Joya Compound
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Joya Compound is a great edifice launched by Taj Misr Real Estate Development,

and it has many units, whether commercial or administrative,

The compound is distinguished by its amazing and attractive location, which attracts many

individuals in the world to it, as creativity is in its design, architectural form and wonderful appearance.

Joya compound location

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation was keen to choose a distinct strategic

location for Joya Compound,

It is located in the heart of the Administrative Capital in the 8th residential district in

the B2 region, and is located in the Diplomatic Quarter, which is the best neighborhood

in the New Administrative Capital.

Compound de Goia is a privileged, wonderful, and attractive location, with service places

and a central garden, just as it is completely far from crowding, noise and accumulation.

Space of Joya Compound:

The Taj Egypt Real Estate Development Corporation has allowed many commercial stores

of various sizes

Administrative units are available as well as medical, health and cosmetic units, so the investor

does not have to leave him to buy anything that is required of him.

de joya Compound offers the investor all his requirements and needs in the same place.

Joya Compound

Joya Compound Features:

  • Joya Compound is characterized by the engineering creativity in its designs and the design

of the main doors for it.

  • The compound has commercial stores with the best international bonds and the most

famous fashion and gift houses, and it provides all the needs and requirements of the investor

in one place.

  • The interior and exterior designs and décor were done at the highest rate of mastery,

originality, accuracy and technological development to suit different investors.

  • The compound has a gymnasium suitable for adults and children and has a number of polar

animals and birds, so it is an integrated and entertaining city.

Joya compound services:

  • Joya Compound provides logistical services to visitors, investors, owners and owners of

commercial establishments, so that everyone feels a high level of luxury,

  • Among the services it provides are the following:
  • Provides protection at all times so that everyone feels safe and secure.
  • Joya compound has international restaurants with all forms of international and popular

food at the highest rate

  • There are cafes that offer a five-star service job for customers.
  • There are commercial stores with all international bonds, and they offer a variety of gifts and

collectibles from international brands to enjoy high taste and elegance.

  • A walkway is available for individuals who love to walk, and that walkway has been prepared

with all facilities so that the time is fun and entertaining.

  • There are vast green spaces that give the place a luxurious, distinctive and attractive

aesthetic view to make them feel psychological comfort, relaxation, tranquility and calm.

  • There are many artificial water bodies such as fountains, waterfalls, swimming pools, and others.
  • There is a dedicated gymnasium, gym and spa equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Entertainment places available for children

Joya CompoundJoya Compound

The establishment that owns Joya Compound:

It is the Taj Misr Establishment for Real Estate Development, the owner of Joya Compound,

It provided all the services and facilities in the mall so that the customer would not have

to leave the compound and go to buy anything from abroad,

The Taj Misr Establishment for Real Estate Development was established in 2006 and that

institution has other institutions such as:

  • Landmark Tourism Corporation
  • United Agricultural Investment Company
  • The Egyptian Corporation for Hotel Services
  • Lun Star company in the State of Qatar.

Previous projects and works of the Egypt Taj Real Estate Development Corporation:

We find that Taj Misr Real Estate Development has a huge history of great and successful

projects, including the following:

  • Established a court complex in South Cairo
  • Established a social club for the employees of the Central Bank in New Cairo
  • Founded the Compound Diyar General Intelligence in New Cairo
  • The Greens project  established by the Hassan Dora Foundation.
  • Founded Badr Gardens project.
  • The American School  established in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Established the main headquarters of BLOM Bank Egypt in New Cairo.
  • The Address Compound  established by the Engineer Hassan Dora Foundation in Sheikh Zayed.
  • It established 23 buildings belonging to the army in the Administrative Capital.
  • Established Joya Compound.
  • It established three residential commercial buildings in the modern administrative capital.
  • It established 2 commercial and administrative towers on Lebanon Street in Mohandessin,
  • and implemented a residential administrative commercial tower on Al Falah Street in Mohandessin.
  • And also a residential commercial and administrative tower in Al-Hejaz Street, Mohandessin.
  • Established the Sultanate of Oman Tower in Zamalek, and Villa Samih Sawiris in Zamalek,

in arrangement with Orascom Construction.

  • Ten residential towers have been established for the Modern Urban Communities Authority

in the Administrative Capital.

  • Many places have finished finishing and furnishing, including Sheraton Dreamland, Mövenpick

Complex in Luxor.

The Taj Real Estate Development Establishment, executing the Joya Compound,

has implemented a number of projects in the State of Qatar, such as:

  • Panasonic Tower
  • Hyundai Motor Corporation
  • Al Sulayyah Tower
  • Al Markhiya Mall
  • Twin Towers
  • Gift Tower

Payment systems and payment methods

The Taj Misr Establishment for Real Estate Development in Joya Compound has provided

payment systems and various payment methods for the investor, how they suit him.

And easy and convenient exchange methods have been developed for all.

The commercial spaces are to start with a 5% downpayment and the rest of the amount

will be paid in installments over 8 years without interest.

Available in Joya compound, the administrative spaces, to allow the investor to pay 5% or

twenty% as downpayment, and the rest is in installments over 8 years.

In both areas, the investor can pay a thirty% downpayment and the first payment takes

place upon receiving the unit assigned to you,

The remainder of the specified amount shall  pay over 8 years.

That is why reserve your unit so that you can enjoy these systems and payment methods,

The Foundation provides huge offers and discounts for new and old investors to gain

the investor’s confidence and make him feel satisfied with his choice of that institution

and not others.

We have clarified all the data related to Joya Compound, as we have identified its unique,

amazing and attractive location that attracts a large number of individuals around the world to it,

There are many commercial shops, and we got acquainted with the existing logistics services,

And we also learned about the various features of the mall available in the compound,

in addition, we got acquainted with the owner of it, the Taj Real Estate Development Corporation

and its previous projects, whether in the Arab Republic of Egypt or in the State of Qatar,

In the end, we learned about the payment systems and payment methods that the Corporation

provides to the investor.

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Dejoya Taj Egypt compound meaning)


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