Zayed Towers project

Zayed Towers project
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Zayed Towers project is considered the largest project implemented in Sheikh Zayed, one of the

most important existing areas, and it witnesses a turnout of all individuals and was characterized by

services and means that made it distinguished.

Naguib Sawiris, one of the most important businessmen, presented many projects in various fields and

succeeded in all fields to put a clear imprint on the projects.

in addition He is the owner of the Orascom Group of Companies, the Orascom Communications Company, the

Orascom Technology and the Opening of Satellite Channels, and the owner of the Aura Real Estate

Investment Company.

From her previous work:

1- Pyramid Hills

2- Silversands

3- Nocera Ltd

4- North Coast

5- Nile City Towers

6- Eighteen

7- Ayia Napa Marina

And currently Zaid Naguib Sawiris Sheikh Zayed Towers

Apartments for sale in Sheikh Al-Zayed – Zed Towers

Zayd Sheikh Zayed project is the first residential project for businessman Naguib Sawiris and it consists

of residential towers and the tower area is 10 acres.

Location of the Zayed Towers project in Sheikh Zayed:

Zed Towers are located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, close to Hyper One, Arkan and Compound Rabwa.

Price area for the Zayed Towers project in Sheikh Zayed:

The project area is 85 acres and it is divided between residential and commercial units, green spaces and addition  There are two types of residential towers and the total of the towers is 5:

1-Towers consist of 10 floors available

2- There are towers consisting of 20 floors

Prices of the Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers project:

Zayed Towers project services:

Zed Towers contain distinguished services in Sheikh Zayed and it has all the possibilities and

requirements of life, as it is an integrated residential city that provides the necessities.

And the requirements of the crisis life in our daily life, and among these services are the following:

1- There is a commercial area that combines stores, brands, restaurants and cafes

2- There is a recreational area that combines a children’s area, a running track and a bike

Zayed Towers project

Designs of the zed project Naguib Sawiris:

Zed Towers are designed with the latest high-quality construction designs and change the concept of

traditional housing found in other residential projects.

in addition Aura was keen to provide everything new and developed to become the most distinguished project in

Sheikh Zayed, with the help of a large number of experts and engineers.

Aura has made use of huge companies in construction and design, including:

1- Orascom OCI for constructions

2- WATG for designs

Zayed Towers project

Zed Naguib Sawiris project:

The compound has many advantages and differs from other projects in Sheikh Zayed and offers a new

concept of modern housing and providing an ideal life for everyone.

in addition The compound provides an independent environment of privacy, sophistication, and a calm and

balanced environment, away from the noise and congestion in other residential areas and projects.

payment methods :

10% downpayment and installments up to 6 years without interest

And delivery of the units after 4 years, super lux finishing


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