Zahwa Compound New Cairo

Zahwa Compound New Cairo
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Zahwa Compound New Cairo It is located in the southern investors area in the Fifth Settlement, which is an area that are all compounds only.

Zahwa Compound New Cairo  :

Al-Manara Association for Cooperative Housing presented an integrated housing project in a distinctive area.

ElZahwa Compound – in the Fifth Settlement is characterized by its strategic location in

the heart of New Cairo, and its large area has been divided between gardens,

parks, green spaces, residential buildings, service areas and others.

Information about Zahwa Compound New Cairo :

Al-Zahwa project is located in the southern investors area in the Fifth Settlement,

which is an area that is all compounds only, bordered to the north by

the North 90th Street and also the Future University,

and to the south by the extension of investors as well as the Sphinx area, and to the east by the American University and Construction Bank,

and to the west by the Narges area and also intelligence lands .

The spaces of the apartments offered for sale in Al Zahwa Compound at

the best prices in Al Zahwa Compound range from 140 m² up to 190 m²,

with a 20% down payment and the rest in installments over 5 years.

Zahwa Compound New Cairo

Zahwa Compound New Cairo location :

Al Zahwa Compound is located in the southern investors area, and is characterized by its strategic location,

as the Al Zahwa compound is located on the most important axes and also the main roads,

including the Ring Road and the Middle Road,

allowing you to move to all the surrounding new cities such as Al Shorouk,

Obour, Badr and the Administrative Capital, in addition to the areas of Cairo and its suburbs. .

The project is bordered by the North 90th Street and the Future University,

from the south by the extension of the investors and the Sphinx area,

to the east by the American University and Construction Bank,

and to the west by the Narcissus area and intelligence lands.

Zahwa Compound New Cairo Services :

  • Al Zahwa Compound overlooks Al Zohour Sports Club, as well as behind Galleria Mall and Concorde Plaza.
  •  The compound is located 300 meters from the South 90th Street.
  •  It is characterized by huge green spaces.
  •  The project is very close to the University of the Future, and also the American University.
  •  Surrounded by service area.
  •  Distinguished internal division of the units.
  •  The project buildings consist of ground floor and two floors only + roof.
  •  The floor is divided into two apartments only.
  •  It has a kindergarten, as well as Al Yasser Language School, as well as Al Retaj Private School.
  •  It contains the real estate month and also shops.
  • In addition to having a place of worship.

Zahwa Compound New Cairo Units :

Al-Manara Cooperative Housing Association has provided different spaces for the housing units in order to suit the diverse needs of customers.

Therefore, we find apartments for sale with an area of ​​185 square meters, consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, at a price of 1,500,000 pounds.

In the Al Zahwa project, we also find apartments for rent with an area of ​​185 square meters, consisting of 3 bedrooms, at a price of 9,500 pounds, noting that any apartment within the Al Zahwa project has a garden in front of the building.

Zahwa Compound New Cairo

Zahwa Compound New Cairo Prices :

The prices of Al-Zahwa Compound New Cairo are among the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in the New Cairo area compared to many services and also the facilities available within the compound, which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for the residents of the compound so that the clients enjoy the greatest amount of health and comfort as well as luxury.

Payment methods in Zahwa New Cairo :

The association responsible for the Al-Zahwa project in the Fifth Settlement provided; Al-Manara Housing Association, all of its clients have payment systems with huge payment facilities in order to allow the possibility of owning a private unit in an integrated housing project without incurring any financial burdens.

 Where you can own a housing unit in the Al Zahwa project, the Fifth Settlement, by paying 20% ​​down payment and in installments the rest of the unit price over 5 years, or by following other methods of payment, by paying 10% in advance of the total unit price, and by installments the rest of the amount over 10 years.

The company that owns the Zahwa Compound New Cairo :

Al-Manara Cooperative Housing Association is the developer of the Al-Zahwa project in the Fifth Settlement, and it is a leading association in the field of real estate development, and it has previous real estate projects in Egypt in several cities as well as Egyptian governorates.

Previous work of Al-Manara Association for Cooperative Housing

The company’s business varies between residential and tourist projects, including:

Moses’ eyes.

Marsa Matrouh project.

Al Zahwa Compound Fifth Settlement

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2020, and therefore are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Your successful investment in New Cairo:

New Cairo represents the best place for real estate investment in Cairo, as it contains many massive real estate, commercial centers and luxury residential complexes, as it can be considered one of the most worthy areas that offer real estate for sale at the best costs in New Cairo, and the Arab Republic of Egypt is still witnessing a large urban movement during the period The last, New Cairo is known for its various neighborhoods and services, the most important of which is the famous 5th Settlement neighborhood, which combines a number of the most luxurious and finest residential buildings, in addition to being one of the best neighborhoods in Cairo, the modern capital of Egypt.

New Cairo is a full-service community

is a vibrant city, as it contains large quantities of commercial malls, the most important of which are Cairo Festival City Mall, Point Ninety Mall and Downtown, as well as a large number of restaurants, cafes and major hotels such as the JW Marriott Hotel and Kempinski Hotel and others. In New Cairo, you find many types of Educational services such as the American University, the German University and the University of the Future, and prestigious schools such as Choueifat School, the Canadian International School and Malvern School, in addition to health services such as the Al-Jawy Specialized Clinic, Al-Shifa Hospital, Tabarak Hospital, and others. Certainly, it contains with it a large number of various compounds and residential complexes inhabited by thousands of families each. These are a great crowd for your business of any kind.

Advantages of living in New Cairo

New Cairo has become one of the most important high-end cities compared to the rest of the Greater Cairo cities, and a very important destination for those who wish to live in high-end and distinguished housing, as well as those wishing to invest in real estate, for several advantages, the most important of which is the quality of urban planning and also the widening of the main streets, which reduces congestion, and that is the low density The population, as well as the distance from slums and those popular housing as well as overcrowded areas.

Zahwa Compound New Cairo

Schools and Universities in New Cairo City

New Cairo includes many major universities as well as private and international schools,

which help your children in all their educational stages so

that they do not find daily difficulty in moving to other cities to study,

and among those universities: the American University,

as well as the British University, also the University of the Future, and the Canadian University.

And also from private or international schools: Akhenaten School,

the International School of Choueifat, as well as the American School and others.

Private hospitals in New Cairo

It provides all health services from specialized medical centers,

as well as major pharmacies, as well as private hospitals such as: Al-Jawy Specialized Hospital,

Al-Ayyun Specialist Hospital, and Tabarak Children’s Hospital.

Sports clubs in New Cairo

Your children can play their favorite sports such as: swimming, football, basketball,

tennis, karate, or any other sport. In major sports clubs such as: Al-Zohour Club,

Platinum Club, Petrosport, Wadi Degla Club, Aviation Club and others.

The northern or southern 90th Street includes all integrated services from commercial markets and malls,

as well as entertainment centers for adults and children, restaurants,

as well as cafes, and all major institutions and local and international banks.

All these advantages and more made New Cairo a source of attraction and

also a great rush of citizens as well as investors.

Zahwa Compound New Cairo

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