
  • United Agricultural Investment Company
  • The Egyptian Corporation for Hotel Services, Lun Star Corporation, in the State of Qatar
  • Snap Company in the Arab Republic of Egypt
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of Egypt in the Arab Republic of Egypt

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  • Establishing 23 army buildings in the R1 district of the modern administrative capital
  • Construction of 15 residential towers in support of the Modern Urban Communities Authority
  • in the R3 area of ​​the modern administrative capital
  • 3 residential, administrative and commercial buildings were established in the R5 area

of ​​the modern administrative capital

  • The Taj Misr Foundation for Real Estate Development has established a group of

residential towers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, including: –

  • It established 2 towers in Lebanon Street in Mohandessin, commercial and administrative
  • Established 1 residential commercial and administrative tower on Al Falah Street, Al Mohandessin
  • It established 1 residential, commercial, administrative tower in Al-Hijaz Street, Al-Mohandessin

Projects of the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation in the Republic of Qatar:

  • Panasonic Tower in the State of Qatar
  • Showroom Hywanda Motors Corporation
  • Al Markhiya Mall in the State of Qatar
  • Premature Twin Towers in the State of Qatar
  • Grant Tower and Al Saliya Tower in the State of Qatar.
  • And it is executed with finishing and brushes of: –
  • Sheraton Dreamland project
  • Movenpick boat in Luxor
  • Sultanate of Oman tower in Zamalek
  • Villa Samih Sawiris, Zamalek, in coordination with the Orascom Construction Corporation

Location of De Joya new capital:

De Joya new capital will be in the most strategic location in the administrative capital,

with a prime location in the 8th residential district.

The compound was founded on an area of ​​R8, plot B2 d, immediately overlooking

the tourist walkway and near the diplomatic quarter.

It is next to the embassy district, the ministries district, the green river, the central garden,

and the presidential palace overlooking a street that is 44 meters wide,

in addition,  at the bottom of the project is a street that shows eighty meters,

and to the right of it is a street that shows eighty meters, so the location is

the most important characteristic of the geographical project location

De Joya new capital space:

The De Joya new capital project will be located on an area of ​​23.5 acres.

It combines a different bouquet of luxury residential units and duplexes that vary in spaces,

prices and payment methods.

The rest of the project space has been allocated to green spaces, landscapes,

and a distinct entertainment services space to meet the needs of all investors.

De Joya _ the New administrative capital

Designs of De Joya new capital:

De Joya New Capital was designed by the most luxurious and sophisticated international

engineering designs.

In its project, Taj Misr Foundation took care of the internal and external design of

the units to give many apartments that suit all tastes.

To become the largest residential, service and commercial project, it used an

engineering consultancy office by the consultant engineer / Medhat Dora with a

space engineering consultancy office.

A distinguished number of specialists and consultants have contributed to

the development and establishment of the project in a decent and distinctive manner,

with a wonderful Super Lux finish.

The units are finished and delivered super lux finished to suit all.

Services of De Joya new capital:

De Joya new capital has many features and services,

Which distinguishes it from other community projects, and the Egypt Taj Foundation

took care of providing services to investors,

Among those services are the following:

  • There are large green spaces and landscapes represented by the available trees and

a colorful flowerbed to give a lot of joy and splendor.

  • Swimming pools are available in all areas of the compound and an indoor swimming pool

for women to suit all tastes.

  • There are artificial lakes and water fountains in front of the apartments, giving an excellent view
  • The project has international restaurants and cafes
  • There is a health and sports team, gym, spa, jacuzzi and clubhouse
  • An integrated commercial space is available that contains all brands and international brands of all kinds
  • There are places for jogging, walking, cycling, and various recreational places
  • Powered by solar energy system
  • Available in De Joya new capital, an integrated shopping mall
  • There are fish ponds with wonderful scenery
  • An integrated leisure space and gym are available
  • There is a dedicated garage for cars
  • Track available for walking and running
  • There is an area dedicated to children’s games to entertain and play with their families
  • Security and tight security is available for a period of 24 hours a day to protect
  • the compound and surveillance cameras to increase the security and safety of the compound
  • There are water bodies

All these services and more will be found inside it and provide other distinguished services

in order to enjoy a modern life and spend quality time for all owners and luxury.

De Joya _ the New administrative capital

Prices and spaces of the De Joya new capital project:

De Joya new capital is characterized by the diversity and difference of spaces and prices.

It contains apartments, residential units, and duplexes for sale in large areas and various

payment systems to suit all tastes.

1/2 finished and fully finished units are available at the best price per meter and the cheapest prices.

The meter’s cost starts from 8750 EGP up to 10250 EGP, and the prices and spaces are as follows

We mention while the following are the prices and available spaces:

There is an apartment of seventy square meters, consisting of one bedroom, and the price

starts from 905,000 EGP

Available housing with an area of ​​one and a half square meters with a garden of

fifty square meters formed of two bedrooms, the price starts from 1,606,000 EGP

There is a 180-square-meter residence in Garden, starting from 65 meters, consisting of 3 halls,

and the value starts with 2,035,000 pounds

An apartment is available in the area of ​​137 meters, consisting of 3 halls, starting from 1,400,000 pounds

There is a 136-meter housing, composed of 3 sleeper halls, the price starts from 1,314,000 pounds

Payment methods and payment systems for the De Joya New Capital project:

The New Administrative Capital de Goya has payment methods and a diversified exchange system

that suit the capabilities of all investors.

It is without a down payment in installments over 7 years and without equal installments interest

The investor pays a 5% downpayment of the unit cost in installments over 8 years,

without interest and equal installments

Ten% down payment and 9 years installments are available, without interest, in equal installments

Features of De Goia New Capital:

De Goya, the New Administrative Capital, is an amazing residential town of the finest, finest,

most important and most beautiful compounds of the distinctive new administrative capital.

It is characterized by being located in the R8 area, next to the diplomatic quarter and

the tourist walkway, overlooking main streets, and that area is less densely populated.

It combines apartments with a variety of cost and space and provides all the advantages

and various entertainment services, which is the most important characteristic of the project

that every investor is looking for.

Providing everything that is modern and advanced and to ensure a better and more

peaceful future, as it is the most appropriate area and choice for you,

And it gives you living in a class and a high social rate in a distinctive climate of

stillness and tranquility to suit the spirit of the age away from the pressures and problems of life.

The compound is at the highest level of sophistication, luxury and modern designs for excelent fans,

It contains wonderful residential units and studios that differ in spaces, prices, various payment systems,

with the best cost per meter and the cheapest prices.

To satisfy all customers on all rates,

So hasten to reserve your dedicated apartment in this luxurious residential compound,

which is considered a distinct mark in the world of Egyptian establishments,

And with the highest level of sophistication and luxurious buildings that vary in prices,

spaces and various shapes.

With regard to apartments, as there are residential units with gardens and duplicate floors apartments.

The importance of housing in the De Goya project,

the new administrative capital:

If you are looking for a high-end apartment, you should choose a distinct residential unit

in the De Goya project, the New Capital, and you will find all the features you need,

And you pay a small down payment and pay the rest in installments up to 9 years.

Take the opportunity immediately, book and own your unit within the compound of De Goya,

the Administrative Capital, at a unique cost in a great way and without a down payment.

The remaining installment is up to 7 years without interest in equal installments,

as it is characterized by its unique prices and installments of up to 9 years and with

a small down payment.

Other projects are also of interest (La verde Egypt

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital)


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