Badya October Compound location

Badya October Compound location
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Badya October Compound location – The location of (Palm Hills Badya project) the most

important and famous real estate projects of “Palm Hills” company

in addition The company is a pioneer in the field of real estate development and investment and has gained more

credibility and distinction with the most luxurious designs and the best capabilities for implementation

and selection of strategic locations.

Palm Hills projects sparkle with cuddling of minds and the implementation of dreams in reality and with

the best possible images, as it is one of the best real estate companies acquired for clients,

One of the most important architectural banks owns about 27 million square meters of Egyptian land,

thus increasing the urban value of the company and becoming a regional member

Palm Hills Badya project

Badya Palm Hills 6 october location:

The Badya Palm Hills October project is located in less than 10 minutes or 15 minutes in the 6th of

October City Center

in addition It is considered one of the most prestigious and attractive areas for investment in one of the most

luxurious areas, and is 15 minutes away from the Pyramids of Giza

And it is no more than 30 kilometers away in the heart of the capital Cairo, and the location

of the Al-Badya Compound is a link between East and West Cairo.

And The location of Al Badya Compound increases the versatility of the amazing choice, and most

importantly, in one of the most strategic locations, and the provision of transportation by monorai

The area of ​​the location of Badya October Palm Hills compound:

The Palm Hills Badya project location was established on an area of ​​3000 acres, and divided into 6 housing

units, each residential unit has a distinctive area of ​​services surrounding it, from universities  in addition to

amazing entertainment clubs in the most accurate ways on an area of ​​360 acres

Providing a space in the project by 30% to generate electricity and reduce consumption such as water,

and it includes 340 villas and 1040 housing units, with investment of 2.7 billion pounds.

A project is designed with the latest European global designs to provide a sophisticated environment

with the latest methods and amazing capabilities, sophistication and urbanization to suit all tastes.

The areas and types of residential units vary (grand villas – villas – townhouses – twin houses – distinctive

apartments, locations of different sizes)

The unit space in Palm Hills Badya compound location starts from 85 square meters up to 600 square meters.

Badya Palm Hills 6th of October location services:

The Palm Hills Badya October project provides a set of integrated services that cannot be dispensed with, and is

characterized by the presence of trained workers at a high level,

The presence of 24-hour security and guarding and the latest security technologies to increase the level

of comfort and safety, and the presence of markets to facilitate obtaining needs,

Palm Hills Badya project provides the possibility of having many wide areas for family hangouts in the

midst of the air, greenery and charming nature,

in addition It gives comfort and reassurance to customers and the presence of high-resolution cameras covering the

project areas and providing all services, facilities and pharmacies to meet the treatment requirements.

Badya October Compound location

The advantages of the location of Badya Palm Hills Compound in 6th of October City:

  • The Badya Palm Hills location in 6th of October City allows all customers of all residential units and the

possibility to see the garden on an area of ​​600 meters.

  • There is a private car park with cameras in Palm Hills Badya project.
  • It offers different areas of charming nature and landscape.
  • There is a health club with some of the best coaches.
  • in addition Cameras are available for all areas to increase the safety space inside the Badya Palm Hills October.
  • There is a private garden on a large area for all sections of the compound.
  • International schools are available for all levels with accredited certificates, and with the best academic


  • There are private hospitals in all specialties throughout the day to serve the residents of Badya Palm


  • A private lane is available for jogging and walking.
  • There are parks and malls.
  • in addition Clubs, cafes and restaurants are available.

Prices of Badya Palm Hills Compound:

The Palm Hills Badya 6th of October project allows you to pay the price of residential units with a 10%

downpayment of the total unit price.

in addition the facilitation of repayment payments over 8 years in equal installments to suit all customers

without interest.


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