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Zayed Towers, Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers compound, provides a life of luxury and one of the largest

residential projects of Naguib Sawiris and the Aura Real Estate Investment Company

Well-known businessman Naguib Sawiris is considered the owner of the well-known Nile City towers,

and Aura Real Estate Development Company participated in a business group outside Egypt:

Whether in Arab or European countries such as Pakistan – Great Britain – Cyprus – London and other


Aura is a pioneer in the Egyptian market and offers its customers everything new and developed in order

to suit all tastes and meet all requirements.

Zed Towers

Zed Towers project location:

Zaid Sheikh Zayed project enjoys a distinctive and elegant location and the best projects in Sheikh with

its view and the place is located near the Rabwa Compound and Hyper One,

It overlooks the largest central park with creative landscapes of 65 acres, landscapes, green spaces, and

features are available to meet the needs.

Space and designs of the Zed Sheikh Zayed Towers project:

Zed Sheikh Zayed project was established on an area of ​​85 acres and is divided into a group of huge

residential towers that vary in size and price.

The towers consist of 10 floors, and the price per square meter starts from 19,000 pounds.

The towers consist of 20 floors, and the price per square meter starts from 29,000 pounds to suit the

capabilities of each individual and the size of his family.

The compound was designed with special designs for Zayed Towers in Sheikh Zayed with creativity,

sophistication, dazzling design and the beauty of harmonious colors, and the design is based on modern


The towers are similar to the skyscrapers that the Arab and European world talks about. They  found

for the first in Egypt and represent a new vision in real estate development

The compound gives you an integrated life full of privacy, luxury, and a decent standard of living, and

has a prestigious position like no other in the Egyptian market and the latest construction methods.

It will  deliver fully finished to the highest level, with air conditioners, kitchens, and apartments for

sale in Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound, at premium prices and payment facilities.

Features and services of Zayed Towers compound:

Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound has a huge number of features and services, and there is the largest area

of ​​landscapes, green spaces and water bodies.

The compound overlooks the largest central garden with an area of ​​65 acres and gives the residential

units wonderful landscapes and gives the most beautiful view of the charming nature.

The compound contains international restaurants and cafes, a group of small shops, a health club, a

gym, a spa and a hotel with the highest level of services

There is security and guarding to secure the entire project

Zed Towers

The size, area and prices of the apartments in Zayed Sheikh Zayed Towers:

There are apartments in Zed Sheikh Zayed project for sale with a simple down payment and payment


Available apartment 59 meters, price starts from 1620000 pounds

There is a 100-meter apartment consisting of two rooms, the price starts from 2060000 EGP

A 160-meter apartment with 80-meter garden is available, consisting of 3 bedrooms, the price starts

from 3680000 pounds

There is an apartment of 247 meters with a garden of 80 meters consisting of 4 rooms, the price starts

from 5400000 pounds

Available apartment 184 meters with garden 25 meters consisting of 3 rooms price from 3880000



Only 10% downpayment and payment facilities up to 6 years without interest


The Zaid Star project  consider a sparkling star in the entire Sheikh Zayed City for amateurs of

excellence, sophistication and living in a high standard full of privacy and sophistication


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