Akoya Compound New Cairo

Akoya Compound New Cairo
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Akoya Compound New Cairo It is a full-service residential compound, with multiple units of villas, penthouses and townhouses, in the most prestigious locations in New Cairo.

Akoya Compound New Cairo:

The Akoya Fifth Settlement project is a civilizational leap that exceeded the borders.

It was designed in a very unique way that combines the Egyptian as well as the Italian civilization,

making it the focus of everyone’s attention,

as well as the services it contains as well as a distinguished location that made it sit on top of

the residential communities around it, specially designed by Aga All ways of comfort,

as well as safety and well-being for all those who are looking for a unit that includes in its content everything that a modern house may need,

and also enjoys the dazzling views that provide its residents with relaxation as well as tranquility at

the best prices within the capital.

Information about Akoya Compound New Cairo :

Akoya is a full-service residential compound, with multiple units of villas,

penthouses and townhouses, in the finest locations in New Cairo, on a very large area.

You can now own the Akoya New Cairo project, with the installment system that extends to years,

and also enjoy the best services,

and also get comfort amidst the beautiful nature features of trees and water bodies,

in a completely clean environment, and also full of fresh air.

Akoya Compound New Cairo

Akoya Compound New Cairo Location :

  • Akoya Compound is located in New Cairo, off Street 90, overlooking Kattameya Gardens
  • Strategically located, only 3 km from the New American University and 14 km from the Ring Road
  • You can visit and see the actual units before booking
  • Locationsecurity system
  • maintenance system
  • private parking
  • swimming pool
  • mini cinema
  • Sports fields
  • Restaurants area
  • commercial offices

Akoya Compound New Cairo Units:

  • An integrated community that contains 26 fully constructed residential buildings, a few minutes from the American University in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Fully finished units with air conditioning
  • complete facilities
  • Spaces starting from 168 m
  • Payment facilities
  • electronic gates
Akoya Compound New Cairo

Prices of Akoya Compound New Cairo :

The prices of the Akoya compound in the Fifth Settlement are considered among the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many services and also the facilities available within the compound, which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for the residents of the compound so that the clients enjoy the greatest amount of health and comfort as well as luxury.

The lowest price per square meter in the Fifth Settlement starts from 12,500 pounds, finished with air conditioners.

Payment methods in Akoya Compound New Cairo :

  • 25% down payment and installments over five years
  • 25% And down payment and installment over three years
  • 30% down payment and installments over three years
  • 30% discount for cash for a limited number of units

The company that owns Akoya Compound New Cairo :

Green Valley Real Estate Development Company

Green Valley Real Estate Development Company is one of the best real estate companies in Egypt. It is an Egyptian joint stock company owned by a state institution. The company has proven its capabilities and ability to implement many successful projects within a few years.

The company was keen to establish real estate projects of high quality and skill in implementation, as well as credibility and honesty always in dealing, while providing the best prices as well as payment facilities that reach several years.

Akoya Compound New Cairo

A brief introduction to Green Valley Real Estate Development Company

Green Valley Company has a long history of success that was not limited to real estate projects, but worked in several fields and various businesses represented in:

  • navigation companies.
  • Agricultural investment companies.
  • Waste recycling.
  • An integrated industrial city.
  • Logistics companies.

The company owns a large share of land in Egypt, and this makes it compete with the largest real estate companies in Egypt, as the company was able to diversify its projects and set up multiple projects next to its real estate projects.

The company was keen to establish real estate projects with the finest architectural designs while providing the finest services as well as facilities as well as enjoyable recreational activities in order to match the developments of the current era and what appeared in it again.

One of the most important features of the company is credibility and honesty in dealing with its customers to win the largest number of investors and to achieve a high percentage of profits.

The most important works of Green Valley Real Estate Development Company

White Sand North Coast Village.

The company has been keen to provide the best prices as well as payment offers of up to several years with the possibility of receiving your unit on time for delivery.

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and therefore they are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Akoya Compound New Cairo

Advantages of housing in New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement

New Cairo is considered one of the most important residential cities in Greater Cairo, as it includes the finest residential neighborhoods, including the First Settlement, Al Rehab City, and the Fifth Settlement. The city is a magnet for investors as well as those looking for high-end housing, as it includes all institutions, as well as shops, as well as important local and international malls. The city has many other advantages, which are as follows:

Sports clubs, such as Al-Zohour Club, Petroport Club, and others

Malls and entertainment centers for all ages

All large institutions and also local as well as international banks

A variety of housing projects, such as average housing, economic housing, above-average housing, and luxury housing

low population density

Far from slums and crowding

It offers many major universities such as the American University in Cairo (AUC), the British University in Egypt (BUE) and the German University in Cairo (GUC).

There are international schools such as Akhenaten School and also the American International School (AIS) and others

The largest health centers and also hospitals such as the Air Force Specialized Hospital

Integrated services in the northern and southern 90th Street

Many malls that provide all the needs of the residents of New Cairo

Akoya Compound New Cairo

What are the finest neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement?

Ninety Street: It includes many services such as banks, as well as schools, as well as shopping centers and many international companies, and important services and facilities.

 Narges District: The best neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement are located in the American University, shopping centers, as well as entertainment centers, Medical Park, Seven Stars Mall, and Silver Star.

Lotus Neighborhood: It is close to the new cities, namely Al-Shorouk City and Madinaty. It also includes many services such as administrative buildings, as well as hotels, the Future University, the American University, gardens, and Americana Plaza.

Al-Kornofil neighborhood: It is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods, as it includes: villas, as well as schools and hospitals.

Choueifat neighborhood: the best neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement, as it is located at the entrance to the assembly, and it includes many services and also schools.

Al-Andalus neighborhood: It is also located at the entrance to the Fifth Settlement, and it includes many services such as private institutes, as well as sports clubs, as well as gardens, as well as recreational areas, as well as private universities, and a water station.

West Arabella: It is located near the 90th Street, and includes many services such as: the German University, the American Schools, the Future Mall, and the Egyptian Language Schools.

American University District: It includes many compounds such as Heights Compound, Mina Gardens Compound, Kingdom Compound, and Riviera Compound, as well as New Cairo Club and Cairo Bank Club.

Beit Al Watan: It includes the Degla Ney and the Platinum Club.

What is the best compound in the 5th settlement:

It is clear about the 5th Settlement that it is one of the highest residential neighborhoods in

the Arab Republic of Egypt in general,

as it combines a bouquet of different facilities in the map of the 5th Settlement compounds,

all of which are characterized by sophistication and luxury and the rise of

the degree and standard of services and luxury, so owning a real estate unit,

whether it is residential or commercial In the best compound in the 5th Settlement,

it is considered a successful investment for the future that protects and preserves

the price of your money, except that it doubles it within a few years due to

what this space includes of basic real estate projects,

and in the following lines are the highest compounds of the Compound:

Mountain View Compound, 5th Settlement: Among the series of projects of

the Mountain View Foundation, known for its impressive designs and unique project locations,

Mountain View Compound, 5th Settlement, enjoys a vital location in East New Cairo,

only 15 minutes from the American University.

Mountain View Hyde Park Compound: One of the procedures of

the Mountain View Foundation within the boundaries of the 5th settlement area,

the Mountain View Hyde Park compound is undoubtedly the highest compound in

the 5th settlement thanks to its wonderful designs and location with distinguished specifications next to Hyde Park and the American University.

Akoya Compound New Cairo

La Fontaine Compound, 5th Settlement: Probably one of the most quality vehicles in La Fontaine Compound, 5th Settlement, and makes it the best compound in the 5th Settlement,

is its location with distinguished specifications within the Golden Square area,

which is only 5 minutes away from the American University.

Hyde Park Compound, 5th Settlement: One of the best 5th Settlement real estate projects,

with engineering settings that mimic the contemporary European appearance,

Hyde Park Compound 5th Settlement is located so far only 5 minutes from the American University.

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