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La Verde Egypt will be in the New Administrative Capital,

which is one of the most attractive destinations for investors

of all nationalities, Whether it is Arab or foreign, and there are many projects

established by many pioneering companies in

the field of construction, This is considered the La Verde New Administrative Capital

project as one of the huge projects, and it is

an important and distinct start within the New Capital.

One of the highest residential compounds with an excellent architectural setting,

stunning landscapes, artificial lakes and stunning landscapes,

It is located in a strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital,

which has become the focus of everyone’s attention and close to all the important

government companies in the capital.

Allow all high-end living services, facilities and leisure activities,

Therefore, you can currently reserve your residential unit in the

highest administrative buildings in the Administrative Capital with

the best costs and payment systems that reach many years,

So, do not be confused about completing your reservation too late.

If you are looking for entertainment, high standards and luxury,

you should choose this complex, It is one of the most prestigious projects

as it provides you with calm weather conditions and pure

environmental conditions as it is in the heart of the New Administrative Capital,

The project is one of the most vital areas in the city, which makes its location distinct because

it enjoys a distinctive view of its style,

The location is suitable for real estate investment, and it is possible for

investors to identify all the features by contact numbers.

La verde Egypt

La Verde Egypt project location:

The most prestigious location in the New Administrative Capital was chosen to

implement this big project, as it is in the New Administrative Capital in the R8,

Next to Anakaji Compound, next to Al Sefarat Neighborhood, the Presidential Palace,

and the Conference Center, and just minutes away from the New Capital’s helipad.

It has an excellent view of the Green River, next to the Opera House and all

the important government companies in the capital,

Besides all the roads and means of transportation that you can travel around

Cairo and its suburbs.

La verde Egypt

Services and features of La Verde Egypt project:

  • Large green spaces and natural surroundings to relax in the attractive conditions of nature.
  • Artificial lakes for a group of recreational activities.
  • An international branding hub for all the shopaholics.
  • Restaurants and cafes offer delicious food and excellent emotional decor.
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies equipped all day.
  • An international nursery in several languages ​​to teach your children the finest education.
  • Equipped gymnasium, jacuzzi, spa and sauna.
  • The administrative building provides the finest investor service.
  • Hypermarket to buy all your belongings.
  • Social club with a lot of sports fields.
  • Various swimming pools for children and adults, including indoor pools, set to enjoy the best of times

with family and friends.

  • Hiking and cycling trails in La Verde Egypt.
  • Preparing a healthy sports team with the latest equipment and natural treatments.
  • Covered garage.
  • 24/7 security, guard and surveillance cameras.

Types of units and spaces in La Verde Egypt:

La Verde Egypt project was established on a place of 35 acres

equivalent to 147,000 square meters and an amount of 22% for buildings and constructions.

And the rest of the total area of ​​green spaces and water spaces

to provide a quiet atmosphere for residents and enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

The units range from residential units, duplexes, penthouses and standalone villas.

Units’ place starts from one and a half square meters to 255 square meters.

Prices in La Verde Egypt:

The price of the Le Verde Egypt retailer starts from 8,500 pounds to ten thousand pounds.

One and a half square meters, the prices of the residential units start from 1,350,000 EGP.

Duplexes prices for 320 square meters start from 3,360,000 EGP.

Payment systems

The owner company realized the aspirations of the investors for the purpose of

luxury and comfort and designed its project in the New Administrative Capital,

To provide calm, the payment systems available in La Verde Egypt

have been updated as follows:

There is the first method: the investor pays a down payment

of 15% and the rest of the amount over a range of 5 years.

The second method is available: the investor pays 15% of the unit price,

and pays 5% after 6 months, Then the remaining amount  distribute over 6 years.

There is a third method: the investor pays 15% down payment, then 5% after 6 months,

Then 5% again after a person’s year, and eventually completes

the installment over a period of 7 years.

Units are delivered 1/2 finished

Date of receipt: 2022

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