De Joya Meaning
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De Joya Meaning is one of the most important projects of Taj Misr Foundation for Development

and Real Estate Investment and the most prestigious residential project presented

by it is very distinguished.

It has many and excellent features that make housing in it as an integrated city with all

facilities and services available,

There are immediate payment systems or in long-term installments, and a simple down payment.

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De joya features:

One of the most important features of de joya meaning is over a vast area of ​​23.5 acres,

of which the green place holds the largest share.

The rest is divided between residential buildings, commercial, health, and other service

and entertainment facilities.

The construction takes into account that the residential buildings are in the heart of the green

spaces so that the residents get a degree of comfort and peace.

De joya meaning services:

We provide in the compound all the services that investors require throughout their residence

in it so that they do not have to go outside to fulfill their various needs.

Among those services provided in De Joya meaning compound:

There are commercial malls that contain all household supplies

It contains shops for all international brands of clothes, cars and other supplies.

De Joya MeaningDe Joya Meaning

Egypt Taj Foundation

It is one of the largest Egyptian institutions in implementing modern projects, and it was established

in 2006.

Distinguished projects have been implemented in compounds that compete with international

ones, including:

  • Founded The Address Compound
  • It established the Diyar General Intelligence Compound in Cairo
  • Founded Cairo Court Complex
  • Compound de joya meaning created.

Compound de Goia is considered the most prestigious residential compound in which you can

live in it with unique costs and with different payment methods of different sizes.

Prices and spaces:

De Joya Meaning Compound was established on the European look,

It overlooks large green areas with luxurious industrial water bodies, with low costs and

various payment methods, including:

Available in installments over seven years without paying any down payment.

There is installment over eight years, with 5% of the unit value paid as down payment.

It is available to exchange 5% of the unit cost with the rest of the price being paid in

installments over eight years in equal installments.

Previous works and projects of the Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation:

The Foundation has created many wonderful projects that have won the admiration of all,

and the residence in them has achieved the highest rate of dormancy.

Among those constructions are the army brigades’ buildings in the new administrative capital,

residential towers within the R 3 area of ​​the administrative capital, and other new administrative

and commercial buildings in the administrative capital.

de joya meaning

The compound  designed in an elegant and attractive manner on an area of ​​170 acres,

with the help of the largest foreign engineering specialists who transferred their modern

construction style to the compound.

The compound divided and designed buildings in the British style, including American and

German luxury.

The location of the compound  distinguish in the Administrative Capital, as it is located

in the 8th residential district of the R8 region, as it overlooks the diplomatic district,

It overlooks the tourist walkway of the city and on the other side the Al Sefarat neighborhood.

The units are far from each other and all overlook water bodies and green spaces. In addition,

all services are available near the units.

De Joya is the cheapest compounds that you can buy with it alone, and this is because the unit

costs are suitable for all categories, tastes and the different payment methods that we provide

to the investor.

It will be the most luxurious compound in the capital and overlooks streets reaching eighty meters

wide and many entertainment areas, including:


Swimming pools

Health and sports clubs.

De Joya Meaning

De Goya, the administrative capital

De Joya Meaning Compound contains the most beautiful residential units and the average area is

180 meters, including fully finished and ready for delivery on the brushes,

Including what is 1/2 finishing, we leave the investor to choose the appropriate appearance for

its finishing.

The prices of the units in the compound are the cheapest costs in the capital, as they start from

8750 per square meter and reach 10250 pounds per square meter.

Services of the De Goya project, the administrative capital:

De joya meaning compound has all the services that the investor lacks, including health services,

and it has the largest hospitals and clinics in all branches of specialization,

And there are commercial services, engineering and law offices, in addition to establishing

international schools and nurseries.

Residential units spaces in de joya meaning:

The residential units’ areas in the capital vary between large and medium, so there are no small

and narrow units, and you do not have to worry about the cost of the units.

We take care of the matter and facilitate payment methods. Contact us to obtain the details.

Payment systems and costs in de joya meaning:

The Foundation has provided the prices of residential units and units of all kinds in the compound

at low prices so that everyone can move and live in elegant places.

And they stay away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and a large number of payment systems

are available in installments, reaching up to 9 years with a very simple down payment.

De Goia compound location and headquarters:

De Joya Meaning Compound is in an excellent strategic location, as it overlooks the Presidential

Palace and the main roads in the capital,

And it is located near the tourist and entertainment headquarters in the Administrative Capital,

as the compound directly overlooks the largest embassies.

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