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Midtown Condo for Sale
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Midtown Condo for Sale, the establishment of the modern administrative capital was announced in

the year 2015 at a meeting which the Saudi King invited to him from the members of Abdullah

bin Abdulaziz.

The meeting was considered to support and develop Egyptian investment, and more than two

thousand delegates from all countries of the world attended.

Announced the construction of the new administrative capital to help reduce the number of

residents in Cairo and reduce congestion in Cairo.

The targeting of the construction of the new administrative capital urged many Arab and

foreign investors to invest in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The new administrative capital is being constructed by many large institutions in Egypt and they

have great experience in the field of construction and reconstruction.

The construction of the Administrative Capital shall be under the supervision of the Engineering

Authority of the Army. The establishment of the Administrative Capital shall be with the best

modern technologies and will become the largest modern town in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Location of the new administrative capital:

  • The modern administrative capital is located in a strategic location in the Arab Republic of Egypt

on the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ain Sokhna road.

  • The new administrative capital is characterized by the presence of a small distance between

it and neighboring cities.

  • The new administrative capital is close to all investors, as it is only sixty kilometers away from

the town of Suez.

  • The New Administrative Capital is also sixty kilometers away from Ain Sokhna.
  • The new administrative capital will be 60 kilometers next to Cairo.
  • Away from Helwan town of sixty kilometers.
  • In the new administrative capital there is a midtown condo for sale.
  • The new administrative capital is located next to the town of Hope.
  • It is next to my city, which was built by the Hisham Talaat Mostafa Group.
  • The Egyptian authority will provide means of transportation to help move commuters from these

cities to the new administrative capital.

  • An electric train will be built to link the New Administrative Capital with Cairo, and there are

many wonderful services and facilities available in the New Administrative Capital.

Midtown Condo for Sale

Residential units in the administrative capital midtown

condo for sale:

A large number of huge residential units remain within the Administrative Capital, and there

are more than thirty housing projects within the Administrative Capital.

There are places designated for residential areas within the Administrative Capital,

and the administrative capital will be distributed over a large number of areas.

A complete government neighborhood will exist, and all ministries will be transferred

within that neighborhood, and a full financial district will be established.

And the Egyptian authority requested all banks of all kinds to transfer the main center in

the new administrative capital.

There are many green spaces in the capital.

A complete medical town is available with many international hospitals and medical centers

that have been equipped to the highest level.

There are many pharmacies to serve civilians within the new administrative capital.

The best residential projects are located in the modern administrative capital, which is

the midtown condo for sale. For more about the new administrative capital, click here

The location of the condo compound midtown condo for sale:

Midtown Condo New Capital Compound is located in the best parts of the Administrative Capital.

The midtown condo for sale is within the boundaries of the R7 area, and this area is distinguished

by its proximity to the Al Sefarat neighborhood,

Which mixes all the embassies in Cairo and the advantage of the area near the green river that

simulates the course of the Nile water,

The Green River draws water from three lines, two lines from the Nile watercourse, and a water

line from a desalination plant that remains in the Red Sea.

There are other sayings that the treated water will be used before, and the part surrounding

the river will be cultivated and called the Green River.

The area is near the Mega Mall, which has many commercial stores and international brands

remain within the mall.

There are many international hospitals, clinics and drug centers near the medical town to take

care of the health of your family.

Midtown Condo for Sale

Midtown condo for sale planning:

The midtown condo for sale compound was established by Better Home, which has many

commercial and real estate projects,

Which remains within the administrative capital, so the Foundation has established more

than one compound within the capital.

The construction of the Midtown Condo New Capital compound will be canceled on a place

of sixty acres, and the construction of buildings within the compound will be twenty% of

the total area,

That remains within the scope of the compound and the rest of the total area within the compound.

The division of green spaces that remain throughout the compound, which helps in

clearing weather conditions.

There are the great water areas that remain within the compound that are composed of

swimming pools.

A large number of wonderful artificial lakes are available that have an abundance of colors.

The midtown condo for sale has planned for apartments.

The Foundation has set up many other projects within the New Administrative Capital for villas.

There is an abundance of wonderful services that remain within the compound, which we will

mention to you in detail

Midtown condo for sale services:

The Foundation has provided many wonderful services that remain within the Midtown

Condo Compound, the modern administrative capital, and they are:

  • There are swimming pools that remain all over the compound, and there is also an

abundance of different areas for swimming pools

  • There are many green spaces available within the compound, which give luxurious conditions

to the compound

  • There are artificial lakes that remain within the compound and have a large number of colors

that give an excellent style

  • Green spaces are available in the midtown condo for sale.
  • There are entertainment places for children
  • There is a spa
  • Track available for calf
  • There is a track running
  • Track available for running
  • There is an integrated security approach that preserves the security of you and your family

working 24 hours

  • A commercial mall is available with a large number of various commercial stores that meet all needs
  • There are pharmacies
  • Various clinics are available
  • There are football fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and many other fields remain
  • A large number of different restaurants are available.
  • There are wonderful cafes
  • Restaurants and cafes are available within the midtown condo for sale.

The commercial establishment that owns the midtown condo for sale:

The midtown condo for sale is  constructing by Better Home, a very large establishment in

the field of real estate construction.

She has extensive experience of more than 13 years in commercial enterprise projects

and a large number of real estate projects within the New Administrative Capital.

The commercial establishment established the midtown condo for sale and the Midtown

Solo compound, and the commercial establishment established an abundant amount of

other projects such as:

  • Better Home has established other commercial enterprises in Marietta
  • Founded Cityscape Mall
  • Projects established within the new administrative capital
  • Founded midtown condo for sale.
  • Midtown villa has established the new administrative capital
  • Other projects established in 6th of October
  • Created Cityscape Mall

Major commercial projects have been implemented in New Cairo, and they are:

  • Founded Cairo Business Gate
  • Cairo Business Plaza established
  • Founded Cairo Business Bay
  • Established Midtown New Cairo
  • Founded Highland Park

Units spaces within the midtown condo for sale:

There are various spaces within the Condo Compound, the New Administrative Capital,

and the buildings planned in the appearance of 7 floors.

A private garage is available for each building.

The spaces in the midtown condo for sale start from 170 square meters to 375 square meters,

with an area of ​​170 square meters.

Midtown Condo for Sale

Payment and Installment Approach:

5% downpayment is available in midtown condo for sale.

The rest shall  pay in installments over 7 years without interest.

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