VYE SODIC Zayed Compound

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VYE SODIC Zayed Compound VYe SODIC Zayed provides you with all means of comfort and pleasure, and

has all necessary and necessary services,

Sodic Sheikh Zayed project Vye Sodic  is the right place for the availability of many services, and

there are residential units of various sizes and transportation to link it with facilities and services.

VYE SODIC Zayed Compound

The most important details of the VYE SODIC Zayed project:

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed offers three types of units as follows:

There is a townhouse: it is available in different shapes with luxurious designs, where the customer

chooses the shape that suits him, as well as the payment and installment systems.

A twin house is available: there are many different spaces and good facilities available, so start with the

size of your unit before the number runs out.

There are apartments: there are apartments of various sizes in Sodic Zayed, and there are apartments

with small, medium and large areas.

It offers two-room apartments and three-room apartments, and all the apartments are super-luxurious,

and the facades offer views of the landscape, and all facilities and services are available.

Prices of VY SODIC Zayed compound:

In order to know the prices of the units within the Fi Sodic project, you must contact us through our

numbers, or contact us via WhatsApp

Or contact us via our Facebook page, in order to know all the details about this project.

The services of VYE SODIC Zayed compound:

The project contains green spaces to enjoy a quiet time and for the rest of the nerves,

Among the most important services of VYE Compound:

There are picturesque green spaces.

Ample spaces are available for hiking and walking.

There are spaces for cycling.

Nurseries are available for children.

There are the most luxurious restaurants and cafes.

in addition There are schools at the highest level.

There are public parks.

A gym is available.

There is a social club.

Medical clinics available.

There is security and guarding throughout the entire day.

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VYE SODIC Zayed Compound

Contact VYE SODIC Zayed’s team:

Sodic provides you with valuable gifts for the first 100 buyers on the location, to encourage investment, and the company also offers discounts for a unit in the project,

You should contact us on our numbers, and you will get to know all the information you want to know through customer service.

Nova Park Apartments

2 rooms: starting at 1.55

3 room: starting 2

* NEO apartments

2 room: starting 2

3 rooms: starting from 2.6

* Townhouse

Without roof: starting at 3.7

With the roof: starting from 4.6

House corner: starting at 4.8

Twin: starting at 5.5

5% down payment and installments over 8 years

VYE SODIC Zayed CompoundVYE SODIC Zayed Compound

The types in VYE SODIC Zayed compound:

one family

  • There is a townhouse – 230 square meters to 240 square meters (land area 280 square meters)
  • Available townhouse TYPE 1- 180 square meters (land area from 210 to 280 square meters)
  • There is a townhouse TYPE 2- 195 square meters (without penthouse, the land area is 210 square meters)

4.Townhouse TYPE 2- 225 SQM (with penthouse, land area: 200 to 285 SQM)

Multiple family (total to net 11.5-12%). G3 Building (4 apartments per floor)


  • 108 square meters
  • 120 square meters
  • 130 square meters
  • 169 square meters


  • 42 square meters
  • 158 square meters
  • 183 square meters
  • 194 square meters
  • 197 square meters

Double-sided printing:

297 square meters

Finishing: semi finished


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