La Verde Compound
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La Verde Compound was established by La Verde Egypt by selecting the finest sites in the New

Administrative Capital,

To evaluate the La Verde project in a way that makes many lovers of excellence and sophistication

choose it without thinking, so the La Verde site is considered the administrative capital of

the most vital sites,

And due to the company’s ability to choose the locations of all its residential projects, as all statistics

confirmed that the location is the most prominent factor in attracting investors,

And all of that comes to you at very competitive prices, and payment systems represented in the system

of monthly installments, especially for services that prevent its residents from going abroad from it.

La Verde compound location:

La Verde Egypt was distinguished by the selection of La Verde, the administrative capital, with great

consideration, due to the importance of that national residential project.

In which the company showed mastery and originality of design and accuracy of architecture, so it chose

a spot of land very close to the Anakaji site, the Arab Republic of Egypt,

It is located in the R8 residential neighborhood, which is characterized by great vitality,

as it is the most necessary neighborhood as it contains many of the features of

the Administrative Capital.

The most prominent government headquarters, such as the Diplomatic Quarter, which contains many

embassies, in addition to many ministries.

And the important government agencies, within the government district, which contains the presidential

palace, the opera house, and the seminar center.

La Verde Compound

in addition to:-

Just as the rest of the facades of La Verde, the Administrative Capital, overlook the luxurious green river,

which is the largest central park in the world.

The company has deducted a plot of 35 acres of land from the Administrative Capital with

the aim of creating this huge residential edifice.

With an unequal ratio between residential real estate and between services and picturesque natural

features, the aim of which is an attempt to reduce overcrowding.

And to impart excellent view and environmental conditions full of luxury and creativity,

as 22% of the area has allocated only for residential facilities.

The allocation of the remainder of the compound’s total area for the spread of services and their

balanced distribution, an advantage over green spaces.

Which permeates the buildings and apartments in a cheerful creative style, In addition to make the location of La

Verde the New Capital in the most beautiful way.

As if it were a picture or a painting drawn with masterful creativity,

the area of ​​skill of engineers and designers is clearly evident in the various details of that project.

La Verde prices and payment systems:

La Verde Compound’s prices are among the most competitive prices in the Egyptian real estate market

in the New Administrative Capital.

The value of the apartments in La Verde compound starts from 11,500 EGP per meter.

It is a cost that cannot  match by the range of accuracy of the designs

that were able to blend the picturesque traditional styles that distinguish as

the first traditional style.

On the land of the Arab Republic of Egypt, all facades of La Verde, the administrative capital, have been

taken into consideration.

Just as all of them overlook the most important landmarks of the compound, which  represent by

industrial lakes and green spots that are a pleasure.

Many psychological studies have proven that the green color has a great ability

to erase any psychological or nervous pressure as soon as you see it.

Payment systems for la verde compound:

Paying 8% downpayment and installing the rest of the unit cost over 6 years in La Verde.

Ten% downpayment and installments of the remaining unit cost over 7 years is available.

15% downpayment, 5% payment after six months, and the rest of the unit value in

installments over 8 years.

La Verde Compound

Services and spaces in La Verde compound:

La Verde compound is considered one of the most modern residential projects that include many


And which Laverde Company was keen to have the largest amount of benefits in it,

with the aim of saving the various needs of customers and not having to go out of

it to meet their needs.

The so-called defect and shortcomings of the La Verde Compound, next to the distinctive

location of La Verde, the administrative capital, will not be the project.

The project included many services that are represented in the following:

Taking into account the provision of all security and safety measures, through the spread

of security and guard persons throughout the day.

In addition With a great multi-storey shopping mall that contains many famous commercial stores.

In addition to that, an important business center and administrative building as well.

An entertainment place for children with the establishment of international nurseries.

In addition, swimming pools of various sizes.

La Verde Compound

In addition A health club with saunas, a jacuzzi, and a spa, as well as a lot of sports equipment.

to the spread of green spaces and artificial lakes.

In addition, there are many garages for the purpose of parking customers’ cars,

to prevent them from being crowded with public methods.

Trails have set aside for joggers, hurricanes and cyclists.

In addition Just as a space saved for the establishment of many of the most famous restaurants

and the finest cafes.

A huge spacious pharmacy is available to serve the various residents of the compound.

In addition to that, a supermarket to meet all customers’ demands and needs.

Cinema theaters with the aim of hiking and watching the finest new cinematic works.

In addition, the rest of the units have been constructed in a manner

that preserves the reason for the privacy of its residents.

Residential units spaces in La Verde:

The owner company selected La Verde compound with great care and

established many different apartments in it.

There you will definitely find apartments, penthouses and standalone villas,

in addition to duplex apartments of different sizes.

The spaces were varied as follows:

The ground floor spaces in La Verde compound start from one and a half meters to 203 square meters.

There are consecutive floors areas ranging from one and a half meters to 255 square meters.

The areas of the La Verde compound start from 270 square meters to 320 square meters.

And if you want to own a fast-delivery residential unit with good costs and responsive

payment systems, make sure to see Al-Maqsad New Capital Compound.

La Verde Compound

The owning company and previous business

The distinction in the construction and selection of La Verde Compound is attributed

with care is the company La Verde Egypt,

Which is considered one of the largest real estate companies that became famous and

became famous among many of the largest real estate companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

And it issued a decision to provide all its expertise and hired a group of the most skilled

engineers and designers in that national project.

Which aimed to build a modern residential community with the latest modern

designs that the company was keen to be the best.

The company was able to place its name as a mark of distinction since this date on

all the residential projects that promoted its establishment.

She was famous for her creativity and her distinct touch on the facades of buildings,

as a feature of the interiors that resemble the most luxurious international compounds.

By living or investing in the units of the La Verde project,

the company gives you a huge possibility to enjoy the latest designs that

blend the soft traditional character with originality and civilization.

Real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital:

Many real estate experts have clarified the scope of the necessity to invest in

the land of the new administrative capital, which it has set.

A civilizational shift has occurred in the Egyptian society, as real estate investment in

that city helps to increase financial gain in a short period of time.

Just as it provides a lot of effort opportunities and ends unemployment, and that is

why the project implement by Egyptian labor.

Real estate investment in the New Administrative Capital participates in raising

the average of living for all people, just as it does not provide apartments for only.

But it also offers commercial and medical units and pharmacies, serving all residents of

the New Capital and enjoying the latest modern technology.

Just as it  consider a fertile land that offers the best environmental conditions for real estate

investment due to its being planned that gives a healthy atmosphere and

the general atmosphere away from any pollutants.

Just as the largest central park in the world was established, in addition to that

the most important and prominent landmark represented by the Green River.

Which is 35 km long, which plays the role of linking the various neighborhoods of

the New Administrative Capital.

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