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De Joya Taj Misr It is on an area of ​​22 acres and the percentage of buildings in it

occupies 21% to satisfy investors and in the interest of their comfort and provide a

huge amount of various spaces at reasonable prices.

location de joya taj misr:

The compound is distinguished by its privileged location in the heart of the

Administrative Capital in which most companies are located, represented in

(the presidential palace – all official companies – all foreign embassies)

The administrative capital has been linked to New Cairo, and the area allocated to

the administrative capital reaches 170,000 acres, meaning it is 4 times the place of Washington.

Space of de joya taj misr:

De joya taj misr was built on an area of ​​23.5 acres, as the apartments’ spaces were

divided into (excellent residential units – duplexes)

These units vary in terms of (areas – costs) and also payment methods vary according to each investor.

Huge areas of green spaces, landscapes and recreational areas have been provided to meet

the needs of investors and their families in terms of comfort, comfort and safety.

Features of the de joya taj misr compound location:

  • It overlooks the tourist walkway.
  • It is located on the diplomatic quarter.
  • in addition, It shall be on four streets seventy meters wide.
  • It is located near Al-Zohoor Sports Club.

De Joya Taj Misr

De Joya Taj Misr compound services:

  • De joya taj misr has spacious green surfaces to provide residents with a comfortable feel.
  • A riad club is available for horse riding.
  • There are designated areas for solar energy.
  • Swimming pools are available for adults and children, just as a covered swimming pool is

designated for women.

  • There is a garage to park the vehicles.
  • Club House Available.
  • There is a walking and jogging walkway.
  • Garage is available for cars.
  • There is an equipped theme park to meet and fulfill the entertainment of the customers.
  • Sports clubs are available to accustom yourself to performing various sporting activities.
  • There are the largest commercial malls that include all international and local brands.
  • Restaurants and cafes are available.
  • Gyms available at the highest rate.
  • Children’s entertainment areas are available.
  • The spa is at the highest rate.
  • Security and guarding are available to protect the compound at all times.
  • There are schools and nurseries in the compound.

The designs of the de joya taj misr compound:

Taj Misr Foundation was keen on the multiplicity of units of space and shapes to allow

investors to choose what they like, and the units of the compound are represented

in the next: –

  • Studios
  • Villas
  • Duplex
  • Housing units

Just as the Foundation delivers the units fully finished or 1/2 finished.

De Joya Taj Misr

Areas of the de joya compound:

The luxury AC residential units start from seventy square meters to 410 square meters.

Studios spaces start from seventy square meters to 80 square meters

The residential units’ spaces in De Joya Taj Misr compound start from 85 square meters

to two hundred square meters.

Duplex villa areas range from 310 square meters to 410 square meters.

Prices of De Joya Taj Misr Compound:

The Taj Misr Foundation for Real Estate Development provided the finest costs to suit all investors.

The cost per square meter ranges from 8,500 EGP to 9,500 EGP.

The unit is delivered finished with super lux finishing or 1/2 finished

The price for the seventy square meters unit, which consists of one bedroom, starts at 905,000 EGP

The cost of a square meter unit with a fifty meter garden, which consists of two bedrooms,

starts from 1,606,000 EGP

The unit value of 180 square meters in Garden starts from 65 meters, which consists of 3 bedrooms,

from 2,035,000 pounds

The cost of the 137 meter unit, which consists of 3 bedrooms, starts from 1,400,000 pounds

The unit cost of 136 meters, which consists of 3 bedrooms, starts from 1,314,000 EGP.

Payment method for apartments in de joya :

0% downpayment and the rest in installments over 7 years without interest

5% downpayment and the rest in installments over 8 years without interest.

Ten% downpayment and the rest in installments over 9 years without interest.

The maintenance deposit will be 8% of the price of the housing unit.

Just as the units are delivered within 4 years.

Taj Arab Real Estate Corporation

The owner institution is the Taj Misr Corporation for Real Estate Development, and

the institutions affiliated with the Foundation also include:

  • Tag Egypt Foundation for Real Estate Development
  • United Agricultural Investment Company
  • Snape Finishing Foundation
  • Egyptian Company for Hotel Services
  • The Lone Star Foundation in the State of Qatar
  • Landmark Tourism Company

The foundation was established in the year 2006 and the foundation has achieved great success

since its inception among the institutions working in that field.

As one of the reasons for the institution’s victory is its commitment to accuracy in taking

and delivering on time, constructing buildings on an international level in terms of preparation

and the latest decorations,

In coordination with the best engineering specialists using the best materials,

and among the most important projects of the Egyptian International Foundation for Construction:

  • Compound “Diyar” General Intelligence, New Cairo.
  • Establishing 32 army buildings in the Administrative Capital
  • The formation of 15 residential towers affiliated with the Modern Urban Communities
  • Organization and affiliated with the Courts Complex in South Cairo.
  • A social club for employees of the Central Bank.
  • Blom Bank Egypt
  • The establishment of the American School in Sheikh Zayed.

De Joya Taj Misr

It is one of the most prominent projects of the Foundation for construction in the State of Qatar

  • Showroom Hyundai Motor Corporation
  • Panasonic Tower
  • Early Twin Towers
  • Gift Tower
  • Al Markhiya Mall
  • Al Sulayyah Tower

As for most of the projects of the Egyptian International Foundation for Construction:

  • Sheraton Dreamland.
  • Sultanate of Oman tower in Zamalek.
  • Movenpick in the palace.
  • Villa Samih Sawiris in Zamalek.
  • Taj Egypt Real Estate Corporation

To here we become, dear followers, we have explained to you everything related to

de joya taj misr in terms of its location, area, area of ​​units, prices and services,

Other projects are also of interest (EZDAN MALLLa Verde Compound)


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