Compound Eastown New Cairo

Compound Eastown New Cairo
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Compound Eastown New Cairois located on the 90th Street immediately in New Cairo City and next to the American University,

As a result of its location, it is one of the best economic opportunities in the current era It is located on an area of ​​two hundred acres,

and the project provides residential units and duplexes With high-end commercial space

and residential units for sale in New Cairo And residential units installments in New Cairo.

The Foundation gave priority to the green spaces and natural views of the project

By forming the green walkway that bypasses through the heart of East Town

It passes through the club that takes place in the middle of the project on an 8-acre area.

The location of Eastown compound new cairo:

Eastown compound new cairo is located on the Teseen Street immediately It is near the American University,

about ten minutes from Cairo Festival City, As it is about a quarter of an hour away

from the new administrative capital, It is separat from Nasr town by about a quarter of an hour,

a quarter of an hour from Heliopolis.

Just as the beginning of the current period, the new reservation for the project is open on the ninetieth immediately.

Eastown compound new cairo

Compound Eastown New Cairo

Eastown compound new cairo Services:

Eastown compound new cairo mixes many and many integrated services In addition to there are

recreational services that require To it the large number of individuals

in the place of a person without the need for context

To other parts to obtain the highest, as for the necessary services From commercial centers, educational schools

and medical services, they are available And at the highest level of sophistication.

Eastown compound new cairo

combines many ways of entertainment required by children, every family constantly searches

for a safe home for its children They can play in it and ride bikes safely and without panic.

Also, the benefit of the East Town project saved safe gardens

Planted with weeds, roses and flowers While ensuring that vehicles do not pass with the aim of children

It combines a wide variety of restaurants and cafes in Eastown Compound It suits all tastes, there are eastern

and western restaurants.

Major commercial centers operate during the day without interruption It has everything a family needs.

Ladies gymnasium.

Compound Eastown New Cairo

Beauty centers for women and men run by expert professionals.

The developer in the compound provided gardens for children’s play.

In Eastown New Cairo, there are gyms for men.

Sauna for men and women.

Various swimming pools of different quantities and common in the rest of the compound.

Green spaces to enjoy the charming nature.

The status of vehicles for residents of the compound.

Club House.

Security and guarding The facades of the project are made of reflective glass.

Divisions for several banks and banknote payment machines.

Specialized educational schools for all educational levels.

Ease of access to universities, In addition especially the American University.

Walking areas.

around cycling.

cultural centers.


Elevators for all residential properties

Eastown compound new cairo

Compound Eastown New Cairo

Units Spaces in Eastown compound new cairo:

The area of ​​the residential units varies from one residence to another It starts from 130 meters

and reaches 220 meters, Be fully complet on the highest rate of new layouts

Developed by international engineering institutions To ensure the highest degree

and standard of sophistication and tenderness in modern layouts Which offers peace

and security to its residents It is possible to enjoy the comfort and tranquility by dividing the distinctive lighting.

Payment systems in the Eastown project:

The facilities of Eastown compound new cairo

offer payment services The prices of the housing units is in line with the investors’ dormancy

A front-side payment of 10% can be paid.

After four months, the disbursement of another ten percent is written off.

And after the passage of 6 months, In addition the payment of 10% and the installments of the rest over 4 years will completed.

Note that the receipt after 6 months.

Eastown compound new cairo

Compound Eastown New Cairo

Features of New Cairo City:

The city of New Cairo is one of Also The largest and finest cities In addition to in Cairo Governorate,

Its area is estimated at About seventy thousand acres, And it consists of many residential gatherings,

The largest of which is the 5th Settlement.

In addition to that, Al-Rehab, Madinaty, the Greater Settlement, In addition to the 3rd Settlement, and others.

Also the city is located in the eastern arc Of Cairo, to the east of the Ring Road Also In the limited distance

Between Cairo – Suez Desert Also Kattameya – Ain Sokhna Road.

New Cairo is distinguished by Also it’s amazing distribution and planning

Compared to the rest of Cairo’s neighborhoods, Also its streets are wide and quiet

The decline in the population increase In addition to Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods are Considered high-end neighborhoods.

It is bordered by the main roads Linking the neighborhoods And areas of that city to the capital

In addition to other governorates, There is Eastown compound new cairo.

Compound Eastown New Cairo

It provides them with access to The large number of neighborhoods In the center of the capital

As soon as possible, Especially with the continuous development That the road network is witnessing.

The 5th settlement is border In addition to by the ring road That surrounds the entire capital.

Through it, it is possible to reach A lot of different parts, And the NA road that connects

In addition to the people of New Cairo Nasr City area by passing

Also through some of its vital In addition to main streets It connects it in the city of Mokattam

In addition to from it to the center of the Republic And in view of the growing city of New Cairo,

You will enjoy a nicer atmosphere than Cairo It is less than five degrees Celsius.

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