VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic

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VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic is considered one of the most important and successful works

located inside Sheikh Zayed City and a subsidiary of Sodic East.

It was the second consecutive business for the company and it was one of the most successful

residential and commercial real estate, established to be a successful and distinctive project for all


The project has achieved great success in the investment real estate market and has become one of the

most popular properties that many people are looking for to live in and enjoy all its features,

The emerging company implemented many services and great features to help provide a life of luxury

and distinction, and this would be at the lowest prices.

vye Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic Location:

The company was keen to choose the best excellent locations in Sheikh Zayed City to give the project a great

geographical location, and the project was implemented within the best important areas.

The compound is next to many different places and many vital neighborhoods to give the location a

lively place,

The project is in an excellent location from which many services and personal supplies can be obtained.

The project is located near:

vye Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic is near the Sphinx International Airport, and it is approximately 6

minutes away from the project.

The project is located near the main Cairo / Alexandria desert road, which enables you to reach the

project easily.

It is near SODIC West, which is the project that gives the place vitality and activity.

vye Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic is far from Arkan Mall and it is the largest mall in which all personal

necessities are purchased.

The project is located near the city of Mohandessin and Heliopolis from 25 minutes to 50 minutes.

VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic

vye space of Sheikh Zayed Sodic Compound:

The company responsible for the vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project was keen that the project be on a large

area in order to diversify all spaces and services.

In order for the company to provide a happy life, the project was implemented on an area of ​​150 acres,

and this area had many different residential units, facilities and services.

You can enjoy the best imaginative spaces to provide you with the utmost luxury and distinction, and

the company has done its part to make the project complementary to all life requirements,

To provide a variety of services and multiple facilities, and all spaces in the residential units were varied,

so that each customer could obtain his own request,

As a result, the units took many different spaces that were made in:

There are areas for residential apartments with two rooms starting from 108 square meters up to 120

square meters.

vye Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic contains three-bedroom apartments spaces starting from 142 square

meters and reaching 158 square meters.

Duplex apartments’ spaces start from 180 square meters up to 230 square meters.

There are twin houses spaces that start from 230 square meters up to 240 square meters.

The units were finished in an elegant and luxurious way that suits many customers and helps them enjoy

the finest finishes and high-quality services.

vye Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic is a new and sophisticated approach based on the best and best high-

end works to suit all classes of people,

And it contains more high-end services to provide a happy life, so you cannot waste the opportunity to

have a distinctive residential unit.

VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic

The most important services of VYE New Zayed Compound :

vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project contains a lot of various services and it is one of the most important

basics of life to give the project an excellent impression and a new and ideal life.

And all services give life a new taste and multiple advantages, so the project is like an integrated city to

provide a complete life,

Therefore, the following was provided in Sodic Vye Compound:

There is the largest green area distributed over the entire project, in order for this project to be

coordinated and give an ideal shape.

Providing the largest group of restaurants and various cafes that are required to provide all kinds of food

and drinks.

vye Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic is the largest shopping mall with many different stores that are

required to meet all personal requirements.

Providing a comprehensive sports and social club with many facilities that help to enjoy a healthy and

social life.

There is the largest group of parks and public parks that can be visited throughout the day, along with

the recreational games that the project contains.

Providing a good number of artificial lakes distributed on the project, which give the location a

wonderful look.

There is a special area for cars in order to easily reach the desired place as soon as possible.

Providing the largest security team through which the entire project can be protected, restoring security

and safety to the project, and providing a crew of surveillance cameras.

The project has a number of various medical centers, which include all medical specialties, and a

pharmacy is open 24 hours.

These services that have been mentioned are a very simple overview of the services that the project

contains, besides that there are more government areas

There are many recreational facilities, various shops, turkeys and sports areas, so it is one of the works

of the company responsible for the vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project.

The company that owns the vye Compound in Sheikh Zayed Sodic:

It is one of the largest real estate development companies to fully manage the vye Sodic project and

implement it in a different and imaginative way, and it is called Sodic.

The company took a great position in the field of real estate investment due to the various works it

provided, as it is concentrated in the heart of 6th of October City,

It has been working in the field for several years and has implemented many high-end projects and

advanced services, and has won many works and various awards in the fields.

And it has presented many projects over the years of its work in the field of real estate investments

, as it is one of the businesses that enjoy luxury and distinction.

The company’s business has increased in recent years and its marketing value has started to double and

it is expected that its success will be continuous for many years.

Prices for vye Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic:

The owner of the project was keen to reduce prices in order to make it easier for customers

to enjoy the most luxurious and modern housing units,

And it has allocated various payment systems and installment systems to make it easy for everyone to

enjoy various prices,

The installment systems start from 5% downpayment, the remaining amount over 8 years, and the

wiring of all units after 4 years of the contract.

Prices are as follows:

Villas prices start from 9,800,000 EGP, and the project has an equivalent of 25 independent villas.

Townhouses prices start from 6,600,000 EGP, and the project has 26 townhouses.

Twin houses prices start from 7,600,000 EGP, and the project has 12 twin houses.

There are many different units that can  obtain through the Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed project,

Only you can contact the numbers attached to this article and you will get the most luxurious residential


Vye Compound Sodic:

vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed presents a modern model for integrated urban development in West Cairo,

complementing a series of long-standing SODIC projects.

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed will on an area of ​​500 acres in the new Sheikh Zayed 100 meters

from the Dabaa axis,

The compound is 5 minutes away from Arkan Mall and contains many modern services and facilities

suitable for choosing the future home

VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed Sodic

vye Compound New October services:

There are social and cultural centers and bike and pedestrian paths

It contains administrative offices, commercial and entertainment areas

The project has 5 gates with security services and facilities management

The project contains 1100 housing units between 700 apartments and 400 villas

Payment systems

It is a 5% downpayment and installments up to 8 years

Services and spaces

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed Apartments

2 bedrooms 102 – 108 – 120 – 132 – 169 meters –

Three bedrooms 142 – 158 – 194 meters –

Duplex 3 bedrooms 297 m –

Vai Sodic Villas Sheikh Zayed

Twin House 230 and 240 meters –

Townhouse 180 – 184 – 195 meters


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