Blue Vert Compound

Blue Vert Compound
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Blue Vert Compound is located in the New Administrative Capital, which is one of the most

projects during the reign of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and it has the largest park on the planet,

Also available is the largest power station with a capacity of 4800 megawatts, and a group

of towers is the largest in the planet.

There is a global airport on an area of ​​33 km.

in addition, There is a main road network with a length of 650 km.

There are many residential, commercial, administrative and medical projects in it, and it is on

the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed near the Cathedral in the Investors Area.

Blue Vert Compound

Blue Vert Compound:

Blue Vert Compound is located in front of Celia Talaat Mostafa Compound in the heart of

the New Administrative Capital.

It consider one of the distinguished lands of the largest offering. The project is surrounded

by 4 streets and reaches an area of ​​seventy acres.

The design of the project characterize by its presence between the abundant green spaces

to take care of the environmental aspect and the building facades inlaid with blue,

The location enjoys the presence of the mall on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis in the south

and a social club.

The area of ​​the villas is isolated from the area of ​​the buildings

There is a clubhouse

Entertainment and commercial areas are available

There is a social gym, sports and health band

Gym and spa available

There is a mall

in addition, There are restaurants and cafes available in the Blue Vert Compound

There are playgrounds

Swimming pools are available

There is a Kids Area

Security and security available

Blue Vert Compound

In Blue Vert Compound, there are two thousand fully finished residential units with

different models, including:

  • Available residential units of various sizes
  • There are studios
  • Duplex units available
  • There isolate villas
  • Twin villa available
  • There is a townhouse

A built-up area of ​​not more than 18% is available, and the rate of construction is 70%

for buildings and 30% for villas

Residential units areas start from seventy m studios to three hundred m duplexes

The space of the studio housing units ranges from 46: 81 m

The two-room residential units start from 146 m and the 3-bedroom residential units

start from 180 m until 206

Each floor consists of 4 housing units and each building consists of a basement (garage) +

ground floor + 7 consecutively

in addition:-

The villas area enjoy being separated from the buildings and have a private outlet and exit,

and surround by a cordon of high trees

There are ten villas and it consists of a basement, a ground floor, a first floor, and a section

of the roof in place of isolated villas

It characterize by its new facade and the presence of a great green place on which the

isolated villas have been installed.

There are 18 villas, Twin House villas, and they consist of a ground floor, a first floor,

and a section of the roof.

There are seventy villas, townhouses, and they consist of a ground floor, a first floor,

and a section of the roof.

5% down payment is available, after three months 5%, and the rest over 6 years in

equal installments without interest,

The receipt will be in 2023,

The apartments are fully finished inside and out,

There is reception of the villa 1/2 interior and exterior finishing fully finished.

The price per meter starts from 13,900 pounds to 15,000 pounds, super lux finishing.

The additional expenses are a 7% repair deposit, the garage is sixty thousand pounds,

and the team’s subscription is optional.

El Bosco New Administrative Capital next to the Blue Vert Compound:

The compound is a supporter of the MISR Italia Foundation and is located in the heart

of the New Administrative Capital on the main street, Mohammed Bin Zayed, the largest

street in the modern capital, with a width of 125 m.

It faces the Green River and is ten minutes and 50 minutes away from Ain Sokhna Street,

It has the advantage of being built on an area of ​​two hundred acres, and the percentage

of buildings is twenty% and the rest is for services and landscaping

Project services:

  • There are 6 entrances
  • Gym available
  • There are 4 clubs CLUP HOUSE
  • Commercial, entertainment and Central Park space are available
  • There are residential units, twin houses, and standalone villas

Blue Vert Compound

Receipt, Finishing and Installment:

The reception finish in red brick, the entire infrastructure, the facades and the

entrances are wonderful

Or it has been completely received so far 4 years from the date of contracting in 2021 AD

A ten% down payment is available, after three months, 5%, after 3 years, ten%, and

the rest over 6 years, in equal installments

There is a ten% downpayment, after three months, 5%, and the rest over 7 years,

without interest and without a payment, to receive equal installments payments

Available in Blue Vert Compound, 10% down payment after three months, 5% and the

rest over 5 years, ten%

There is a ten% down payment after three months of 5% and the rest over 9 years

in equal installments at a feasibility of 14%

And in the cash payment mode, twenty% is deducted

The price per square meter for residential units starts from 15,000, and for standalone villas,

it starts from 10,000,000

The twin house starts from 6,500,000 EGP and prices vary according to the location and the view.

There is a payment of 8% repair payment with receipt or in installments

Sports squad subscription and parking require.

Midtown Solo New Capital

It was implemented by the Better Home Foundation and is located in the largest investor

placement area near Bosco, behind Talaat Mustafa, next to the cathedral on the central axis.

The project area reaches 66 acres, and the building is on only 18%, and the rest are services

and landscapes, as for the location of the buildings starting from 450 m and the land

is five hundred m,

And the prices start from 8,500,000 pounds to 13,000,000 pounds, and the receipt is so far 3 years,

The finishing shall be from the inside as it is a red brick with complete infrastructure,

and from the outside it shall be fully finished for the facades,

There is a ten% down payment and the rest over 6 years without interest.

And additional expenses 7.5% repair deposit to be paid with scheduled payments or with receipt,

The project characterize by being independent villas for nothing but a variety of models,

and has obtained a ministerial decree, and construction has already begun on the location,

handing over 2021.

Other projects are also of interest (De Joya Meaning

Joya Compound)


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