VYE October Compound

VYE October Compound
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VYE October Compound , vye October, was implemented by the prestigious Sodic Company, according

to a plan to serve as an integrated city with services and spread amenities for its residents.

The compound is characterized by the best strategic location to give it distinction in addition to modern

designs and luxury to make it a great place in the real estate market,

In this article, all the information you need to know about Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed.

vye Compound, 6th of October location:

Sodic was distinguished by its selection of the best places to set up its projects to match its long-

standing name in real estate development in Egypt.

Let us know that the location of Vie Sodic Compound is with the best strategic and geographic locations

in a different position in the investment real estate market

The Vye Sodic Compound is in a prime location on the extension of Sheikh Zayed City in the west of

Cairo on the Cairo / Alexandria Desert Road.

The city of Sheikh attracted everyone’s attention, especially real estate companies, to acquire most of

the existing building areas to build its unique projects according to international standards.

Sheikh Zayed City has become a city that resembles to a great extent the most famous of the world

cities and became the most important residential and investment areas in Egypt.

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed was built with international standards and high taste in a very privileged


vye October is located near the Sodic East compound, 5 minutes away, and 12 minutes away from Arkan Mall.

It is 5 minutes from Sphinx International Airport, 25 minutes from Mohandessin, and 50 minutes from Heliopolis.

VYE October Compound

It is characterized by its location near the most important schools and universities in Sheikh Zayed, such as:

  • American International School
  • And Beverly Hills Schools
  • in addition to Canadian University
  • And the Faculties of Engineering and Commerce of Cairo University
  • There are many malls near Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed compound, but the most important of them are:
  • Arab mall
  • Americana Plaza
  • And the Island Plaza Mall
  • Gallery 40
  • And Arkan Plaza Mall

And inside the compound there is a medical center as it is close to Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital.

vye October location:

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed will be on an area of ​​500 acres and there are many services,

The building area has been allocated only 20%, on which 545 housing units have been built with the

highest specifications and creative touches of Sodic

The rest of the space contains green spaces, public facilities and many services, and we will talk about

the services in the compound.

Sodic has provided all the life requirements within the compound and has provided various types of

units in various spaces to suit all needs

Spaces in vye October Compound:

  • The spaces of the one-room apartments start from 108 square meters
  • The areas of the two-room apartments start from 120 square meters
  • It contains three-room apartments, starting from 142 square meters
  • Duplexes are available starting from 180 square meters
  • It contains the townhouse, starting with a large area of ​​230 square meters
  • Twin House is also available, it starts from 230 square meters

VYE October Compound

Design in vye October Compound:

Vye Sodic Sheikh Zayed compound was built according to a well-thought-out plan to utilize every corner

of the space to the fullest.

Vye Sodic Compound contains five main gates to facilitate entry and exit movement,

The compound also enjoys wonderful and picturesque views of green spaces and open water bodies all

over the Vye Sodic Compound.

Sodic’s projects  characterize by sophistication and creativity in designs, but Vye Sodic compound

exceeded all expectations and Sodic Real Estate demonstrated its capabilities.

vye Sodic  characterize by high taste and unprecedented luxury in the design of commercial units and malls,

It provided many different designs that give different meaning to real estate and investment buildings.

VYE October Compound

Services in vye October Compound:

Sodic has provided a variety of services to make the compound an integrated place that meets many

needs and diverse businesses.

To create an integrated entertainment life and reach the favorite desires of lovers of comfort and who

want a better life, VYe Sheikh Zayed New Compound includes all the following services:

  • There are various swimming pools and spaces that  clean periodically with the latest technology.
  • vye October Compound contains covered swimming pools for women for more comfort and privacy
  • There are hospitals and pharmacies that operate throughout the day for all specialties, an emergency

department, and ambulances

  • It contains accredited international schools in all educational levels
  • There are special emergency exits and stairs for residential units when earthquakes occur
  • vye October Compound contains automatic generators when the electrical current  cut off
  • There is a gym and health club that contains many games such as the gym, jacuzzi, spa and fitness games
  • It provides the cultivation of a number of fresh vegetables and fruits inside the compound without any

chemical interference in a free service for the residents

  • vye October Compound contains a trained security team to protect the project, in addition to the

presence of surveillance cameras that have  installed throughout

  • There is the largest entertainment area for children to enjoy sports and entertainment
  • It contains a large shopping mall by how you can get all the requirements to achieve an integrated social


in addition to :-

  • vye October has a special area for government business, including banks, to facilitate everything, the

procedures inside the compound

  • It contains designated barbecue areas for families and  fully equip at any time
  • There is a large garage that many cars seek to prevent cars from congesting in front of the doors
  • It contains the largest area for walking, running and cycling in order to enjoy hobbies
  • There are all residential units inside the compound equipped with modern elevators with automatic


  • It contains quiet areas designated for sitting and meditating among the greenery to enjoy peace and


All this and more makes vye Zayed Compound the best residential and investment options in Sheikh

Zayed City

Payment methods in vye compound 6 October:

Now you can own your residential unit in one of Sheikh Zayed’s best projects

With a 0% downpayment and paying the remainder over 8 years, and after the agreement, the housing

units will be delivered in a period not exceeding 4 years.

This is according to the type of finishing you want in your apartment

Information about Sodic

Sodic expresses itself by saying:

Building on our nearly two decades of successful operations in Egypt, SODIC is one of the leading real

estate development companies in the country.

Sodic is headquartered in Cairo and listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and brings to the award-

winning market a wide range of developments,

To meet Egypt’s ever growing need for high-quality housing, commercial and retail spaces, we pride

ourselves on our passion for excellence.

Our commitment to strengthening long-term relationships with our customers, shareholders, business

partners and employees has helped us grow into the company we are today.

Sodic Real Estate Development Company  own by Magdy Raseh, one of the largest companies in the

field of real estate development, and the company  established in 1996.

Which goes back nearly 25 years of excellence and continuous success

Sodic has many and many distinguished real estate projects, including:

  • EDNC
  • Weston

Sodic was interested in this project because it is one of the strongest and best companies that work on

urban development,

And it helps to provide the Egyptian market with the best and best urban buildings where you can enjoy

a very high level of entertainment.

Realize your dream of investing or owning a residential unit in the best places of Sheikh Zayed.

And with payment facilities and equal installments of up to 8 years


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