Vye Compound Sodic

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Vye Compound Sodic Real Estate, 6th of October company, Sodic Development and Investment

Company, the first phase of the VYE project for sale.

Vye Compound Sodic

More about the vye compound in New October:

The area of ​​the project will be 500 acres in New Zayed, and the units were sold within

two days of their offering at a value of EGP.

The company expects to achieve sales in the project, with contracts for its unit worth 43 billion pounds.

The company achieved profits of 506.09 million pounds during the period from January to last


And compared to profits of 612.9 million pounds with research from 2018

The company’s profits rose during the period to 3.2 billion pounds, compared to total sales of 1.8 billion

pounds in the period last year.

Majid Sharif, managing director of Sodic, said at the previous time:

After the handover of SODIC West units, which constitute 15% of Sheikh Zayed’s area and are currently

inhabited by more than 15 thousand people,

Sodic will start developing a new generation of real estate in West Cairo,

The VYE project marks the beginning of the pool.

Sodic previously announced its plans to develop 4 new projects on an area of ​​650 acres in New Zayed,

and the VYE New Zayed Compound represents the company’s projects.

Six West, Sodic Company within and during the year, after the great success achieved by the launch of

The Estates project earlier in 2019.

Vye Compound Sodic

about Sheikh Zayed City:

The new Zayed area is an extension of the Sheikh Zayed neighborhoods, the new area with fast access to

the eastern and northern coast neighborhoods.

A new road network has been constructed in the surrounding areas, and the surrounding area will

benefit and benefit from the new Sphinx Airport and the Egyptian Museum, and the surrounding area

will flourish like no other.

vye Compound Sodic:

Sodic Real Estate Development Company will be the company responsible for Vye Sodic

It enjoys you sophistication, distinction and luxury, as it is one of the major companies that have been

working in real estate development since much of the ruin.

Vye Compound Sodic Location:

Residential complex 6 October in a great location in Sheikh Zayed.

To is next to the 44th kilometer gate, which is the Alexandria / Cairo Desert Road, which attracts

different areas, including:

It is located 4 minutes from Sphinx Airport.

After 50 minutes, it is near showing visibility to boil it.

Falls from him.

It is 15 minutes from the Egyptian Museum, close to the Mohandessin area, about 30 minutes.

Ali is 45 minutes away from the Heliopolis area, which is adjacent to the main ring road

Vye Compound Sodic

VYE Compound New October space:

The vye Sodic project, on an area of ​​150 acres, has a lot of different, varied spaces,

The area of ​​the residential apartments in the project starts from 108 meters up to 240 meters,

A variety of payment systems are also available, including a 5% downpayment and a payment period of

up to 8 years


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