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Badya of Egypt- Compound Badya October Palm Hills Real Estate Company – from Al Badya Sales Office

so that  Own your distinctive villa in Badya October Compound  Palm Hills Real Estate Company with full

services and facilities,

in addition Badya October Compound provides all your needs and is considered an integrated city located in the

heart of Sixth of October City, including the necessary needs in Badya of Egypt.

The giant Palm Hills company has a bright history in the Egyptian market and occupies a prominent

position among the giant investment companies and has more demand and success

Badya October Compound location:

Badya October Palm Hills project is located in a unique strategic location in the heart of October, on the

Oasis Road.

And it will be in the Creative City area, to become the most important areas that connect East Cairo with

West Cairo, and the project location is characterized by a very distinctive location.

Badya Egypt compound space Palm Hills Real Estate:

Badya Egypt Palm Hills Compound is built on an area of ​​3000 acres and will be in 6 construction stages

and is considered a private, stand-alone compound.

Badya Egypt compound designs Palm HillsReal Estate:

Badya October Compound is designed with the latest and most accurate high-quality construction and

architectural methods each of these to to rely on modern style to link modernity with urbanization

The Badya October Compound fits the taste and nature of everyone, using a team of experts and

specialized engineers to add everything new and sophisticated in Badya of Egypt,

The residential units in Al Badya Palm Hills Sales Office are designed for those looking for family comfort

and tranquility, enjoying luxury, privacy and creating a family atmosphere.

Palm Hills Real Estate designed the Al Badya compound sales office with a distinctive level that combines

contemporary, urbanization and originality to change the concept of living to be better.

Badya October Palm Hills Compound is one of the strongest and largest projects in the heart of 6th of

October City and is located in the most prestigious location in 6th of October City.

The sales office of Al Badya and the Compound is located in the Creative City area, linking the East and

West, with easy access to Cairo, minutes away from each area

Badya of Egypt

Features and services of the compound Badya Egypt October Palm Hills Real Estate Company:

In the Badya October Sales Office, Palm Hills Real Estate Company, badya palm hills, you will live in an

integrated city full of all needs and services

In the Badya October Palm Hills sales office, among these services are the following:

Badya of Egypt facility

  • There is a vast area of ​​green spaces and landscaping in Badya Misr Compound.
  • Badya Palm Hills Egypt has areas designated for children to check in and play and have fun with their  friends
  • There are various swimming pools all over the Badya Misr compound of all sizes for adults and children
  • Badya Egypt Palm Hills compound has international schools and international universities for all
  • educational levels
  • There are places for hiking, entertainment and cycling in Badya of Egypt
  • in addition There is the largest health club that includes a gym and spa
  • There are international restaurants and cafes that provide the best hotel services at the highest level of


  • There are different industrial lakes available in Badya October Palm Hills compound, and it is in the

middle of the residential units


  • There is security and guarding throughout the day to secure the entire compound

Al Badya Sales OfficeAl Badya Sales Office

Prices and spaces of Badya October Compound Palm Hills Real Estate:

Badya October Compound includes a variety of residential units and Al Badya sales office that includes

detached villas, twin houses, townhouses and luxury apartments for sale in Badya of Egypt

The Al Badya sales office allows a difference in spaces and prices to suit the nature of each individual and

allows him to choose the appropriate unit for him and his family.

We mention the following areas and prices:

1-There is a separate villa with an area of ​​200 meters on a land of 419 meters, the price starts

from 10.942,000 pounds

2-A separate villa with an area of ​​347 meters on a land area of ​​600 meters, starts from 7,525,000


3-There is a twin house with an area of ​​281 meters on a land area of ​​381 meters, starting from

6,249,000 pounds

4- Townhouse with an area of ​​183 meters, on a land area of ​​189 meters, starts from 3,855,000 pounds

5-There is an apartment with an area of ​​122 meters, the price starts from 1.754,000 pounds

6- in addition It contains an apartment with an area of ​​75 meters, the price starts from 2,085,000 pounds

The company that owns Badya October project Palm Hills:

Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company is the owner of the project, and one of the largest well-

known huge investment companies in the Egyptian market.

And it achieved more huge business to witness a great history that progressed through more

development and renewal at the level of the entire real estate.

Among its most important works are the following:

  • Palm Hills Alexandria: Palm Hills Alexandria
  • Wood ville 6 october
  • Palm Hills 6 October. Palm Hills 6 October
  • Badya Palm Hills October compound badya 6 october
  • Palm Parks 6 October
  • Karawan palm hills 6 october
  • Palm Valley 6 October valley palm valley 6 october
  • Casa Sheikh Zayed project
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast
  • Hacienda White North Coast
  • Laguna Bay Ain Sokhna La gouna bay el sokhna
  • Palm Hills New Cairo compound
  • Village Gardens Katameya New Cairo
  • Palm Hills Katameya New Cairo compound
  • Village Gate New Cairo compound
  • Capital Gardens New Cairo project
  • Village avenue new cairo
  • The Village New Cairo

Payment methods and payment systems in Badya Egypt:

Only 10% downpayment and in installments over 8 years, without interest

Life in Badya Badya October Palm Hills Compound:

Badya October Palm Hills Compound is a new and giant idea in the history of modern urban

development in addition  provides distinctive features and services from others

Palm Hills Development and Housing Company is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate

development in Badya Egypt Palm Hills compound to live in an integrated city

You will enjoy the beauty of nature in Badya October Palm Hills Compound, due to the large presence of

gardens and green spaces, so that each residential unit enjoys a wonderful and distinctive view.

The Badya Palm Hills Sales Office is the best residential compound, and it is continuously developed and

provides and provides many services and features to meet the needs.

Badya Misr is considered the most appropriate and best choice for you and your family to ensure a better future and life


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