De Goya- the administrative capital

De Goya- the administrative capital
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De Goya- the administrative capital, is considered one of the works of the Arab Crown Egypt

Real Estate Development Corporation.

The demand for the modern administrative capital is strong, and it is one of the distinguished

real estate institutions to carry out many residential and commercial projects.

Considering its importance in the administrative capital and its distinctiveness in its

strategic location and highly distinguished specifications,

The Arab Crown Misr Company implemented its most distinguished projects in the capital,

in a location with distinctive characteristics significantly.

An overview of the foundation that owns

the De Goya- the administrative capital:

The TAG Foundation is the Arab Republic of Egypt for Real Estate Development and is

considered one of the international Egyptian companies for construction, and it was established in 2006

The Egyptian Company acquires many other establishments in many yards, including: –

  • Landmark Tourism Corporation
  • United Agricultural Investment Company
  • Egyptian Commercial Corporation for Hotel Services
  • Lun Star company in the State of Qatar

The Foundation has created a large number of distinguished and dazzling works that keep

pace with the times, and we realize that through the precedent of actions, and we will get

to know the work of the institution,

The company’s previous work in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Qatar

  • Official projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Courts complex in the south of Cairo, the capital of Egypt
  • The social club for the employees of the Central Bank in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, Hodeidah
  • The Diyar General Intelligence compound in Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt
  • Greens project for a commercial facility (m / Hassan Dora)
  • The American School of Sheikh Zayed
  • Badr Gardens Project
  • BLOM Bank’s main arrangement in the Arab Republic of Egypt is in Cairo, the capital of modern Egypt
  • The Address Compound for a commercial establishment (m / Hassan Dora) Sheikh Zayed
  • 23 buildings belonging to the army were built in the R1 region of the modern administrative capital
  • It has implemented 15 residential towers in support of the Modern Urban Communities Authority

in the R3 area of ​​the modern administrative capital

  • 3 commercial, administrative, and residential buildings in the R5 area of

​​the modern administrative capital

De Goya- the administrative capital

Just as the Egyptian Foundation has a set of residential towers in the Arab Republic

of Egypt, including: –

  • There are 2 towers in Lebanon Street, Mohandessin, Commercial and Administrative
  • It contains 1 residential commercial, administrative tower, Al Falah Street, Mohandessin
  • There are 1 residential commercial and administrative tower in Al-Hejaz Street, Mohandessin.

Projects in the Republic of Qatar

  • Panasonic Tower in the State of Qatar
  • Showroom Hywanda Motors Corporation
  • Al Markhiya Mall in the State of Qatar
  • Early Twin Towers in the State of Qatar
  • Al-Hadiya Tower and Al-Saliyah Tower in the State of Qatar.
  • As it also has the Egyptian Foundation, the Snap Foundation in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

and it stood on its feet by finishing and brushing each of the following:

  • Sheraton Dreamland
  • Movenpick cruise ship in Luxor
  • Just as the Egyptian Foundation has also promoted:
  • Sultanate of Oman tower in Zamalek
  • Villa Samih Sawiris, Zamalek, in arrangement with Orascom Construction

The owner organization is also carrying out a project with distinguished specifications in the heart

of the new administrative capital, with a very privileged location, and this is what we are

used to from the Arab Crown Egypt Foundation for Real Estate Development

It always implements a project with distinct and varied specifications, and the company

constantly dazzles us with its work.

Information on the location of the De Goya- the administrative capital:

The Foundation was distinguished by choosing the project location in an area with distinct

and very vital characteristics.

De Goia, the Administrative Capital, will be in the best places in the Administrative Capital,

with an immediate view of the Al Sefarat neighborhood,

It is located in 44 meters street, and under it is a street of eighty meters, and the right of

the project is a street with eighty square meters.

It has a view facing the tourist walkway in the area of ​​the 8th district in area R8, plot B2,

It is located near or next to the diplomatic quarter, just as it is near the fairgrounds,

near the main Bin Zayed axis, the presidential palace and the Green River.

The De Goya project, the administrative capital, is distinguished by its location next to

the diplomatic town and many services within the capital, and one of the most important

locations in the unique capital

De Goya- the administrative capital

Learn more about the location of the De Goia New Capital project:

The residential project de Goya, the administrative capital, will be in the heart of

the new administrative capital, on a place of 23.5 acres.

The area was distributed in a distinctive way, largely between twenty% of residential buildings,

The rest of the place will be distributed between green spaces, services, infrastructure and landscapes

The Arab Taj Foundation for Investment is distinguished by the fact that it has provided

a group of various and different spaces and prices commensurate with all.

The spaces in the De Goia New Capital project are divided into apartments for sale

in installments, as they are:

(Residential units, studios, duplexes) The most important characteristic of the project

is its luxurious units that suit all tastes.

Designs of De Goya- the administrative capital:

De Goya, the administrative capital, was designed with the most luxurious and

best international engineering designs,

As it works all the time, Taj Misr Foundation to provide internal and external planning

for the units in a distinct manner to suit all tastes.

The Foundation implemented the De Goya project, the administrative capital,

with the help of the engineering consultant office / Medhat Dora,

as a large number of specialists and consultants participated,

To participate in the implementation of the project in a unique style and a decent image,

and the advantage of the Dy Compound through the capital’s air is that it is a complete Super Lux

Prices and spaces of the De Joya New Capital project:

The owner organization, which is the Taj Foundation of the Arab Republic of Egypt,

for the De Goia administrative capital project, allows you to have a number of different

designs and spaces in the apartments.

To suit everyone because it contains a wide range of residential units and duplexes

with various areas in installments and various payment systems.

Fit all and 1/2 finished and fully finished,

The De Joya Administrative Capital project provides spaces and prices that are divided

between two bedrooms, a bathroom, and 3 bedrooms,

Here are all the details as follows:

_ There is a studio space in the lowest studio of seventy square meters, consisting of one bedroom,

and the price starts from 905,000 EGP.

_ The residential units’ spaces start from 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and their areas reach 108 meters.

128 meters, 143 meters, consisting of 3 bedrooms, price starts from 1,400,000 EGP.

_ The area of ​​residential units starts with 4 sleeping halls of two hundred square meters, 205 meters.

_ The areas of the duplexes vary between three hundred and four hundred meters.

_ And the price in the De Air Project starts from the value per square meter,

with a value of 8,500, up to a value of 9,500 meters.

_ And the delivery of units ends 1/2 termination and the possibility of termination remains with

the disbursement of the difference and with unique adaptations as well.

_ The repair deposit for a D-project in the air is 8%

Payment systems and payment methods, De Joya New Capital project:

There are different payment systems that suit all provided by the owner organization in order

to give you the freedom to choose what suits you.

Payment systems vary within the De Joya New Capital project, whether without a provider or

with a down payment, and you have the right to choose what suits you as follows

There is the first method:

Without downpayment and the rest over 7 years without interest, equal installments,

and without benefits.

The second method is available:

It is by paying a 5% downpayment and the rest of the amount will be paid in installments

over 8 years without equal installments.

There is the third method:

The contract is with a down payment of ten% of the unit cost and the rest in installments

over 9 years without interest and in equal installments.

Services of the De Goya project, the administrative capital:

The De Joya New Capital project gives you a variety of services and a number of infrastructure

and features.

The project is distinguished from others from any newer project that it meets the various requests

and needs of everyone, and the institution provides you with many services and features,

And it contains an infrastructure to meet the needs of all investors and is characterized

by many features,

The most important of those features include the following:

It provided green spaces and landscapes to give air conditions of sophistication and prosperity

within the compound.

There is a strip mall for the compound that keeps international brands and brands.

De Goya, the administrative capital, contains a Clubhouse.

There is a garage and walkway.

It contains a sports club and a massive social team to practice your favorite sport without having

to leave the compound.

There is security and guarding throughout the day, and a full system of surveillance cameras

is provided in all locations in the compound.

It contains a place for children to entertain in order to allow the children to

enjoy the best weather conditions and the garden available with a project.

There is the De Goya project, the administrative capital, for a track or a running and walking course.

De Goya, the administrative capital, contains security and guarding

There is a spa, gym and jacuzzi

It contains a huge commercial place that contains abundant commercial shops in which

all international brands are located.

There is a private garage under the ground.

It contains swimming pools to suit all individuals and artificial lakes.

There are cafes and restaurants that give the best degree and standard of services.

De Goya- the administrative capital

Information about De Goya, the administrative capital

The compound will have distinct engineering designs that differ from other projects in the capital,

Because Taj Misr Foundation in the Arab Republic of Egypt has used the largest engineering

institutions to implement the project to the fullest and on the modern,

wonderful and unique appearance.

It is a mixture of magic and reality with us.

You will inhabit a life like no other.

in addition, You will find it from the beginning of the privacy that you always searched for

you and your family.

You will live in the best and most prominent project in the capital, De Goia,

the administrative capital, with the best payment methods, all of this, in the interest of

the company for the comfort of the investor.

The compound is also distinguished by its unique location in the heart of the modern

administrative capital, as its location made the compound benefit from all the features in the capital.

A brief overview of the modern administrative capital

It is considered a modern project that was established by the Egyptian state administration

and was disclosed by the Egyptian authority at the Egyptian Investment Development

Conference in 2015.

It is a large project built on an area of ​​170,000 acres, which is a huge area equivalent to the region

of the Republic of Singapore.

The project was established to work on the development of Egyptian investment,

and it is located on the Cairo-Ain Sokhna desert road along the settlement, Badr City,

Mostakbal City and El Shorouk City

The new capital has become the city of dreams that transforms the concept of living

in the Arab Republic of Egypt

A wide range of services are available to meet the needs of the people and provide

entertainment services such as:

  • Amusement Park
  • Educational services such as international universities and international schools
  • Medical city
  • Presidential Palace
  • Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque
  • Cathedral Church
  • A district for the ministries and contains a main headquarters for the ministries
  • Business and money area
  • Airfield International
  • Conference venue
  • Sport club
  • The diplomatic district
  • The central park is known as the Green River
  • A railway linking the capital and the railway lines
  • An electric metro linking the capital and the town of the 10

De Goya, the administrative capital

Modern residential projects with distinct specifications have been established to increase

sophistication and prosperity, in addition to complete recreation and privacy.

Living in the De Goya project, the Administrative Capital, provides a climate of pleasure

and a high standard of sophistication and majesty among the most prestigious projects in

the new real estate market.

Within De Joya, the New Capital, if you are looking for a different and unique location,

then this compound is the best for you and your family.

Own this moment your unit in an Egyptian residential compound that is finished in

the shape of an European Your apartment with us is not any other apartment and the prices

and units are distinct

Book this moment for your residence and installment of your apartment and own in Amiz

compounds in the capital with an integrated project with services and facilities from

the best institutions in real estate development.

Own in the scope of a project and in installments and multiple payment systems and in

installments that suit you and your family.

The project will be one of the projects with distinguished specifications, elegant,

and the best strategies and the largest percentage of green spaces in the project.

If you are looking for privacy and psychological comfort within the region and even

the picturesque view,

So stop searching this moment because you found what you are looking for,

so seize the opportunity this moment and own the right unit for you and your family in

the De Goya project, the administrative capital.

Other projects are also of interest (La verde the administrative capitalLa verde capital)


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