Blue Mall new capital

Blue Mall new capital
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Blue Mall new capital is considered one of the best commercial complexes, as it is one of the best projects that the Four Seasons Group.

Because the project provides the best facilities

And services to meet the needs of tourists.

The mall is located in the new administrative capital District R7

In the service area next to

Midtown Condo and in front of Town Gate.

Blue Mall new capital

Information about Blue Mall new capital:

It is considered one of the best commercial complexes

In the administrative capital,

With a wonderful architectural design

It is located near the R7 complex,

The most important place in the capital.

Also The area varies 3320 square meters,

The mall is divided into two floors dedicated to parking,

In addition to one floor and two floors available.

The space varies according to the shops,

Facilities and services to meet the needs of customers.

Blue Mall new capital website:

Blue Mall new capital is located in the R7 area

Of ​​the new administrative capital,

Also the mall overlooks 4 main streets

And close to Midtown Condo and Town Gate,

You can reach all places in Cairo

And its suburbs by road and transportation.

Also The Blue Mall new capital is connected

To the central axis and the bin Zayed axis in the north,

It is only 5 minutes away by car.

Also the shopping center is a 10-minute drive

From the Government District,

The Financial District and the Fairgrounds.

Blue Mall New Capital is about 15 minutes

Away from the Green River.

The project is only 7 minutes away from Christ Cathedral.

It is located south of the shopping center,

Katameya – Ain Sokhna Road.

The embassy area is only 15 minutes away

From the Blue Administrative Capital project.

Blue Mall new capital services:

It provides a green space for leisure in nature.

The shopping center solar lighting is distributed

Throughout the shopping center.

The mall offers various stores of different sizes.

Blue Mall new capital contains a fitness club

Equipped with the latest equipment.

In the center of the mall there is a dancing

Fountain that adds to its beauty and brilliance.

There is a children’s area in the mall

To provide children with the latest modern toys.

There is a food court in the mall with

Many international restaurants and cafes.

There is a dedicated area for the restaurant.

Security and guards are available around the clock.

In addition to the mall is monitored by cameras.

Solar lighting available.

There is a fire alarm,

Self-extinguishing fire is available.

There is a display screen,

Banner ad available.

There is a gym.

Cleaning company available.

There is a maintenance company.

Generator available.

There is free internet.

Kids play area available.

There is a dancing fountain

In Blue mall new capital.

An electric elevator is available.

There is a special self-extinguishing system.

Also the mall provides cleaning and maintenance

In addition to services for the building

And has its own maintenance company.

The mall provides emergency generators.

Also the mall has internet service all over the mall.

In addition to the mall have display banners

And advertisements.

The mall has outdoor seating.

Available in Blue Mall new capital,

Medical services and pharmacies.

The mall has a secure covered garage for cars.

The mall provides security services,

Guarding and surveillance cameras around the clock.

The spaces of Blue mall new capital:

The area of ​​​​ Blue Mall new capital

Will be 3320 square meters,

In addition to the mall is divided into two

Underground floors for parking

One floor and two more floors

With an area starting from

18 square meters to 400 square meters.

In addition to these units vary by store,

Administrative office and medical clinic.

Blue Mall New Administrative Capital is designed to

In addition to provide customers with

An enjoyable shopping experience;

It already offers the best operational services.

The exterior walls of the mall are designed

In a modern architectural style,

Also In line with the latest developments

In the global construction industry.

The space of the commercial unit

Starts from 15 square meters.

The mall consists of

One floor + two floors + a roof cafe.

In addition to the unit space is varied

And suitable for all commercial activities.

Blue mall new capital is the ideal

Choice for investment and ownership in the capital,

Because the small space gives you the opportunity

To own one of them on a reasonable budget.

As for the interior design of the mall,

You will find that it is characterized by great flexibility,

For the different areas of the unit,

The customer can request a specific activity area,

And provide it in the best way possible.

Also The unit price and payment system for

The shopping center after the announcement

Of Blue mall new capital.

In the new administrative capital,

Its sales reached more than 80% in less than 4 months,

This is mainly due to a variety of factors,

In addition to the most important of which are

And the price is excellent.

Blue Mall New Capital Prices:

The price per square meter

Starts in the affiliated Blue Mall

For the Four Seasons group

Of 34,000 Egyptian pounds.

The commercial units in Blue Mall

Will receive semi-finished products.

Also the delivery date will be in two years.

Payment system there is a system

Without a down payment i.e.

0% down payment

The rest of the unit price is to be paid within 5 years.

A 10% down payment system is provided,

And the rest of the unit price is paid within 6 years.

Also there is a 15% down payment system,

And the rest of the unit price is to be paid within 7 years.

20% down payment,

In addition to 5% down payment after one year,

Also 5% down payment in the second year,

The rest of the unit price is paid for 8 years.

In addition to there is a 35% repayment system,

Also the first period is after two years,

In addition to the remainder shall be four years,

And two years later.

Owning company and previous projects:

Four Seasons Group Real Estate Development Company

It is now one of the most important companies

In the new administrative capital,

One of its most important projects is

In addition to Blue Mall new capital.

The secret lies in the projects of the Four Seasons Group

And achieving great sales in a short period

Of time in excellence, uniqueness

In addition to exceptional creativity.

This is a strategic and forward-looking company

That does not accept being lined up by competitors,

In addition to she wants to be a role model.

Four Seasons has always been determined

To be at the forefront of the Egyptian

In addition to real estate development pyramid;

Where it implements a number of projects

In line with international standards.

Also The projects of the Four Seasons group

In addition to the projects of the Four Seasons group in

Several administrative capitals,

You will find that the company’s previous business

Is located in the most important places in Egypt.

Of between it,

October 6 City,

Assembly district,

Al-Ahram Park, etc.

These projects are an important reason

For the company to accumulate experiences;

It has become a premium class today.

40 buildings in Al-Ahram Park.

10 buildings in Obour.

5 buildings in the assembly area.

Blue mall new capital

October 3 buildings.

Seventy Malls, the administrative capital

Avira Mall, the administrative capital

Rixos Mall New Capital for real estate

Development Four Seasons Group

It promises you the best investment opportunities

Through owning its projects

And guaranteed and continuous returns.

In addition to it has been keen from the beginning

To provide all standards of excellence

And success in all phases of project implementation,

From choosing the land with a prime location,

In addition to passing through the design,

And ending with the construction and completion.

Blue Mall new capital

Future investment in the administrative capital:

The new administrative capital is one

Of the largest national projects

In Egypt in the current period,

Where the first phase covers an area

Of ​​40 thousand square meters.

The volume of investment in administrative capital

Exceeded 300 billion pounds

In the first phase alone,

While the three phases of

In addition to the project exceeded one trillion pounds.

The first goal of the administrative capital is

To escape from the crowds of Luo,

At the same time,

It retains its ancient splendor and culture.

In the administrative capital,

These universities are required

To conclude cooperation agreements

With foreign universities.

There are still 35 schools in the capital,

In addition to the many attractions of the capital,

Also the most notable is housing

For more than 50,000 employees.

The electric train will start operating on October 6,

Passing through the Administrative Capital

In addition to New Cairo

All the way to Ain Sokhna,

Except for the suspended subway.

In addition to there are 10 residential areas

And 8 communities in which work has begun,

In addition to each community is distinguished

By providing all commercial,

Administrative and educational services.

The Banks District is located in the Central Bank,

In addition to government presses,

And all branches of the largest local

In addition to international banks.

The embassy area will be there,

Which will include the largest

In addition to opera house in the Middle East,

And the most advanced cinema and library.

In addition to there is a Blue Mall new capital.

The fully monitored smart city has the highest level

Of security services,

In addition to this results in a crime rate of 0%.

The administrative capital is connected

To all neighboring cities through hubs

And a diverse comprehensive transportation network.

In addition to these things and more encourage you

To invest in the New Administrative Capital,

In addition to it is definitely the future,

Whether it is a residential

Or commercial investment, etc.

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