Cairo festival city compound new cairo

Cairo festival city compound new cairo
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Cairo Festival City Compound is one of the most important real estate projects, located in the heart of New Cairo, with integrated services and facilities.

Which gives you the utmost sophistication

and luxury away from the congestion

and pollution of the capital,

Many investors have booked

their residential units in the heart

of this large project.Cairo festival city compound new cairo

The Location of Cairo festival city:

The real estate developer of

Cairo festival city compound new cairo

On choosing a significantly unique location

with the aim of living that project

The site is considered one of

the most attractive features

for the investor of the project.

This is why Cairo Festival City Compound

takes place in the heart of New Cairo

It is specifically inside

the spoiled neighborhood

of the 5th settlement,

with an immediate view

of the 90th Street in the south,

In addition to it takes place

next to the main methods

and axes that facilitate

access to the compound, such as:

Cairo festival city compound new cairo

is only five minutes away from Cairo Airport.

It is immediately located on the ring road,

the Rod al-Farag axis,

and the axis of Field Marshal Tantawi.

It is no more than 1/4 hour away

from Nasr Town and Heliopolis.

It is located close to Lake View Compound,

Katameya Heights,

and Hyde Park Compound.

The project is next to

the famous commercial malls

in the 5th settlement,

such as Downtown and Point Ninety.

It is a few minutes away

from the American University

and the German University.

The area of Cairo festival city:

Cairo festival city compound new cairo

has been established on a vast area

It reaches 750 acres,

equivalent to 2.5 million square meters

It is a very large area significantly,

has been allocated

the area of ​​330 acres for

the purpose of establishing apartments.

Allocating the rest of the area

for the purpose of administrative

and commercial units,

With caution and scrutiny

to allocate a great area for the purpose

of green spaces and project services.

Cairo Festival City compound combines

a lot of different apartments

such as “standalone villas,

Residential units, townhouses,

in addition to commercial

and administrative units.

Care has been taken to

check the diversity of the units’ spaces

Therefore, in order to suit the needs

and desires of all investors.

Cairo festival city compound new cairo

Cairo festival city new cairo Services:

The Cairo Festival City compound is

considered a very unique investment possibility,

This is because it is considered

an integrated project

that provides you with a large number

of infrastructure and services

Which it lacks

in addition to the entertainment,

which are represented in the following:

Cairo Festival City includes large commercial malls

It is built on an area of ​​160,000 square meters.

Like Hyatt Regency Mall, Cairo Festival City,

Which includes a number of shops

Which provides you with all the brands

and international brands that you are looking for.

Care has been taken to reserve a place

for games intended for children

It contains a lot of games

that suit their company,

In addition to it is fully secured

in order to guard the children.

The project offers you a number

of vehicle exhibitions

And practice offices have been equipped

to the highest rate.

Spaces have been allocated

for walking and jogging

In safe courses far from the course of the vehicles.

The presence of a clubhouse

that includes the latest machinery

and equipment

that are suitable for various sports

initiatives such as “football fields,

Tennis, basketball, volleyball

and other sports.

It mixes the Cairo Festival City compound

2 4-star hotels with 250 rooms,

The other is five-star rated

and combines 450 rooms.

Security and guard support works all the time

with the latest international surveillance cameras.

The spread of green spaces

in all areas of the project

In addition, there are swimming pools

and various artificial lakes.

The compound offers you

the Ais International School

in order to ensure a high educational rate

for the children.

Cairo festival city compound new cairo

includes a very large commercial area

It contains with it a lot of specialized shops

to save the daily needs of the people.

The presence of a number

of specialized garages for used cars

To protect and preserve

the external body of the compound.

The presence of a number

of different restaurants and cafes.

Payment systems in Cairo festival city:

The real estate developer has been

keen to put a lot of easy payment systems

In order to meet the wishes

and needs of investors,

Therefore, you can pay the unit cost

in scheduled installments

and from among the following payment systems:

You can spend a 10% reservation

down payment and a written agreement 10%,

10% upon receipt

and the rest in installments over 8 years.

Just as you can spend

a ten percent reservation advance

and a ten percent contract has been concluded,

10% upon receipt

and the rest in installments over 5 years.

The real estate developer has decided

to deliver the units with full or 1/2 finishes.

The company of Cairo festival city:

Cairo festival city compound new cairo

is one of the major projects

The establishment of which is terminated

by the Al-Futtaim Real Estate Corporation

Omar Al-Futtaim, of the Emirati nationality,

He is an agent for Toyota, Honda

and Marks & Spencer cars

in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Also Holiday Inn hotels.

Cairo festival city compound new cairo

Features of New Cairo City:

The city of New Cairo is one of

Also The largest and finest cities

In addition to in Cairo Governorate,

Its area is estimated at

About seventy thousand acres,

And it consists of many residential gatherings,

The largest of which is the 5th Settlement.

In addition to that, Al-Rehab,

Madinaty, the Greater Settlement,

In addition to the 3rd Settlement, and others.

Also the city is located in the eastern arc

Of Cairo, to the east of the Ring Road

Also In the limited distance

Between Cairo – Suez Desert

Also Kattameya – Ain Sokhna Road.

New Cairo is distinguished by

Also it’s amazing distribution and planning

Compared to the rest of Cairo’s neighborhoods,

Also its streets are wide and quiet

The decline in the population increase

In addition to Most of New Cairo’s neighborhoods are

Considered high-end neighborhoods.

It is bordered by the main roads

Linking the neighborhoods

And areas of that city to the capital

In addition to other governorates,

There is Cairo festival city compound new cairo.

It provides them with access to

The large number of neighborhoods

In the center of the capital

As soon as possible,

Especially with the continuous development

That the road network is witnessing.

The 5th settlement is bordered

In addition to by the ring road

That surrounds the entire capital.

Through it, it is possible to reach

A lot of different parts,

And the NA road that connects

In addition to the people of New Cairo

Nasr City area by passing

Also through some of its vital

In addition to main streets

It connects it in the city of Mokattam

In addition to from it to the center of the Republic

And in view of the growing city of New Cairo,

You will enjoy a nicer atmosphere than Cairo

It is less than five degrees Celsius

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