City oval compound new capital

City oval compound new capital
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City oval compound new capital is the new project of Master Group for Real Estate Development, and it is an integrated complex

With services and facilities.

One of the company’s latest projects,

And it may be announced in the future,

In addition to the ceremony will take place.

City oval compound new capital

The location of City oval new capital:

The project is located in the most prominent locations

In addition to geographical area,

The investment of the City Oval compound

In the new capital is approaching 6 billion pounds,

It is one of the newest real estate

Investment companies in the country.

It is committed to bringing

New urban development to it.

Unique projects and general solutions

To congestion and traffic crises

In the real estate sector,

Be away from crowds

And unique entertainment places.

Also City oval new capital is located

In the seventh residential area R7,

Plot F1, the Dubai Mall, Central Park

And in front of the Swedish University,

Be near the government district,

The diplomatic district

And the presidential palace,

It overlooks the Green River,

Including all areas of Greater Cairo

It is also the new administrative capital

And as the most luxurious

Integrated residential investment city

It contains many advantages and disadvantages.

Also it works to support the Egyptian community

In the Arab Republic of Egypt

And move it towards a better future.

The space of City oval compound new capital:

City oval compound new capital is characterized

By being built in a unique area,

Because it is built on 37 acres of

In addition to land and is about 12 meters high

Above ground into different units,

Single family villas,

Double rooms, one bedroom,

Luxurious one and three bedroom apartments

In addition to suitable for everyone to live in.

Most of the space is covered with greenery,

Landscaping and intricate design.

The design of City oval compound new capital:

City Oval New Capital was designed

And found that the company owns the project,

The main real estate development group,

In addition to added creative colors,

Also committed to integrating British

And European culture into modern Egyptian society

In Western urbanization and modernization,

Which gives the best landscape

As the new administrative capital of the city.

In addition to the oval project adopts the latest

And most distinct engineering design.

Also the goal is to start a new vibrant life

In the heart of the modern administrative capital.

Interesting buildings decorated with colorful flowers,

And change the concept of nature in a new way

In addition to achieve the ideals of society.

The social balance is in a better way,

At the highest elevation in the R7 area,

In addition to City oval compound new capital

Also allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature

The enchanting feeling of calm,

Privacy, psychological comfort and well-being,

Achieving a decent standard of living,

This prompted the company to get the project hired

By a group of engineers,

Experts and consultants

They completed this perfect

In addition to outstanding work,

And they carried out the excavation

In addition to construction works

With the help of IHAF Company,

City number 5 in the world

City oval compound new capital

City oval compound new capital Services:

There is a series of distinctive entertainment services,

Which differ from others,

The public utilities are also inseparable from it.

The following are the most important services

In addition to that represent the oval city complex,

The new administrative capital, which are:

City oval compound new capital is completely

In addition to dependent on the landscape

The green of colorful flowers, dense trees,

Dazzling mountains and rivers,

Flower beds are spread around the residential buildings

Also in each area of ​​the project,

Breathing in the picturesque nature,

In addition to the British Western culture,

On the course golf complex

With the best landscape offers swimming pools,

Also including children’s pools

And their own jacuzzi, smart home systems,

In addition to Cleaning and laundry services are

Available to all residents,

There are children’s areas and large shopping centers

That combines a number of shopping centers

And most of them serve the shops of famous brands

In addition to international brands

All residents of the project

In general, the private security coffee corner

Overlooks the entire new administrative capital

Relative to the swimming pool, lounges,

Restaurants, cafes and other services.

Other services in City oval compound new capital:

There is a celebration and annual holiday area,

In addition to there is a walkway for walking, sitting,

Also cycling and practicing various sports,

There is an artificial crystal lake,

In addition to meditation area available

There is space for reading and co-working,

Changing room available.

There are spotlights,

Jacuzzi available

In addition to there is a fitness club,

The club and the sports stadium provide security

And guarding 24 hours a day, seven days a week

To ensure the safety of the entire project

And all parts of the City oval new capital,

There are many other services and other services

Which meets all the needs of

The residents of the compound

In addition to other services

You can enjoy all the functions,

In addition to services and needs of the compound

And what you need from beautiful landscapes

Also in your daily life,

Which is characterized by calm and tranquility

In addition to more privacy, dazzling landscaping,

And an inclusive community for the area’s residents.

The investment and savings opportunities made

It attract the attention of many customers

And developed a comprehensive plan

To export high-quality real estate in Egypt.

the prices ofCity oval compound new capital :

The City oval new capital is divided

Into residential units and different areas,

Including apartment area, azalea area,

Independent villa area,

In addition to bougainvillea,

Also twin house space

The finishing has been completed

In all the residential units,

Ultra Super Lux, equipped with air conditioning,

It is characterized by various residential units in the area,

The prices, area and rice of

Each range from 14 thousand pounds

To 16 thousand pounds.

Customer can freely choose suitable unit,

99 square meters apartment,

Available price starts from 1.572.000 pounds,

In addition to there is a 10% discount,

The unit is a ground floor apartment

Of 123 m² with a garden of 26 m²,

Available price starts from 2,077,000 EGP

There is 10% of the amount of the twin house

With an area of ​​298 square meters

The price will be from 10 million Egyptian pounds

Available area of ​​380 square meters independent villa

There is a 10% maintenance deposit.

City oval compound new capital

About the owner company:

Master Group for Real Estate Development is one

Of the main companies

In the Egyptian real estate market,

The company was established in 2015

By the Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Mr. Mohamed Lashin.

In addition to they are Master Group and Egy Master.

The company brings more development and innovation,

And the future is full of hope and more attractive.

Egyptian real estate will

Also help fulfill all clients’ needs.

In addition to The Company is also striving

To expand abroad through Oxford,

Which has branches in Dubai,

United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait,

She is responsible for marketing the group’s projects

In Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,

Be in addition to other branches

Of the company in European countries and abroad,

The Master Group is negotiating the purchase

Of a plot of land in Ras Sidr,

In addition to Sinai Governorate.

Mr. Mohamed Mounir,

Vice Chairman of Master Group said,

City oval compound new capital has more

In addition to more customers.

The head of the company’s marketing department,

Mr. Mohamed El-Khouly, explained that the Master Group

Always striving to achieve external

And internal communication,

In addition to Master Group projects

For real estate development:

Implemented a number of

Unique giant investment projects

In addition to it is a master group project

For real estate development.

In addition to City oval compound new capital

Ibiza Chill Out Ain Sokhna Village

The City Valley project, the new administrative capital

Investment in the new administrative capital:

City Oval New Capital is one of

In addition to the largest and best projects

Also the first important investment in the complex,

Because it includes a group

Of distinct independent villas,

Standalone villas and twin houses,

There is a difference in space

Is that these units feature a world class design

In addition to huge buildings

Also elegant foreign architectural designs,

And because it is characterized by calm

In addition to serenity, it is a good place for you.

Also Modern urban development has unique projects,

Including unique luxury residential units,

Which is being built on 37 acres at the same time.

City oval compound new capital

Also which achieves the future vision

For the Egyptian real estate market

And a balanced urban environment,

Because it is a distinctive residential city

In addition to occupies the forefront in the shadow

Of an equivalent comprehensive residential

Community adopted by MasterCard.

Set towards a new life full of luxury and vitality,

In addition to we have achieved positive results,

At the same time, we also mentioned

In addition to that the New Administrative Capital

Is one of the most worthy cities

With investment such as New Cairo,

In addition to New Alamein,

North Coast and Ain Sokhna.

10% down payment and installments

Up to 10 years without interest

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