Bleu Vert Compound – New Capital

Bleu Vert Compound – New Capital
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Bleu Vert Compound – New Capital is one of the most luxurious high-end residential compounds

that are unique in the best locations in the 7 residential neighborhood of the Administrative

Capital and be near the government neighborhood and the Green River,

It is located next to many important axes and roads, in addition to the availability of

other services inside it.

Bleu Vert Compound has all the services and all entertainment means, comfort and services

that shorten the life of luxury and comfort as you wish and more.

The location of the Bleu Vert New Capital Compound:

Bleu Vert New Capital is unique in a distinct strategic location on the map of the

Administrative Capital, as it is located next to the most prominent axes and main roads.

It is located near the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is in the south of E8,

in the heart of the R7 residential neighborhood, and immediately near the Bosco Compound.

It is next to Al-Masa Hotel, which is considered one of the largest hotels in the Administrative Capital.

Bleu Vert New Capital is located near the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, which is the largest

mosque that can accommodate thousands of worshipers.

It is next to the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, which is the largest cathedral in North

Africa and the Gulf.

It is located near the local ring road, Suez Road, Ain Sokhna Road, and the Middle Ring Road.

The location of the compound is very unique to facilitate access to it and to it with utmost

ease without hardship or effort.

Bleu Vert Compound - New Capital

Features of the 7 residential neighborhood:

  • It consists of 27 residential projects
  • All services are available
  • It is next to the diplomatic quarter
  • in addition, It is located next to the Green River
  • It is next to the government district, which brings together a large number of official

bodies and interests.

  • It is located next to the Capital International airstrip
  • It is next to Ain Sokhna Road
  • in addition, It is located next to the regional ring.
  • It is considered one of the most residential neighborhoods that have a very unique

and strategic location, and to buy a housing unit in that neighborhood, it has a huge economic potential.

Services and spaces in Bleu Vert New Capital:

The Bleu Vert New Capital Compound is characterized by a vibrant international design,

and the harmony of the picturesque nature with the distinctive architectural plans of its kind.

The different areas of the apartments are available, including residential units, and fully finished

villas, to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents within the compound.

Bleu Vert Compound - New Capital

Services of the Compound Bleu Vert New Capital:

  • Vast green spaces are available, and similar landscapes to give you an amazing view,

and psychological  comfort.

  • There are lots of areas for entertainment and family gatherings in the parks.
  • Swimming pools are available in varying sizes to suit all ages.
  • There is a clubhouse equipped to the highest degree and the standard that combines a gym,

spa and sauna to provide you with an increase in luxury.

  • There are great commercial places that contain many commercial stores that include international

and luxury brands.

  • There are monitoring cameras equipped with the latest international technologies in the

New Capital Compound, Bleu Vert.

  • There are huge restaurants offering all kinds of western and eastern food.
  • There is security and guarding to defend the compound 24 hours a day, during weekdays.

The areas of the Compound Bleu Vert Administrative Capital:

The Bleu vert Compound is located on a huge area of ​​up to seventy acres, and there are

residential units, townhouses, and twin houses in various areas.

The villas possess sixty percent of the special area for buildings, and the residential

units forty percent of the place.

The areas of the apartments in the New Administrative Capital vary from 150 square meters to

200 square meters.

Bleu Vert Compound - New Capital

Prices and payment systems:

The prices of the apartments in the compound represent the best prices for the

establishments in the New Administrative Capital, so the costs start from 14000 EGP to 15.100 EGP

per meter.

That value does not compare with all the services and features that you will not find in any compound

In addition to that, your unit will be in the heart of the New Administrative Capital

and in its most worthy location.

All units are fully finished in the New Capital, Bleu Vert.

You can buy your residential unit by installments over several years with the lowest

down payment.

A 10% down payment is available, and the rest of the unit value is in equal installments

over 6 years

Handover shall be on 12/2023.

The Royal Commercial Corporation and Past Projects:

Bleu Vert New Capital Compound is a project of the Sons of Saudi Developers Foundation,

which established in 1975.

It shall be a joint stock institution composed of a partnership between the Saudi

and Egyptian governments.

It focuses on the real estate economy in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with the head of ownership,

which with the Egyptian authority estimate at 9.1 billion Egyptian pounds.

The Foundation buys and sells plots of land, after preparing them, and constructing

buildings according to penetration strategies and innovative insight, the most satisfied

of which is its Board of Directors.

SED has implemented more than 45 successful projects in all regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

There are wonderful residential units and towers that are known for their quality, luxury

and splendor of designs in the Bleu Vert New Capital

In the administrative capital.

The Saudi Egyptian Commercial Establishment for Construction provides a modern

residential complex to the Egyptian establishments market in the name of the Bleu

Vert Compound located in the New Administrative Capital.

It resides on the amazing green river.

The project is next to a few of the vital styles and landmarks of the Administrative Capital.

It is located near Bin Zayed Road

in addition, It is next to the government district

It is located next to Stella Park.

Previous projects of the Foundation:

  • Founded Saudi Compound.
  • Sawary Compound established the new town of Alexandria.
  • Founded the hostile Nile Towers.
  • The modern Damietta Hilton Hotel was established with a capacity of 120 hotel rooms.
  • Founded the Dora project in the modern city of Assiut.
  • It established the New Capital, Bleu Vert.

Which is considered one of the most luxurious compounds in which everything is

available that makes you live a luxury life as you wish, and more.

Features of housing in the New Administrative Capital:

  • The New Administrative Capital project consider one of the largest real estate

projects that have been implemented in the Middle East and is available in all means of

luxury and basic services.

  • The construction of the New Administrative Capital project will be on a huge area of

​​170,000 acres, equivalent to the place of the Republic of Singapore.

  • The urban preparation system has been put in place to manage the population census and to provide

all necessary entertainment and recreational services, infrastructure and main roads in order to

ensure the provision of general services to its residents.

  • It ends the development of the first round of the New Administrative Capital project

on an area of ​​forty thousand feddans, to accommodate about 7 million citizens.

  • The New Administrative Capital contains a large number of the headquarters of the original bodies

and ministries, as the transfer of 18 ministries to them will be canceled soon.

  • Thus, you will find next to you all the services you require in the New Administrative Capital.
  • The administrative capital is one of the largest capitals in the world in terms of area,

to accommodate about forty million people, with answers in 2050.

  • Apartments space in the Administrative Capital starts from one hundred square meters to

180 square meters

in addition:-

  • Within the new administrative capital, thousands of opportunities for efforts for young

people remain, as it contains a large number of public and private institutions

It has commercial malls and huge commercial investment projects.

  • The inner streets of the capital characterize by their breadth, as the individual street

is shown to 120 meters, and this ensures that traffic is not congested, and the movement i

s very easy and easy.

  • It enters the new administrative capital, the Green River
  • There are large areas of flowering gardens
  • Water bodies available.
  • There is a picturesque natural view that makes the atmosphere inside it healthy and pure away

from the noise and pollution of other cities.

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