Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo

Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo
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Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo the units are expertly designed to provide the ultimate living space, and feature bold modern architecture.

Uphill Residence New Cairo :

Own your unit in Up Hill Residence in Katameya, where privacy,

quiet and also a special place in the heart of New Cairo,

only 5 minutes from the American University in Cairo and a few minutes from the 90th Street

The best place for you as well as for your family.

Information about Uphill Residence New Cairo :

Uphill Residence units are expertly designed to provide the ultimate living space,

featuring bold modern architecture as well as state-of-the-art amenities for optimum comfort.

Each apartment is built to face a beautiful unobstructed view overlooking

the shimmering cityscape from the top of Katameya Heights.

Perched at the top of the charming Katameya Heights district,

Uphill Residence overlooks New Cairo’s neon skyline from the privacy of a luxury gated community.

Containing elegant apartment complexes as well as exclusive facilities,

the residence stands as a beacon for a modern and also safe community experience.

The pinnacle of life The private gated community of

Uphill Residence is a community of 64 elegantly interconnected apartments.

Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo

Uphill Residence New Cairo location :

In the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, only 5 minutes from the American University in Cairo and a few minutes from the 90th Street.

Services Uphill Residence New Cairo :


Sophisticated designs.



Administrative and medical offices.

Uphill Residence New Cairo units :

The compound includes a variety of residential units that suit all clients.

Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo

Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo prices :

The prices of the Compound Up Hill Residence New Cairo are among

the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in t

he New Cairo area compared to many services and also the facilities available within the compound,

which provide a wide range of entertainment and also amenities for the residents of

the compound so that the clients enjoy the greatest healthy life and also Comfort as well as luxury.

Payment methods in Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo :

10% down payment and the rest in installments over 6 years.

The company that owns Uphill Residence New Cairo :

About Nile Sun Development Company

For 55 years, Nile Sun has owned and operated an independent travel agency,

which has provided unique glimpses into Egypt’s rich heritage. Now,

from the ashes of our past, Nile Sun Development has risen to build our future.

As the newest competitor in the real estate market, Nile Sun Developments is committed to building rich environments rather than just concrete as well as concrete structures.

Our reputation is built on ease of access and also convenience for its enterprise.

Nile Sun Development is a company that strives to foster closer societal ties and

also believes in building strong foundations for which clients begin their lives.

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and therefore they are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

Map of the Fifth Settlement Compounds:

It is located next to Nasr Town, Carrefour, Maadi and the Ring Road.

combines the finest compounds and residential neighborhoods that provide all services and facilities,

public schools, and international schools.

It is composed of both official and specialized hospitals,

international companies, including the National Bank,

Return Bank, the local Qatari bank, Cairo Festival Mall, Downtown Mall,

Meeting Point, and Seven Stars Mall.

Entertainment routes, including: New Cairo Park, Magic Stores amusement park,

Family Park, Games Town, Magic Planet, and clubs such as: Al Jazeera Sports Team,

Royal Player Sports Team, Wadi Degla Sports Team, and Sky Team.

The most luxurious mosques, such as: Al-Farouq Mosque, Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque,

and Khatam Al-Morselin Mosque.

Up Hill Residence Compound New Cairo

Advantages of living in the city of New Cairo:

The city of New Cairo, which is located in the Cairo Governorate, consists of many residential complexes,

the house in which varies from investment housing, moderate housing,

to above-average housing, and amazing housing; Therefore,

the social classes that choose New Cairo as a place of residence vary,

and the population of it is approximately 5 million.

The town of New Cairo remains in Cairo Governorate, and it is located to the east of the Ring Road,

in the distance between the Katameya – Ain Sukhna Road,

and the Cairo – Suez Desert Road.

The New Cairo environment is a desert environment characterized by a low temperature in relation to

the rest of Cairo Governorate by about 5 degrees Celsius;

Due to the town’s height above sea level; Hence, it is relatively nice most of the year.

The facilities and apartments available for sale in the 5th settlement are characterized by an advanced building plan and continuous prosperity in it. Therefore,

it is the reason for the popularity of the 5th settlement with its luxurious architectural designs.

The best place to live in the Fifth Settlement:

The 90th Street: It is the most lively street in the 5th Settlement, and it is divided into the main 90th Street, the North 90th Street, and the 90th Street to the south.

Al-Narjis Neighborhood: It is located close to the neighborhoods place in the 5th Settlement, and it is possible to use the path of the Moshir Tantawi axis, the Suez Road or the Ring Road to reach it.

Lotus District: It is located next to modern cities such as: Al-Shorouk and Madinaty. It can be reached by the 90th Street, the Ring Road, or the Arab Republic of Egypt-Suez Desert Road.

El Koronfol Neighborhood: El Koronfol is located next to the place of the northern investors and the Northern Lotus. It includes only villas, so it is the loftiest neighborhood in the assembly.

Up Hill Residence Compound New Cairo

The most famous neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo:

The 5th Settlement is one of the best areas and neighborhoods in the Egyptian capital,

Cairo, and it is one of the neighborhoods of New Cairo,

as it is the urban extension to the west of Cairo Governorate.

Teseen Street is one of the most famous parts of the assembly in the 5th district,

and it is the best among the neighborhoods, and compounds are competing to acquire a view of it.

Uphill Residence New Cairo

The services of the 5th assembly:

The 5th gathering place is distinguished as one of the areas suitable for family housing; This is due to the presence of educational companies, residential complexes, and entertainment venues; informed by schools and universities; Such as:

  • The German School in Cairo.
  • International American School.
  • Salah El Din Experimental School.
  • Egypt 2000 Modern Schools.
  • Ajyal Language School.
  • Al-Bukhari Azhar Language Institutes.
  • The New British School.
  • The International School of Choueifat.

As for universities, New Cairo includes a number of the best universities and educational institutions,

including the German University in Cairo,

the Canadian International University in Cairo, the Academy of Security Services,

the American University in Cairo, and the Future University.

In addition, the 5th gathering place was distinguished by the famous sports clubs; Such as :

  • Aviation Club.
  • Wadi Degla Club.
  • Also the Royal Club.
  • Alahli football club.
  • Platinum Club.
  • Also the island club.
  • Katameya club player.

Uphill Residence Compound New Cairo

Information about the 90th Street in New Cairo:

The 90th Street is the most famous street in the place. It is the central axis of New Cairo.

It starts from the latest NA Road on the Ring Road, passing through the Lotus District,

then the 90th Street in the north towards Ismailia Road,

and the South 90th Street heading to Ain Sukhna Road.

The 90th Street is located near:

  • Lotus area.
  • Southern Investors District.
  • Also the clove area.
  • Andalusia region.
  • Gamal Abdel Nasser axis.
  • Axis of Mohamed Naguib.
  • Cairo Festival City.
  • Downtown Katameya Mall.
  • Americana Plaza.
  • Security Forces Academy.

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