De joia New Administrative Capital city

De joia New Administrative Capital city
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De joia New Administrative Capital city of the Taj Egypt Foundation

Through the compound, it provides you with this pioneering establishment, the tiring real estate

equation, represented by the highest degree and standard of apartments, with the smallest costs

and the longest years of payment,

The privileged location is in the 8 residential neighborhood, next to the service area,

and now let’s get acquainted with the most important details that will interest you

about the  project by air.

The location of De joia New Administrative Capital city:

The location of the Compound de Joya, the Administrative Capital, is in the 8th residential

neighborhood, the owner of the unique location.

The Egypt Taj Foundation selected the plot of land (B2); Because it is distinguished by its location

on the corner, on 3 main streets, with a width of seventy meters.

The Dejoia project location has a luxurious view of the diplomatic quarter,

and is next to the area of ​​services available in the neighborhood, and is located next to

the tourist walkway.

It is next to the Green River, the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and next to the exhibition

grounds, the Cathedral, the City of Arts and Culture, and the Opera House,

It is located next to the government district and the presidential venue.

So whatever you wish; You will find it around you in the compound of De joya,

the administrative capital, and its location has been chosen; In the style that is

accompanied by easy access to and from the project.

De joia - New Administrative Capital city

Services and spaces in De joia New Administrative Capital city:

The designs of the units are elegant and tasteful, and  attach to large terraces;

To enjoy the clean air and the sunshine.

In addition to that, the buildings  divide, which is very distinctive to be an amazing

view of the most beautiful green spaces, and water fountains.

Only about 21% of the total area has been allocated to the project. For construction,

and the rest of the project area is designated for the entertainment of the owners.

Whether through the vastly distinguished landscape, with its green spaces, fountains,

and water bodies, or the rest of the services that the project provides.

Services of De joia New Administrative Capital city Compound:

  • There is an integrated entertainment place for children; It encourages them to develop their skills,

and encourages them to be creative.

  • Integrated security services are available, with a modern, advanced camera monitoring system.
  • There is a solar powered lighting system.
  • A swimming pool is available in De Joya new capital compound.
  • There are large green areas, with a number of aesthetic water formations in between.
  • Trails for exercise and cycling are available.
  • There is a private garage under the ground.
  • A service roof is available on the roofs of the buildings, providing a number of

wonderful sessions in the open winds.

  • There are 2 clubhouses, including a gym, spa, gym, and a ladies’ pool.
  • Aquarium available.
  • There is an integrated commercial space.

De joia - New Administrative Capital city

Residential units spaces in the compound:

The units within the De Joya New Capital compound vary between studios –

residential units – duplex villas.

Units are provided in different sizes. In order for the investor to choose the best fit

for his needs, and the areas of the Taj Egypt Administrative Capital project are represented

in the next:

There are small residential units, “studios”, with spaces ranging from seventy to eighty square meters.

There are residential units with spaces ranging from 85 to two hundred.

Duplex villas are available in 310 square meters and 410 square meters.

All residential units in the compound enjoy a luxurious view of the most beautiful,

excellent natural views;

To give the angel silence, and psychological comfort.

Prices and payment systems in De joia compound:

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation provides you with the value of

a square meter within the De Joya new capital compound, starting from 9,000 pounds.

The units are 1/2 finished, and the cost of the house will be in total with that price. Great fit,

and within everyone’s reach.

Prices are one of the most important features of the compound, as they  consider optimal.

Especially when you compare it with how many services you will get inside it.

In addition to that, the best location, a privileged location within the 8th district,

and around you are the most worthy residential projects in the Administrative Capital.

Payment systems of De joia New Administrative Capital city:

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation provides a number of highly

concessional payment systems, which will contribute to easing the efforts of investors.

Payment systems start with a 5% downpayment, and equal installments of up to ten years,

The residential units in De Joya New Capital will be delivered after 4 years of contracting.

The owner business and past business

The commercial establishment that owns the project is the Tap Egypt Real

Estate Development Corporation, which was established in 2006 AD, and it is one

of the Egyptian international real estate companies.

The Taj Misr Foundation provides the most luxurious standard of living; For investors,

therefore, by saving integrated apartments.

Therefore, you will find it constantly cooperating with the best engineering consultancy

offices, and that is why what happened in its latest project, Compound De joya,

the New Administrative Capital.

She hired a consultant for the project, Dr. Medhat Dora (Space Engineering Consulting Office),

which count from the bright names in that field.

De joia - New Administrative Capital city

Previous work of the Egypt Taj Foundation in investment:

The commercial business of Taj Misr Real Estate Development is spread in the Arab Republic

of Egypt and the countries of the Arab region, specifically in the Republic of the State of Qatar.

And about the next most important actions of the Egyptian Foundation:

Projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt:

  • Courts complex in the south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
  • Social sports team for employees of the Central Bank in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, Hodeidah.
  • Compound Diyar General Intelligence in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
  • The Study Project by (M / Hassan Dora) Sheikh Zayed.
  • It established 23 buildings belonging to the army, in the R1 region of the modern administrative capital.
  • It implemented 15 residential towers affiliated with the Modern Urban Communities Authority,

in the R3 area of ​​the New Administrative Capital.

  • De joya, New Capital.
  • It established 3 buildings of various uses, in the R5 area of ​​the New Administrative Capital.
  • Greens project for the Foundation (M / Hassan Dora).
  • The American School of Sheikh Zayed.
  • Badr Gardens Project.
  • The headquarters of BLOM Bank Egypt.
  • Just as the Egyptian Foundation has a group of residential towers in the Arab Republic

of Egypt, including:

  • There are 1 residential commercial and administrative tower in Al Falah Street, Mohandessin.
  • 1 residential commercial, administrative tower, Al-Hijaz Street, Mohandessin.
  • There are 2 towers in Lebanon Street, Mohandessin, commercial and administrative.

As for the projects of the Egyptian Foundation in the Republic of Qatar:

  • Panasonic Tower in the State of Qatar.
  • Premature Twin Towers in the State of Qatar.
  • Al-Hadiya Tower and Al-Saliyah Tower in the State of Qatar.
  • Showroom Hywanda Motors Corporation
  • Al Markhiya Mall in the State of Qatar.

Other projects are also of interest (La Verde New Capital Compound

La Verde the new administrative capital)


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