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VYE compound October- Sodic Company for Real Estate Development  interested in issuing a new

VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic from its distinguished works in the investment real estate business,

Therefore, it has chosen a distinct strategic and geographic location in order to be a different niche in

the investment real estate market, and one of the most famous and luxurious residential projects.

Also, vye Sodic is an integrated city and therefore it contains many diverse services,

This project  consider one of the best projects in Sheikh Zayed City, as it includes the largest group of

detached villas and twin houses

The townhouse was finished to the highest level of luxury, sophistication and distinction.

Location of vye Compound October:

VYE compound October

One of the distinct sites in which this project is located, as it is located along Sheikh Zayed City

It is located in the west of Cairo and  concentrate next to the 44th kilometer gate, which is the

Alexandria Desert Road / Cairo, and next to many different areas, including:

  • vye Compound October is located at Sphinx Airport, 4 minutes away.
  • The vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project is adjacent to a group of main axes, which takes approximately 7

minutes to reach.

  • vye Compound October is located near the famous Akbar Mall, about 12 minutes away.
  • vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project is 15 minutes from the Egyptian Museum and 30 minutes from the

Mohandessin area.

  • Vye Compound October is 45 minutes away from the Heliopolis area, adjacent to the main ring road.

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed Compound is characterized by the best location in Sheikh Zayed City and near

the various main roads to facilitate access to multiple areas.

vye Compound October is an essential outlet for many smart villages and industrial zones.

And there is an airport west of Cairo, where it is located in a residential city that includes the equivalent

of 300 thousand people.

VYE New Zayed Compoundspace:

Sodic implemented the vye sodic project, Sheikh Zayed, on 150 acres, on which various services were

built on an area of ​​13% for buildings and 87% for facilities and services.

The buildings  constructe in a different manner and on various areas, and all of them were

designed in an integrated manner in order to meet the needs of the citizens.

vye Compound October consists of standalone villas, houses and twin houses, all of which are a

sophisticated building executed with different and distinct designs.

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed includes the equivalent of 545 luxury residential units.

These works  carry out by one of the most prominent companies working in the field of

engineering designs, which  prepare from the most luxurious companies working in this field.

Units space in vye Compound October:

All units in the October compound were built at the highest level of distinction, sophistication, luxury,

and modern services, and the following spaces are available, including:

  • Townhouses space starts from 260 square meters.
  • Twin houses spaces start from 290 square meters.
  • Standalone villas spaces start from 314 square meters up to 432 square meters.

All of these units distinguish by difference and perfection, and they are among the most

important and successful of the company’s business, and all are based on the best and highest varied


And the different models that distinguish and sophisticated, they are surrounded by the best

woodwork, glass, ceramics and many other diverse works.

Spaces and prices of vye Compound October:

vye Compound October prices are the only ones in Sheikh Zayed City that have achieved a high

percentage of sales for this year because they are

One of the cheapest and most suitable prices that have been implemented for the convenience of our

valued customers and to provide the best prices, as there are small and simple downpayments

The company provided the easiest way to reserve the distinct units in a different way by calling the

numbers attached at the end of the article.

Life in Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed is an integrated life and equipped with other services, which helps you to

provide a wonderful life like no other,

So do not let life miss you in staying in this luxurious residential community in Sheikh Zayed, as the

company has worked to provide the best and easiest payment methods

It is with a 5% down payment and the rest of the amount is paid over 8 years.

After the agreement, the housing units will be delivered in a period not exceeding 4

Years and this after agreeing on the type of finishing desired for the required unit.

VYE compound OctoberVYE compound October

vye compound October services:

Sodic, the owner of the Sodic Sheikh Zayed compound, has met many needs and other services that

require For an integrated leisure life, including:

  • Providing a green space area distributed throughout the compound
  • For entertainment, enjoyment and the practice of the residents’ favorite hobbies, there is the largest

walking, jogging and cycling area.

  • The existence of a large shopping mall in a way that you can buy all the requirements to achieve an

integrated social life.

  • Providing the largest group of specialized security personnel as well as planting surveillance cameras in

several separate places to increase the safety and security of individuals.

  • Distribution of a wide range of various swimming pools. Swimming can  practice at any time because

it equip with summer and winter water coolers for children and adults.

  • The presence of a gym and health club that contains many different games, including the gym, jacuzzi,

spa and fitness games.

  • A private area is available for medical centers and a large pharmacy, and examination is available in all

specialties 24 hours.

  • Implementing areas designated for barbecuing, especially for families, and fully equipped at any time.
  • There is a large garage that many cars seek to prevent cars from congesting in front of the doors.

For more inquiries, you can contact us via the numbers attached to the article to learn more about the project services and verify sufficient information about the project.

The company that owns vye Compound in October:

Sodic Real Estate Development Company is the company responsible for the vye sodic zayed project

It is one of its most successful business that enjoys luxury, distinction and sophistication.

It is one of the largest private companies in the field of real estate development for many years, which

made it gain high experience in the field and made it one of the most successful companies.

It is also one of the largest private companies that have been working in real estate development for

many years, as these years have made it

She gains a lot of experience in the fields and helped her to be one of the most successful

companies in the real estate market, we always are

We help progress prosperity in all the projects we offer.

Sodic Real Estate Development Projects: sodic

1- West Town on the desert road in October

2- East Town, Fifth Settlement, on 90th Street

3- Villete Sodic in the Fifth Settlement

4- Sodic East New Heliopolis

As Sodic offers you professionals who work in the field of real estate and make many different designs

that give a different meaning to real estate and investment buildings,

So do not miss the offers from our company

Invest your money in Vye Sodic, which enjoys the highest degree of sophistication and luxury in Sheikh

Zayed City

Book your unit now in vye sodic zayed compound

VYE compound October

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and provide you with what you need.

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