Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital
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Laverde New Capital Compound is one of the latest real estate developments by Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital in The finest and strategic location in the capital, as it provides basic and leisure services that complement life. This is in addition to the meticulously executed engineering and architectural design inspired by the Spanish style, as the word laverde means green, which indicates the presence of green spaces, landscaping, and the most beautiful flowers and plants in every corner of the project.

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital

The real estate developer of La Verde Compound, the administrative capital, La Verde Real Estate Development Company was established in 2017, and since its establishment, it has proven its worth in the Egyptian market,
To become one of the most important and leading players in the real estate development sector, as it seeks to implement projects with special and unique specifications, In order to provide all the luxury and

comfort that our customers can only dream of. The developer is committed to providing the highest standards of quality and safety, providing a variety of unique units and luxury resorts,
And adding new concepts of integrated life, and constantly innovating products to provide high-quality urban works with high investments.

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital has won the trust of many customers and investors because of its commitment to delivering all the units it needs with the same agreed specifications.
It has complete finishes and comprehensive services, attractive prices, a flexible and diversified payment system, and is suitable for adults – at the level of businessmen and targeted investors.

Among her most important works are:

  • Laverde Cassette project, the new administrative capital.

La verde Compound New administrative Capital

It is one of the modern compounds in the New Capital; This will make your dream home a reality as it combines design
Upscale and wonderful development of the services offered and the vast expanse surrounding the building. Enchanting by the natural beauty of greenery, the Spanish word “laverde” means green.

All these features and more in a compound belonging to one of the best real estate development companies in Egypt, so tell us the space and prices of the New Administrative Capital apartments in Laverde and how to book individual units, due to the ease of reservation and the installment payment system, the unit price is competitive.

La verde Compound

La verde Compound

Types of units and spaces in La verde

The Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital project extends over an area of ​​35 acres, which is equivalent to 147 thousand square meters.

Of which 22% is used for buildings and construction, and the rest of the total area for green spaces and water bodies to provide a quiet and calm atmosphere. Give residents peace and enjoy the stunning scenery.

The units vary among apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and separate villas.
Units range from 135 square meters to 320 square meters, with villas up to 510 square meters.

Information about La verde Compound

One of the most important destinations to attract investors from all countries, whether Arab or foreign,

Where many projects have already been established by many leading companies in the field of construction.

One of the most important information about the compound:

It is one of the best residential complexes, and it is characterized by exceptional architectural design, landscapes, artificial lakes, and stunning views.

  • The compound offers all high-end lifestyles in terms of services, facilities, and leisure activities.
  • You can now book the most luxurious residential units in the Administrative Capital at the best prices and payment systems. years, do not hesitate to book before it is too late.
  • If you are looking for luxury, sophistication, and luxury, you should choose La Verde, the New Administrative Capital, as it is one of the most important and prestigious projects, as it guarantees you to live in a quiet atmosphere and a clean environment located in the New Administrative Capital, the center of the capital.
  • Laverde’s proximity to the most important parts of the city makes it a unique location, with a unique view, and a suitable location for real estate investment, as clients can learn about all the advantages by contacting them.

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital, the new administrative capital, a residential tower that offers you and your family the luxurious home you dream of, Laverde, the latest and most important

launch of the prestigious Laverde company, one of the leading and well-known companies in the field of
real estate investment in Egypt, as it is one of the largest contracting companies in Egypt and the Middle

East, it has established many Among the giant construction projects that testify to the company’s
excellence and long-term experience, the latest of which is Laverde Compound. in the administrative capital.

Project information

Project information

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital Prices

Very competitive prices compared to neighboring properties in the Administrative Capital.

where prices per square meter start from:

  • Square meter prices range from 8,500 to 10,000 pounds.
  • Apartment prices of 135 square meters start from 900,000 EGP.

The services provided by the compound

The services provided by Laverde New Capital Compound The real estate developer built Laverde
Compound specifically for the comfort and well-being of its customers, which is reflected in offering

many unique features and a variety of entertainment and basic services that meet all requirements,
making living in it a dream for him.

one of the importants:

  • Laverde contains residential units with a modern and elegant design, including studios, luxury apartments, duplexes, and separate villas of different sizes, integrated services, and there are green spaces.
  • The compound is characterized by a smart infrastructure that includes all facilities.
  • There are advanced and full-service administrative buildings that can meet the client’s requirements.
  • A chain of luxurious restaurants and cafes with a team of the most skilled chefs, offering high quality service to satisfy all tastes.
  • For all the shopaholics, there is a huge mall with a group of multi-functional stores offering the best products and the most famous international brands.
  • The International Language Kindergarten has a group of experts who provide the highest level of
    service in the field of kindergarten, a gymnasium with all the necessary equipment and devices, in
    addition to a group of the most qualified trainers and experts to help you stay healthy.

Follow the services of Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital:

  • A full-service health resort that includes all means of body, skin, and hair care, represented by a sauna, spa, jacuzzi, massage room, and beauty center for more entertainment.
  • An entertainment place for children with all the safe and fun games and their favorite recreational
    activities for more fun and enjoyment.
  • Provides the highest level of medical care through clinics equipped with the latest devices and
    equipment, serving all specialties, with the most skilled doctors and paramedics working around
    the clock.
  • In pharmacies in the various areas of Laverde Compound, there are all medicines and medical
    supplies that guests need without leaving the residence. One stop shop for all consumer goods and
    services your family needs.
  • In addition to a barbecue area, there are places for meeting family and friends in a quieter and more stable atmosphere.
  • A large, beautifully designed and decorated mosque for those willing to perform five duties.
  • Long paved paths and paths specially designed for walkers, runners and cyclists away from public roads to avoid accidents.
  • The large secure covered garage accommodates passenger cars and reduces traffic congestion and pollution problems..
The services provided

The services provided

Payment and installment systems in the project

Real estate developer of La Verde New Capital Reservation Systems, New Capital, La Verde Egypt
realized that its customers desire luxury and comfort,
It designed its project in the New Administrative Capital and developed the payment systems available for convenience, which are:

  • The first system: the customer pays 15% in advance and pays the remaining amount inside. 5 years.
  • The second system: the customer pays 15% of the unit value, 5% after 6 months, and the remaining
    amount in installments over the next 6 years.
  • The third system: the customer pays 15% in advance, 5% after 6 months, 5% after one year, and
    installments during the last 7 years. The units offer semi-finished products.

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers:


Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2022, so they are subject to change, so we at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Inform clients about the real estate market.

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