Compound Cleo East New Cairo

Compound Cleo East New Cairo
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Compound Cleo East New Cairo This Spanish-style home complex features a U-shape design centered around an outdoor fountain and also fertilized with an extension of the garden as well as a patio integrated into part of the living space.

Compound Cleo East New Cairo :

Cleo East’s miniature compound beautifully and effortlessly blends form and function with materials as well as features that keep the home’s design elegant in order to meet the needs of luxury seekers.

This Spanish-style home complex features a U-shape design centered around an outdoor fountain and also fertilized with an extension of the garden as well as a patio integrated into part of the living space.

Compound Cleo East New Cairo

Information about Cleo East New Cairo :

Spanish-style Cleo East features a U-shaped design

Centered around an outdoor fountain and also rich in vast green spaces

With different living spaces designed according to the latest aspects of your lifestyle, with a sweeping view of the vast green spaces in order to achieve an environment that suits your needs.

Compound Cleo East New Cairo

Cleo East New Cairo location:

Strategic location located in the heart of New Cairo, easily accessible via many main roads and very close to world-class international shopping malls as well as universities as well as international schools as well as hospitals.

  • 10 minutes drive from Cairo airport.
  • 5 minutes for new capital.
  • 10 minutes to the American University in Cairo campus
  • Less than 15 minutes drive to Heliopolis

Cleo East New Cairo Compound services :

  • 24/7 security
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Fountain
  • gardens
  • garage
  • storage area
  • Water tank

Cleo East New Cairo units:

Various units, apartments, duplexes, and villas, with spaces starting from 193 square meters

Compound Cleo East New Cairo

Cleo East New Cairo prices:

The prices of Clio East Compound New Cairo are among the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many services and also the facilities available within the compound, which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for the residents of the compound so that customers enjoy the greatest possible health life as well as comfort As well as luxury.

Payment methods in Cleo East New Cairo:

  • 30% down payment and installments over 3 years

The company that owns Cleo East New Cairo :

Cleopatra Real Estate is considered the strongest brand of Cleopatra Group, which is considered one of the most important and prestigious private companies in the Middle East, which always seeks to establish new and pioneering projects. Most of Cleopatra’s real estate projects, whether in El Shorouk, Sheikh Zayed, Nasr City or Alexandria, Cleopatra was keen The real estate has diversification in building methods as well as architectural systems.

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and therefore they are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Compound Cleo East New Cairo

Fifth Settlement .. Various choices for many budgets

We find that the Fifth Settlement neighborhood combines apartments of residential units, villas, studios, and duplexes at varying costs that suit all segments of customers, the sons of Egypt.

The 5th settlement combines all the elements of high-end life from the advantage, calmness, super lux services, unique facilities, and a middle atmosphere in summer to increase the area above sea level.

Diversity of rates of residents motivates the purchase process and its diversity, especially as it makes fertile environmental conditions for investors, who accept to buy their commercial and administrative units in the 5th settlement.

Clio East Compound New Cairo

Business and Trade Opportunities in the Fifth Settlement

Before deciding to establish your business or shop, you should study the area and with regard to commercial projects, one of the reasons for the superiority of any project is the presence of segments of followers and customers who are able to pay and buy, in addition to the diversity of the rates of the people in the 5th settlement between the average, above the middle and high, and the increasing population there The large number of institutions and commercial areas with its employees and workers. The assembly is also characterized by the presence of many specialized and international schools and universities, and the students of these companies constitute a huge crowd for restaurants, cafes, libraries of study tools, and so on.

Some schools in the Fifth Settlement:

  • Concorde French School.
  • American International School.
  • German school.
  • Canadian School.
  • Egyptian School of Languages.
  • The International School of Choueifat.
  • Manorhouse International School.

Fifth Settlement Universities:

  • German University.
  • American University.
  • Future university.
  • New Cairo Academy.
  • Canadian University.
  • police Academy.
  • Clio East Compound New Cairo

Among the most famous malls in the 5th settlement:

One of the good ideas if you intend to buy a modern shop or restaurant is to buy or rent the store in a mall or a huge commercial market, as you will have good services for your project in addition to the fact that your project will be a shop that meets the huge number of mall guests.

Due to the increasing degree and standard of living of the residents of the 5th settlement, major malls with different products have appeared to meet the needs of the residents and prevent them from shopping outside the city. Most of these malls are:

Cairo Festival Mall:

It is one of the most popular malls in the 5th Settlement, for its location at the ring intersection with the Teseen Street in the south of the Security Forces Academy; Which makes it the direction of the residents of the 5th settlement from different neighborhoods.

The mall offers services with distinct specifications, the most important of which are:

  • Various shops between international brand clothing stores such as H&M and ZARA, and home and electronics stores.
  • Restaurants serving international delicacies, you will find oriental and western food.
  • cinemas
  • Dedicated areas for children.
  • Putting vehicles in front of the mall to prevent overcrowding.
  • National Bank branch.
  • Quiet location with dancing fountain and relaxing music for relaxation.

Clio East Compound New Cairo

Clio East Compound New Cairo

Downtown Mall:

Near Cairo Festival Mall, the first 90th Street.

The Downtown Mall is characterized by the diversity of its goods and the availability of international brands, among its most services:

  • The most famous restaurants and cafes such as Starbucks and Bowl, in addition to a large number of famous restaurants.
  • Exchange offices.
  • Clothes and supplies stores.
  • Shops for selling international brands.
  • An entertaining place for children and adults called ESCAPE
  • The value of shops for sale in the Downtown Mall starts at 30 thousand pounds per square meter.

Clio East Compound New Cairo

Centro Mall:

The mall enjoys a distinguished location at the northern and southern 90th intersection, in front of the American University; Which explains the increase in purchasing power by targeting a large segment of the residents of the Fifth Settlement.

The mall consists of a ground floor for shops, and the upper floors for institutions and administrative offices.

Services with distinct specifications that you will only find in Centro Mall:

  • There is a swimming pool and garden above the mall, next to cafes and restaurants.
  • Infrastructure on the highest rate of instant elevators and housekeeping.
  • A garage to deter the accumulation of vehicles in the face of the mall.
  • Gym.
  • The value of a square meter of shops for sale reaches 58 thousand pounds, while the cost of a square meter of administrative offices is 37 thousand pounds.

Clio East Compound New Cairo

The most important features of New Cairo:

Distinguished design and planning for streets and residential complexes.

The number of residents is low, and there is no traffic congestion, as it is in the center of Cairo.

Availability of all public services and facilities: «Commercial shops, malls, hospitals, schools, specialized universities … etc».

Wide green spaces for homes and compounds.

Provides transportation and its proximity to main roads and axes such as the ring road.

Landmarks in New Cairo:

Famous malls such as: “Cairo Festival, Concorde Plaza…”.

The most famous designated universities such as: “American University, Canadian University, German University, Security Forces Academy…”

The most famous sports clubs such as: “Petrosport Playground Land, Wadi Degla Sports Team, Al-Zohour Team…”

Clio East Compound New Cairo

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