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Badya October project , which is one of the major projects of the Badya project from Palm Hills

Development ,

in addition  she announced the establishment of this advanced project that won the admiration of all


in addition Palm Hills is one of the real estate companies with a long history and experience in the field of real

estate investment and owns many projects and lands,

It was established in 2005 by Mansour in cooperation with the Moroccan Investment and Development

Company, and its developments and investments have grown dramatically over the past period,

Palm Hills has established 26 projects that cover a very large area of ​​land, reaching 27 million square


Badya project from Palm Hills

Badya October project location:

The location of the Badya project from Palm Hills 6th of October,

in addition The location is distinguished by excellence and is one of the most important features of the project and

is located in the heart of Sixth of October City, only 10 minutes from the city center.

It is located near the most prestigious places in the city and serves as a link between East and West

Cairo, which is the Creative City area

It is considered on the Al-Wahat Road, the compound is a quarter of an hour away from the Giza

pyramids area, 30 km from downtown Cairo.

The Badya of October project is located near new roads and modern means of transportation, such as

the fourth line of the subway and the monorail.

The areas of the Badya October project:

Badya by Palm Hills project is designed with modern modern designs according to the latest international

designs and constructions to be distinguished by quality and accuracy.

in addition The style combines a modern and civilized touch to suit all tastes, and the construction was carried out

by a team that includes a group of experts and engineers.

There is an area of ​​3,000 acres for the construction of the project to include 6 residential

neighborhoods, also  each neighborhood has its own integrated services area.

The presence of universities, clubs and other services and entertainment that the residents of the

project need, with a total area of ​​360 acres.

30% of the compound’s electricity will be generated by solar energy, and water consumption will be

reduced by about 20%

The project will  implement in a modern way that will contribute to reducing temperatures by 3

degrees less than the projects surrounding the project.

Palm Hills has launched that the first phase of the Badya project from Palm Hills October will include 340

villas and 1040 residential units

The Badya October project has an investment volume of 2.7 billion pounds, and the residential units

inside the compound are varied and have very different areas.

in addition The units of the Badya Palm Hills project vary to suit everyone, such as: grand villas, twin houses,

townhouses, various apartments, and standalone villas.

The spaces within the project start from 86 meters up to 600 square meters for the grand villas, and a

percentage of 350 square meters has  allocated to the buildings, and the project includes all

activities, services and various entertainment facilities that suit all family members.

Advantages of Badya October project:

The advantages of the Badya October Palm Hills 6 October project were varied, such as:

  • There are many green spaces scatter throughout the compound, in addition to the landscape.
  • It contains many different swimming pools.
  • There are artificial lakes and international fountains.
  • A global social club set up on a large space.
  • in addition to a gym and spa.
  • It contains a track for running, walking and cycling.
  • There is an integrated area for international restaurants and cafes.
  • It contains a modern and varied sports court area.
  • There is a high security system by using the face print.
  • It contains car garages.
  • There is an area for commercial services.
  • It contains special areas for children.

Badya project from Palm Hills

Amazing view in Badya Palm Hills October – Badya Palm Hills 6th of October

The most important thing that distinguishes the Badya project from Palm Hills October is the charming

view. 95% of the population live only two minutes from the gardens.

in addition a private garden in each area, 500 meters away from each neighborhood, green spaces and landscapes

in the project to provide calm, comfort and privacy.

Badya project payment systems from Palm Hills:

The real estate developer of the Badya project from Palm Hills October has put in place payment systems

with a 10% downpayment and payment facilities over 8 years.

Badya Palm Hills project prices – Badya Palm Hills October

The prices within the Badya Palm Hills October project are competitive and appropriate for everyone in addition all the services and features provided by the project.



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