VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound

VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound
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VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound launches the Sodic Company the best location in the New Zayed City on an

area of ​​500 acres and the VYE Sheikh Zayed Sodic project is located,

It is considered the first complex in New Zayed City, it is located 2 minutes to Sodic West, 6 minutes

from Sphinx Airport.

The compound is 7 minutes to the central axis, 12 minutes to Arkan, 15 minutes to the Grand Museum,

The compound takes about 25 minutes to Mohandessin, 50 minutes to Heliopolis.

VYE Compound Sheikh Zayed is a new project from Sodic, and the compound is the second project of

Sodic next to the new Sodic Estates Zayed Compound.

Vye New Zayed compound brings a new type of mixed-use development to New Zayed. You can live,

learn, work and shop all in one place

Available units

: Duplexes, Townhouses, Twin Houses

Areas starting from

Apartments: from 108 meters to 297 meters

230 townhouse: 180 meters to

Twin House: 240 meters

VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound

Many investors love architectural creativity and artifacts, and it has all services and many indispensable


And owning a unique housing unit with international specifications that cannot be distinguished with

one of the most important buildings in the most important European residential complexes,

Created according to the world’s best architectural quality standards,

So take the initiative to reserve a global unit on Egyptian soil that you will not have to bear

anymore to cover the expensive travel expenses.

The compound provides you to enjoy a calm atmosphere full of security and recreation to take you to a

world away from crowds and to enjoy a healthy atmosphere and fresh air.

All the features are available in one place, and were implemented in Egypt under the leadership and

management of one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market,

Sodic has achieved a great reputation for excellence and development, and a full-fledged presence with

a range of distinguished services and facilities.

All the details about the location of VYE SODIC project:

VYE Sodic Sheikh Zayed is located in the Sheikh Zayed area, and has recently gained everyone’s

attention, especially investment companies in the real estate field.

The companies were established on a large number of lands allocated to them in building and

implementing a number of mega projects with unique specifications and high quality standards

Sodic Company used the best possibilities to make the region look like the best global regions, especially

as it contains one of the best important locations

The compound is close to all vital areas, a few minutes away from the compound, which makes it

surrounded by all services and near the center of Greater Cairo.

VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound

The complex is located near many vital places:

  • Sodic West Sheikh Zayed.
  • Sphinx Airport.
  • Great museum.
  • City of Mohandessin and Heliopolis.
  • Egypt Alexandria Desert Road.
  • Arkan Mall.

The developer of VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound:

Sodic Developments is the executing company of Sodic VYE, it was established in 1996 and is known for

its distinguished real estate projects.

It is considered a leading company in its field and contains a large number of real estate companies, up

to 27 companies inside and outside Egypt.

SODIC’s major projects:

  • Villette New Cairo.
  • New Zayed Real Estate.
  • October Plaza.
  • Katameya Plaza New Cairo.
  • Sodic East Heliopolis.
  • Eastown Sodic.
  • Sodic Westown Sheikh Zayed.
  • Caesar Island.
  • Sky Condos project.
  • Eastown Parks.
  • Malaz Village.
  • Gaza Strip project.
  • Allegria complex.
  • Beverly Hill

The most important services in Vye Sheikh Zayed compound:

Vai Sheikh Zayed Compound is characterized by a number of integrated and unique services and

facilities, creative touches and technical designs to create an architectural masterpiece,

The company strives to provide a number of services to create a civilized society in a unique, perfect

way with all customer needs at competitive discount prices.

There are trained workers for the comfort of the residents of the complex, and there are green spaces,

parks and gardens to give a distinctive landscape that relaxes the eye and calms the nerves.

Security is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with security systems and trained in modern and

international technology,

VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound

In addition to a number of other services in Vai Sheikh Zayed compound:

  • There is a huge mosque and places of worship.
  • Hospitals and pharmacies are available 24 hours a day for all specialties, emergency department and


  • Many swimming pools are regularly cleaned using the latest technology in addition to the indoor

swimming pools to ensure greater privacy and comfort for women.

  • There  accredite international schools at all levels of education.
  • Emergency exits and ladders are available, especially in case of earthquakes, which are powered by

automatic generators when the power is cut off.

  • There  reuse of water and the exploitation of some green spaces to grow a number of fresh vegetables

and fruits

  • Sports courts are available.
  • There are restaurants and cafes.
  • Commercial banks are available.
  • There are commercial areas in a huge mall.
  • Kids area available.
  • There is a gym and spa.
  • Large green spaces are available for walking, running and recreation.
  • There are barbecue areas.
  • Industrial lakes available.
  • There are private underground garages.
  • Social club available.
  • There is 24-hour security and surveillance cameras.

Units space in Vai Sheikh Zayed Compound:

  • Apartments space starts from 108 m2 consisting of two bedrooms.
  • They are separate apartments with a space starting from 120 square meters.
  • There are 3-bedroom apartments with spaces ranging from 142 square meters to 158 square meters.
  • Duplex apartments with spaces start from 180 square meters.
  • Twin houses start with large spaces of 230 square meters and penthouses with private spaces.
  • The duplexes have a size of 230 square meters to 240 square meters.
  • Apartments are available with new sizes starting from 130 square meters, consisting of two rooms.
  • Private spaces ranging from 170 square meters to 300 square meters of apartments and duplexes that

consist of 3 bedrooms must be provided.

VYE Sheikh Zayed Compound

Meter prices and payment systems

The price per meter starts from 14,000 EGP up to 20,000 EGP.

An advance payment  make to reserve the unit and the rest in installments up to 8 years,

and all units deliver after 4 years of the contract.


For reservations

You can inquire and communicate by calling

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