Vye SODIC Sheikh Zayed – VYE SODIC Zayed

Vye SODIC Sheikh Zayed – VYE SODIC Zayed
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Vye SODIC Sheikh Zayed – VYE SODIC Zayed, one of the projects of SODIC Real Estate Development, and

the project was implemented with overwhelming success,

The company allocated a large area for the project and allocated the largest part to green spaces, water

bodies, and services to provide luxurious life, luxury and the prices of various units

Services and spaces in VYE SODIC Zayed compound:

The new VYE Zayed Compound provides you with living, learning, working, shopping and relaxing, and

the presence of interconnected facilities to enjoy a life of luxury, walking, cycling and jogging.

In addition to many other various services, including the following:

Vye SODIC Sheikh Zayed - VYE SODIC Zayed

VYe SODIC Zayed Compound services:

  • There are many swimming pools with varied areas that are cleaned periodically with the latest


  • Covered swimming pools for women are available for added comfort and privacy.
  • There are vast green spaces distributed throughout the compound to give a wonderful view of the

residential units.

  • There are many artificial lakes and various sports fields.
  • in addition to There are many well-equipped restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food.
  • There is a commercial area that includes a huge mall that includes the most famous international brands

for shopping enthusiasts.

  • There are children’s entertainment areas with many games.
  • Paths for cycling, hiking and running are available outdoors.
  • Inside the compound there is a huge social club, gym, and spa equipped with the highest level of luxury.
  • There is a huge mosque, and many places are for barbecues.
  • There are many hospitals, pharmacies 24 hours a day, an emergency department, and ambulances.
  • Commercial banks and private car garages are available inside Vye Sodic Compound under the ground.
  • There are also universities, accredited international schools with all educational levels, shops, and

administrative offices.

  • There are exits, emergency stairs, and automatic generators that operate in the event of a power


  • There are surveillance cameras equipped with the latest technology, security, and security throughout

the day to guard the compound.

The spaces of the VY SODIC Zayed compound, VYe SODIC Zayed:

Sodic Real Estate Development Company established its new residential project, vye Zayed Compound,

on an area of ​​500 acres in New Zayed City,

The project’s facade is about 70 acres.

Spaces of NOVA apartments in VYE SODIC Zayed compound

There are 2 bedroom apartments starting from 108 square meters to 120 square meters.

It contains 3-bedroom apartments ranging from 142 square meters to 158 square meters.

Spaces of NEO apartments in VYE SODIC Zayed compound:

There are 2 bedroom apartments starting from 130 square meters to 170 square meters (140 + terrace

30 meters).

It contains 3 bedroom apartments starting from 190 square meters (160 + terrace 30 meters)

Vye SODIC Sheikh Zayed - VYE SODIC Zayed


To 210 square meters (180 + terrace 30 meters).

The spaces of the residential units in VYE SODIC Zayed compound:

There is a duplex

Duplex spaces in Vye Sodic compound start from 300 square meters (240 + terrace of 60 meters).

Available townhouse

Townhouses spaces in Vye Sodic start from 180 square meters to 230 square meters.

There is a twin house

Twin houses spaces in Vye Sodic start from 230 square meters to 240 square meters.

The location of VYe SODIC Zayed Compound:

Sodic chose the best location for its project, Compound vye, in Sheikh Zayed City, located in West Cairo.

It is located on the 44th kilometer from the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, about 10 minutes from the

desert gate, and 5 minutes from the Sahrawy office.

The location of vye Sheikh Zayed Compound is characterized by easy access to it, to it, and its presence

near the most important residential projects, and it provides you and your family with luxury and tranquility.

Vye SODIC Sheikh Zayed - VYE SODIC Zayed

Features of VYE SODIC Zayed location:

Vye Sodic is located in Sheikh Zayed City, at an altitude of 226 meters above sea level.

It is located near the most vital areas, important compounds, hubs, and main roads, and they are:

  • Westown Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • The Estates Sheikh Zayed project.
  • The city of Heliopolis.
  • Sphinx International Airport.
  • The Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • Mohandessin district.
  • Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
  • It is 150 meters from El Dabaa Road
  • Near the 26th of July corridor.

The compound is located near the most important schools and universities in Sheikh Zayed:

  • It is near the American International School.
  • It is located next to Beverly Hills German Schools.
  • in addition to It is near Beverly Hills American School.
  • It is located next to Beverly Hills English School.
  • It is near the Canadian International University.
  • in addition to It is located next to Nile University.
  • It is near the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
  • It is located next to the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University (English).
  • in addition to It is near the most important malls in the Sheikh Zayed area:
  • It is located next to the Mall of Arabia.
  • It is near Americana Plaza Mall of October.
  • in addition to It is located next to El Gezirah Plaza October Mall.
  • It is near Galleria 40 Sheikh Zayed.
  • It is located next to Arkan Mall in Sheikh Zayed.
  • Close to the important hospitals in Sheikh Zayed:
  • It is located next to Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital.

Prices and payment systems in VYE SODIC Zayed compound:

The New vye Zayed Compound is not just a residential compound but is closer to the luxury resorts life,

and there are entertainment, health, educational and commercial services inside it.

You will not need to leave the compound to provide everything that meets your needs and there are

various residential units with a very elegant design,

The residential units are available at the best prices to suit those looking for luxury and luxurious

housing, and here are the prices of the units in the new vye Zayed compound in detail.

Prices of NOVA apartments in Vye Sodic sheikh zayed- VYE compound:

There are 2-bedroom apartments ranging from 2 million EGP to 2.3 million EGP.

The availability of 3-bedroom apartments starts from 2.5 million EGP to 2.9 million EGP.

There are prices for NEO apartments in Vye Compound

The availability of 2-bedroom apartments starts from 2.4 million EGP to 2.6 million EGP.

There are 3-bedroom apartments starting from 3.3 million EGP to 3.7 million EGP.

Prices of residential units in VYE SODIC Zayed Compound:

Duplex spaces in Vye Sodic start from 4 million EGP.

Townhouses space in Vye Sodic starts from 4.4 million EGP.

The twin house spaces in Vye Sodic start from 5.8 million EGP.

Payment systems

The payment is 5% in advance.

Available to pay 5% of the first installment after 3 months of contracting.

Payment is 5% for the second installment after 6 months of contracting.

A 5% payment is available upon receipt, and the rest of the unit price is available in installments over 8


All residential units in Vye Sodic will be delivered within 3.5 to 4 years.

The owning company and previous business

The company that owns the vye Sheikh Zayed compound project, Sodic Real Estate Development

Company, is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate development.

Sodic owns high-end residential projects in Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, 6th of October, New Heliopolis,

and a resort on the North Coast.

Sodic has built more than one high-end residential project in Sheikh Zayed, and its location is considered

one of the best vital locations.

The company has achieved many successes and profits since its construction, and won the confidence of

a large segment of customers from inside and outside Egypt.

Previous business of the company

  • The New Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Sodic New Heliopolis project.
  • Villette New Cairo.
  • Azelia Sodic East Heliopolis project.
  • Allegria Sodic Sheikh Zayed.
  • Westown Sheikh Zayed project.
  • Katameya Plaza New Cairo.
  • Villette 6 October.
  • Caesar North Coast project.
  • Beverly Hills Sheikh Zayed.
  • East Town Fifth Settlement project.

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